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Part 9: Udoiana Raunes 2: Update IV - The Mix-And-Match School Of Scriptwriting

Alright, who's ready to actually accomplish something? I sure am. We're back in Poland, and now that we actually have money, we can now purchase a battery! No idea what we need a battery for, but we do.

>Give money to strange window

I take a battery, please.
Thank you. And don't forget to visit our online-shop:

And now we have a battery! However...

>Look at empty battery

Cool, it's a rechargeable battery. But of course, it's empty.

So we need to charge this battery. We don't know why we need to charge it because we don't know what we need it for, but I'm fairly sure that an empty battery isn't going to be much use to anybody. Now, where did we see something relating to batteries?

R2-D2 here had a battery compartment, and it used regular batteries, so maybe this could work.

>Open battery compartment

I can't open it without a tool.

Well, we don't have a tool, but maybe this will do...

>Use squirrel tooth with battery compartment


But the tooth is destroyed.

Good, one less item to have to rub on absolutely everything once I get stuck. Now, let's get that sucker in there.

>Use empty battery with battery compartment

Damnit, Lucas, quit yelling at me. I'm trying to solve your screenplay issue... I think. Not sure what charging a battery through R2-D2 is going to help in reaching that goal, but whatever, baby steps. OK, now how do we actually charge the battery? I take the battery out and it's still empty, so just putting it in doesn't solve the problem. We can't use R2-D2, so maybe we just have to ask him?

>Talk to R2D2

Hm, we have a new option, but probably not caused by us putting a battery in, but by getting the quest from Lucas.

R2, I wish you could tell me something about the Indy screenplay.
Psssst! It's not allowed to talk about it!
You can TALK?
Come on, man. Read the credits. My name is Kenny Baker. I'm the star of the R2D2-Character in all Star Wars movies. I'm the only human being on the set of Episode XVII.

Is R2 your surname or your first name?

Why didn't you talk to me before?
I thought, YOU can't talk.

R2, can you charge my battery.
Are you crazy? I'm an actor! Do you know what an actor is? An actor is NOT a battery charger!
But why do you have a battery compartment?
This is my only connection to the world outside.

Tell me more about the Indy4 script.
There's a secret chamber in the skywalker library where you will find your answer.

What answer will I find there?

Is the script already finished?

How do I find the secret chamber?
Just use the key and go right. Good luck!

And now we have a key! Pretty sure that's the same key asset from the first game, but when you're already reusing the entire engine despite it being eight years later, some art asset reuse is to be expected.

>Look at key

The secret key to a secret chamber. But keep it secret!

>Use key with door

Now the door is open.

>Open door

Music - Skywalker Library:

Here we are, in the Skywalker library! What can we see?

>Look at exit (what Raunes is looking at in the picture)

Back to the set of George and his green crew.

>Look at Jeff (the guy in the blue shirt)

This man is really concentrated.

>Look at Jeffrey (the guy in the red shirt)

His nose looks a little french.

>Look at spiral staircase

It's the same spiral staircase as in the library of Venice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

>Look at bookshelf (on the two sides, numbered 1 through 4, but the description is the same for 1 through 3)

A shelf full of scripts, screenplays and other film stuff.

>Look at bookshelf 4

Star Wars Episode XI, Episode XII, Episode XIII... but nothing related to adventure!

>Look at greencard (over on the left, hidden in the bookcase)

Looks like a little green piece of plastic.

And it also looks like an important item!

>Pick up greencard

>Look at greencard

It's the passport to the land of freedom.

Hm, don't we know somebody that's trying to get to the USA? Best remember that for later.

>Look at Jeb (the guy in the foreground)

This man looks like a mummy.

Yeah, he looks like he's seen better days. All the exclamation points in the world couldn't bring excitement to this guy. Man, first the Trump in the forest and now Jeb! here. This is going to turn out to be a production of the Kasich Super-PAC in the end, isn't it? They already cornered the market on political Pac-Man. Wooo, topical!

>Look at globe (bottom right hand corner of the screen)

The globe is covered in dust.

Can we take it?

>Pick up globe

The world is too big for me.

What a shame.

>Look at book (next to the globe)

This book is older than 15 years.

Is this the script? Can we take it?

>Pick up book

It's just decoration.

I guess that would have been too simple. Alright, let's go talk to the people around here.

>Talk to Jeff

You have a really strange face.
And you have a really strange way to find friends!

Why are you guys sitting around here?
That's top secret!
That's top secret!
That's top secret!

What kind of strange vault is that here?
This is Lucasfilm's creative library. We are three scree...
...working on the Ind...

Hm, I wonder what they're doing here.

Could you give me a little more detailed information?
I love to write scenes in Tunisia! Everybody here has his own favourite location.

Let's just jot that down - Jeff writes scenes in Tunisia.

At night it's colder than in Alaska.

You know, that might be a hint towards Tunisia being his favorite place, but that would be kind of strange, given that he flat-out tells us that part in a different dialogue option.


I'm guessing there's going to be a puzzle involved here somehow. Let's go talk to the other two.

>Talk to Jeffrey

What are you working on?
On a top secret script called IJ4...
But that's top secret!

Nobody can really keep a secret here, can they?

May I have a look at your work?
No. It's top secret!

You look very busy.
I'm too busy! They didn't let me out since 1993! I'm working on the Indy-Script...
Everybody here is working on the Indy-Script.

And, what's your task?
My task is to write one of the three key scenes of the planned movie. You will find my best scene in shelf 2. It takes place south of the adventure scene.

OK, let's jot that down too, Jeffrey's scene is in shelf 2 and is south of the adventure scene.

Are you working against each other or as a team?
Due to the fact that we are here since 1993 we learned to complement one another. Everybody's working on one of the key scenes of the movie. Everybody has his own shelf and always puts his best work into it. My shelf is number 2.

So that's all we're getting out of Jeffrey here. Moving on...

>Talk to Jeb (!)

Why are you not working at the table with the others?
I'm thifferent!
Thifferent than what?
...dan de oders!

I guess he's become so dried up that he's developed a speech impediment.

Can you tell me something about the screenplay?
I can'd dell you someding aboud dad sdory in pardicular. Bud generally a good screenplay for a good hollywood movie consisds of an advendure scene, an acdion scene, and a love scene.

That sounds like a very odd rule, but I guess we're going to be following it.

Would you like to come up with me and enjoy the sun?
No, firsd we have do ged dis chaos here sdraighd. You know, we're working here for more dan den years. And we god a liddle crazy here. We are wriding and wriding and wriding... somedimes good, somedimes bad, somedimes bedder, and no one really knows where we pud our besd scenes. Bud we are sdill wriding. Isn't dad crazy?

With this logic, you will never complete the screenplay!
I agree.

That's really crazy!
Dere should be a person who organizes our chaos.

And that person is going to be us?

But do you remember where your own best scene is?
I don'd remember. Bud I'm preddy sure dad my scene isn'd sdored in shelf 3. And I know dad my scene and de love scene are not with locadion in New Zealand. Dese are de only dings I remember.

Right, so that's all we're getting out of all three writers. Time to go solve a puzzle! We have to find three best scenes based on writer, location, type and the shelf they're on. Here's the information we have:

- Jeff: Scene takes place in Tunisia.
- Jeffrey: Scene is on shelf 2, takes place south of the adventure scene.
- Jeb: Scene is not in shelf 3, scene does not take place in New Zealand. Also, the love scene does not take place in New Zealand.

From that point on, it's just a simple logic puzzle.

- Jeffrey is in 2, Jeb is not in 3 => Jeff is in 3, Jeb is in 1 (since 4 is just Star Wars stuff). That's one down right off the bat.
- Jeffrey is south of adventure scene, Jeff is in Tunisia => Jeffrey is in New Zealand, Jeb is in Alaska (since we know those three locations from Lucas). Another one down. Also, we now know Jeb is the adventure scene, since New Zealand is south of Alaska.
- Finally, we know the love scene does not take place in New Zealand, leaving only Tunisia for it, leaving only the action scene for New Zealand.

And now we can go pick up the pieces.

>Look at bookshelf 1

Ok, let's see... I'm looking for...

...the adventure scene... taking place at...

...Alaska... written by...


Then we simply repeat the process...

...for bookshelf 2...

...and bookshelf 3! We now have all three scenes together!

>Look at adventure scene

That's a really thrilling adventure scene for Indy4!

>Look at action scene

That's a really bloody action scene for Indy4!

>Look at love scene

That's a really romantic love scene for Indy4!

Only one thing left to do...

>Use adventure scene with action scene

>Look at incomplete screenplay

It matches perfectly. But there's still a scene missing.

>Use love scene with incomplete screenplay

Music - Script Complete:

Is this really true? Do I have the real Indy4 script in my hands? That's cinematographic history! Yeah yeah yeah!

>Look at Indy4 screenplay

It's thrilling, romantic and funny! The perfect combination after more than 15 years.

Alright! One problem down, two to go! Now let's get this to Lucas!

>Give Indy4 screenplay to George Lucas

Oh, this is a really wonderful Indy4 script! Ok, I stop shooting Star Wars right now and start producing Indiana Jones 4. See you on the set!

And there we go, we got one of the three people we need to get to start working on the movie! Next time, we'll start making progress towards the other two and go to check out the set on location in Tunisia - next time, not, as I previously thought, in this update.