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Part 10: Udoiana Raunes 2: Update V - Drugging People Since 1997

Alright, so, last time, we convinced George Lucas to work on Indy 4 by assembling the script for him and finally freeing the scriptwriters he had locked up in his library for years on end. This time, let's go back to the last few areas and see what we can see, and ask around for the answer to that "what's more important than money" question. First stop: Germany.

Nothing new here, at least from what we can tell by looking at things with our eyeballs. Now, let's ask around a bit.

>Talk to fan

New dialogue!

You are hanging here for one hour, 34 minutes and 11 seconds!!
Why are you telling me this? Go on.

And as you might imagine, when we talk to him again...

...the time has increased! I'm not entirely sure whether this counts the amount of time you've been playing the game from the start, or the amount of time you've been playing the game from when the fan first showed up, and I'm not going to be going around with a stopwatch to check.

How are you up there?
Oh, well, you know... extremely bad!

I would say so! You've been hanging for one and a half hours and the standard asphyxiation death from hanging takes about twenty minutes at most! I suspect foul play at work!

Are there any news?
There are just some strange animals visiting me and a very very ugly old man. I'm really scared!

This sounds like a reference to something, but I can't work it out.

Do you know what's more important than money?
Sich nicht haengen lassen!
What did you say?
Sorry, that was German. The creators forgot to translate it.

So that's the reason there probably never was a German translation. This one-shot joke about an untranslated line. And because fuck your joke, I'm going to translate it anyway. "Sich nicht hängen lassen" literally means "don't let yourself get hung/hanged" (we still have the ambiguity between "just hanging around" and "death by hanging"), but can also mean "don't let yourself down" in the way that "etwas hängen lassen" can mean "to let something down". Furthermore, "den Kopf nicht hängen lassen", literally "not letting your head hang", used in the imperative (as in "don't let your head hang!"), is a well-meant encouragement phrase, along the lines of "pick yourself back up and keep going". It's a nuanced phrase, but the main reason it's here is because of the hanged/hung distinction. Not hanging yourself is probably more important than money, I'd say. Money doesn't really help in that situation unless you hire a butler that follows you at all times that saves you with the hedge trimmers he keeps on him at all times. Then again, why would he be there if you're either being hanged by somebody else that wants you dead or if you want yourself dead? Hmm... this is confusing me. Quick, to the next character!

>Talk to Frog King

Only one new option here.

Do you know what's more important than money?
The kiss from the right woman. Quooaak!

I guess that was a predictable answer. That's all we're doing here for now. Though before we leave, I'd like to point out that the item I missed is still sitting somewhere on that screen. Do you see it? Now, off to Poland!

One particular thing to do here, but first, let's get some opinions on our important question.

>Talk to Pole

What's your job?
I'm a lonesome trader. I'm the man for the very special things!

Since the first screen already had four dialogue options, we need to go into this part to find what we're looking for.

By the way, what's more important than money?
That's easy! Connections to the right people are the most important thing.

>Talk to Steven Spielberg

What is more important than money?
More important than money... is the time in your life to do the things that are worth living for.

We're collecting some nice answers here. Also, while we're here, the Pole wanted to go to America, and we just so happen to have something for him to achieve that!

>Give greencard to Pole

Oh, I can't believe it! You pay me with the American Dream! That's better than dollars.
Well, what are these special things you have to offer?

Don't try it yourself... but try it with others. Haha. And as a special add-on you get these high quality...

...created 1997 in the caribbean sea.
Seems so familiar to me.

Gee, ya think?

>Look at strange pills

Made by the grooving devil in Morocco.

...come again? The grooving devil? Morocco? The fuck are you talking about, Raunes?

>Look at albatross beak scissors

Strange invention... a nail combined with an albatros beak. Maybe I should detach it.

Uh, OK?

>Detach albatross beak scissors

And just like in the first game, it comes apart and returns to being its two constituent parts.

>Look at albatross beak

The last remains of a lucky albatross.

Surely you mean "unlucky".

>Look at nail

A nail: Ugly, small, sharp and useful.

So, more items to throw on the pile. Guess it's a decent enough haul. Next stop: Wyoming!

As we show up, Ford is still sleeping, the ideal opportunity to test our drugs on him!

>Use strange pills with cocktail

And now, all we need to do is wake him up again.

>Talk to Harrison Ford

Sweet dreams, Harrison.

And once again he chugs down some of his cocktail. But this time...

Oh yeah! I feel better now. Much better. In a way better than ever before!

>Talk to Harrison Ford

Mr. Ford, what about the fourth Indiana Jones movie?
Indy4?!? Great! I feel like 35 today! Let's begin right now! Immediately!
Ok, come with me.
Ah, no. Is Sean Connery in the cast too?

Should he?
Yes, I'd love to have him in the movie.
Where can I find him?
I think he's in London at the moment. Go find and convince him.

Damn. And here I thought we could trim this down to one out of three left, but no, we've jumped to two out of four left. Well, more three out of four left - we've convinced Ford by pumping him full of drugs, but I have the suspicion that that guy keeping him from entering his house is going to be a problem we have to solve beforehand as well. And speaking of him, let's see what he thinks of our answers (just skipping forward to that part):

The answer is...
The answer is what?

Time is more important than money!
The answer is wrong!

A kiss from the right girl!
The answer is wrong!

Connections are more important than money!
The answer is wrong!

Sich nicht haengen lassen!
The answer is German... aber falsch!

And as you might expect, "aber falsch" means "but wrong". Damn, looks like there's no progress on this front. Back to the airport it is.

You'll note that a new location has opened up - London. However, we won't be going there just yet, let's check out Tunisia first.

Music - Tunisia:

That sure is a whole lot of nothing.

>Look at strange house

This look like a building from Tatooine.

Well, that's because it is, of course.

>Look at George Lucas

George Lucas, ready for the Indy4 shoot!

>Talk to George Lucas

George, what are we waiting for?
As soon as we're all togeter here, I'll give Indy4 a Go.

Don't you miss your green screen?
It's pretty similar here. The desert is like the green screen. You can add a lot of things afterwards.

Do you remember this place?
Yes, this is the place of the two suns of Tatooine when I was young and thin and was still wearing those overdimensional glasses.

And now, because it was so great the first time around...

>Walk to strange house's time to do that Monkey Island bit again! Raunes disappears in the house and we're off to the races!

Oh, it's dark here... and it smells like nobody has cleaned the room since 1976.
>Look at room
I can't see anything!
>Touch everything
Iiihh! What's that?
>Pick up soft thing

>Sneak to strange shadow
That feals very human.
>Pick up strange shadow
???: Ouch! Hey!!
It's alive!

>Leave tent with broken star wars fan
???: Feel my force! (punch, punch)
<Star Wars fan hits you for 7 life points.>
He's attacking me!

>Look around for weapons
I can't find anything!
???: (punch, punch)
<Star Wars fan hits you for 14 life points.>

>Quickly eat fruit
I feel better now.
>Attack fan with whip
That doesn't work.
>Search for better weapons
I can't find anything!
>Find lightsaber

Must been from 1976 or older.
???: Argh!
Oops, the fan lost his head.

>Flee from strange house
Let me out here!
>Stumble across gadget
Oh, it's a PDA.

And there we go. We're now three items richer, and one in particular, the PDA, seems like it'd be exactly what we need to solve one of our problems, that being Spielberg's need for a tool to organize himself with. However...

>Look at PDA

Great and useful, but useless without a battery.

Well, we do have a battery, but it's still not charged.

>Look at lightsaber

A piece of high-tec from a galaxy far far away.

That should come in handy.

>Look at chewbacca fur

It's a piece of Chewbacca. But where's the rest?

Now, I pretty much instantly got the idea on how to solve the battery issue - for just one moment, it was like the spirit of Roberta Williams visited me and gave me adventure game power. Sadly, it didn't last, and I spent a lot of time fucking around with other problems later, but that's for further updates. Have you got an idea on how to solve the battery problem? Well, here's how we do it.

First, we head back to the Skywalker Ranch. And from there, it's pretty simple:

>Use empty battery with battery compartment

>Use chewbacca fur with R2D2

Ok, I rub the chewbacca fur against R2D2...
<Bzzzz> Ouch! That's electric!
Oh cool, the fur has electrostatically charged R2D2!

>Pick up battery

And there we go!

>Look at full battery

As a child I've always eaten them.

Backing away slowly now...

>Use full battery with PDA

>Use PDA with batteries

I'm absolutely organized. I don't need it.

Well, you don't, but we know somebody who does! To Poland!

>Give PDA with batteries to Steven Spielberg

Thank you. That makes it easy for me to reorganize my schedule and find a date for doing Indy 4.
So tell me your date for Indy.
Hm. Perhaps in the next four to eight years. Or later... Or today...

And that's it! Two down, two to go! And sure enough, when we head back to Tunisia...

Spielberg is there and ready to go!

>Talk to Steven Spielberg

How is it to direct a fourth Indy after more than 15 years?
It's great to return to those wonderful adventures of the 80s.

How's your PDA?
It's working very well. Now I feel organized... and ready for Indy!

Alright, we're making some good progress - we now have two out of four people needed for production to start (at least that's the amount of people we hope it's going to be, not that we're going to have to find an entire set of extras or something)! Next time, we're headed for jolly old London to try and get Sean Connery to get on board so we can get Harrison Ford on board, all the while searching for the meaning of life or what's more important than money or whatever that shit is.