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Part 46: Update XLIV

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

Alright, so let's start making our way to Towa Hills. But first, collectibles!

Here, we have the Hit List entry for Sakura's person of interest. Kenshiro was actually brought up quite a bit in Sakura's Free Time Events, too. Next, let's chat with some people.

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

Don't worry. This is for Monokumas. No matter how horribly we were treated, I can at least keep my sense of tact. I'm not going to just crush all their little heads like watermelons.
Y-Yeah...I thought not.
But, if something were to happen... That would be a different story. If some horrible, unthinkable situation occurred, well then I'd just have to use this on a kid.
Wh-What happened to your sense of tact!?
You sound so certain, deriding me. If you don't kill the kid, the woman next to you is dead. What if that were the situation? Would you just remain a spectator? Watch her die?
I went outside with a resolute mind. If something happens, I will not hesitate to kill. If I hesitate, keep making excuses... I'm the one who will end up dead.
Toko... We should go...

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

Next, let's hand over the Hit List entries we've found so far.

♪ BGM: Abnormality on the Girls' Front Line

Hey, what's the big idea? Handing me somethin' like this!? You better not be makin' fun of me!
N-No! I wasn't thinking anything, I was just handing it over like I normally do...
Ahaha, I'm just kiddin'. I'm not the kinda woman to get pissed off about somethin' like this.
Y-Yeah... Thought so.
You really thought so? You look kinda relieved to me. You probably thought she was gonna hit you with a crowbar or something, right?
N-No! Honest! I was *not* thinking about getting hit with a crowbar and dragged behind a bike... ...No, really! I'm telling the truth, Miss Hagakure! I'm innocent!
Wow, you really, *really* suck at lying.
M-More importantly! This file is so...rude! I'm sure they could have written it a little nicer!
What, really? I dunno, I think "typical Demon" is pretty well put. How would *you* describe it?
Um... Like, how the hair is unique! Or how she reads tons of manga... Or how she makes funny voices with an electric fan, or how she's not really good with numbers...
...And that's about it, right?
Koko, there's nothing embarrassing about being normal.
I-It's not like I'm "embarrassed"...
But more importantly, they wrote "Unknown" for hunting grounds. They haven't found you. You should be happy about that, not sad about the whole "typical Demon" part...
Yeah... As a normal girl, I'm happy in a perfectly normal way...
...Remember when I told you you sucked at lying?

Targeting the elderly, too... They really don't discriminate.
Jeez, if they just waited a week he would probably die of old age! Then there's no need to kill him.
Toko! That's rude! You have to resp... Respec...?
...Respeculate your elders!
...You can't even say it properly.
By the way. what was the "Detective Library" again? I feel like I've heard that somewhere before... But I can't remember.
If we can trust what's written here, isn't it some kind of detective union? Or maybe a group that mediates jobs to private investigators.
So it's just like a manga artist union!
...If that helps you, sure.
Anyway, a union of detective sounds super cool! Kinda like a secret organization...
Hmph, real life detectives are no good at all.
Why not? Don't detectives in real life solve super cool investigations like in manga?
Well, I guess it's not that actual detectives are no good... More like, most situations don't even require a detective.
Yeah, that's right. Unless there's some super complicated case, detectives aren't really needed. Of course most police officers and judges fit that bill, too...
Right, that goes without saying. I guess that's why I'm repulsed by them so much.
...For some reason, that sounds philosophical.
Anyway, regardless if they're detectives or culprits, we gotta save them now. Leave it to me. I'll solve it in a flash, just like manga detectives!

Assassin fist? Are the Captives really allowed to do that kind of B.S. in this game?
Isn't this just something some kid wrote? They're probably just making it up.
No, my guess is, this is the truth. I know a monster just as powerful as this guy.
...A monster?
Yeah. She was called "Ogre" and the strongest person in the world. And those nicknames were no exaggeration. She really was a monster. And if she can exist, I'm sure that something like assassin fist exists.
Then is it true that his days are numbered? Sounds like a plot from a manga...
It is a familiar story... Assassins always have short lives, just like how female spies always somehow fall in love.
...Well even though I don't really get that can leave this to me. Assassin fist or no, I'll take the responsibility of saving him.
Of course, I'm not personally going...

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

Moving on, it's a straight shot to Towa Hills over that bridge, but there's somebody else we can chat with before that.

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

Ah, well, not...really...
No, don't worry about it. There's no need for you to risk your lives. You're still young women.
It's been so long since I've felt this... I feel...completely free.
Why? Do you think you've already won?
It's true, I don't know what's going to come of all this. But the day we stand up against these kids is finally here. It makes me happy. I'd much rather fight a kid and die than return to a life of hiding and fear.
Um... Please, be careful.
Yeah. Even if it's my time to die, I'll be sure to take some kids and Monokumas with me.

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

We head down the bridge and arrive at Towa Hills. There's some regular Monokumas there, but they're really not a problem.

Also, there's some sparkles here!

♪ Jingle: Hidden Kids Discovered!

So that's the first one.

I wonder where that television image is from.

Here's a collectible!

♪ Jingle: Skill GET!

Not all that useful, really. I'm pretty sure I'm already at the point where basically every enemy that doesn't get killed with a Nice Shot drops an item.

There's some Monokuma kids hunkering down here.

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

Probably just scared once they saw adults were fighting back. Remember those idiots back when you were a kid? The ones who would mess with a chained-up dog? Inevitably they'd get bitten, and then they end up with a fear of dogs.
But don't they look just horrified? They're completely frozen in fear...
Maybe they're more childlike than we imagined. They never thought it would come to this. Or...
Or...? Do you know something?
No, nothing definitive. Just a feeling. Regardless, once we get to the kids' HQ, we'll have all the answers, even if we don't want them.

♪ BGM: DSO_Living to the Fullest

Now, the door to Towa Hills won't open, but there's a bell here.

So we ring the bell and the door opens. Let's head in.

♪ BGM: DSO_Beautiful Dead

...Toko? What're you looking around for?
Th-There's no mistaking it... Master is here! The red string tied to my pinky... I can feel it tugging!
But in a building this big... It's gonna be hard to find him.
Well obviously, all we have to do is catch the head brat and make them spill... And while we're at it, we can make them stop controlling the Monokumas. Two birds, one stone.
Knowing those brats, I bet they're somewhere up high where they can watch it all go down.
Yeah, that seems likely...
But from here on, we can't let our guard down. The Monokuma controller has to be well protected. Let's buckle up and get moving.
Yeah... Let's end this. Personally, I'm hoping for an easy ending.
Heh, yeah, that sounds good. And while the credits roll, you'll be all jealous watching Master and me passionately embrace...
...Yeah, I don't think I'll be jealous of that...

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 005

Alright, so now it's Towa Hills. This is another one of those areas I really like the style of. It all just looks really swanky. You might note some things up the stairs that look like the Warriors of Hope's robots. We'll check that out in a bit.

First, a collectible.

So is this after the remodeling or before? Oh well, not that it really matters, the place looks neat and that's good enough.

So, these two things are indeed robots - Jataro's and Kotoko's. There's a bell here, but we can't open the door with it because the robots are blocking the door.

Instead, we need to go through these doors. And what does that mean?

♪ BGM: It's a Monokuma World

That's right, more Monoku-Man! As a sidenote, the game really starts lagging for me in Towa Hills, and it's noticeable at times in the videos. Just so you know.

♪ Jingle: Monoku-Man Activate

Now, let's check this puzzle out.

The puzzles still need some thinking, though I think some in Chapter 4 were harder than the ones we'll be dealing with here. Here, the series of events is fairly simple.

Step one, move the Bomber over from the switch with the hologram.

Step two, Link up with the regular Monokuma and move it onto the switch.

Step three, Move the car out of the way after going past it.

Finally, step four, hit the Ball with Knockback. That knocks it into the first Bomber, who blows up the second Bomber, who blows up the regular Monokuma, taking out all the enemies.

♪ Jingle: Monoku-Man Success


♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 005

This allows us to move on to a ladder...

...which brings us to Jataro's room!

Jataro's not just into crafts, he's also adept at the arts part as well. Here's a painting of a pink-haired certain someone.

But what we're really here for is this.

♪ BGM: We Can't Change The World

It seems dangerous to just start playing with it... Why don't *you* touch it?

And with that, Jataro's robot moves out of the way.

With that done, we get to exit through some nearby doors and find ourselves at a hatch that lets us exit down to the robots' level.

Hm, what's this?

So a bit of a gimmick for this area is that we find some notes that give us some more perspective from the Warriors of Hope's parents' point of view. Jataro in particular had the exact reasoning for why he was abused so heavily left unexplained, so this clears things up a bit. Not entirely, but a bit.

Next, let's go through the other Monoku-Man room.

♪ BGM: It's a Monokuma World

♪ Jingle: Monoku-Man Activate

OK, the basic problem with this room is twofold. You need to get that one Guard off of the not flooded part onto the water, that's the second problem. The first problem that comes up with the second problem is that you need to use the holograms in the right way to get the other Guards to move around in such a way that it allows you to trigger a hologram that will move that one particular Guard into the water. Then you need to move onto the not flooded part and shoot a Guard with Paralyze to take them all out.

This probably makes more sense in the video. It's a bunch of fiddly moving around, shooting holograms, and checking the map.

♪ Jingle: Monoku-Man Success

We eventually make it, put it that way.

♪ BGM: Wonderful Dead 005

This allows us to progress to Kotoko's room.

We fiddle with the controls and get Kotoko's robot to move, so we could now move on.

There's also a collectible for us!

♪ Jingle: Skill GET!

More healing, always good. Also, we've actually hit the point where I have to de-equip some skills to free up some skill points to equip this skill. Thankfully, I still had some Despair Time skills equipped, which I'm really not going to need.

Here, we get another collectible.

In case you were wondering, no, these notes are not supposed to attempt to justify the abuse the Warriors of Hope took or make the parents look more sympathetic. It's just for more context.

So, we ring the bell and open the door.

Nice! Now we can keep going!
What a pain... After all this, they're *still* playing games?

Let's move on.

Whoa there, Toko! Watch the fourth wall! We only have the one!

Anyway, as you might have expected, now we have Nagisa's and Masaru's robots blocking the next door. We'll deal with that next time.