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Part 79: Episode 19 - Future Side, Episode 10: Death, Destruction, Despair

Back on the Future Side, Makoto is flashing back to DR1, back when he fell into the garbage pit and Kyoko came down to help him back out. You know, good memories, all that stuff.

To help with the fact that Kyoko is fucking dead. They can't understand why Kyoko would have kept her forbidden action a secret to them, when it should be obvious that she was trying to prevent Makoto and the gang running around like headless chickens trying to save her when that wouldn't help them get out of their current predicament as much as clear, focused investigating would.

Anyway, we get a repeat from last episode with Kyosuke using the intercom to shittalk Makoto's idea of hope and call for the final showdown between them. Not sure why we need this, actually. Anyway, Makoto gets ready to fight and we get the opening.

After that, Makoto starts heading out. Ryota then asks him how he can just brush aside the fact that Kyoko is dead.

Makoto then explains that he isn't brushing it off - he adored Kyoko, she saved his life multiple times, and he recognizes that Kyoko kept her forbidden action secret to protect Makoto from himself. Now that she's dead, the last thing he can do for her is carry on with the last bit of hope she bestowed upon him.

Aoi tells him she believes in him, and Makoto tells the other two to stay here. He then heads out alone.

Back out in the halls, Makoto starts crying again for a bit, but catches himself and carries on.

While walking, Makoto runs into the two halves of Miayabot, which causes his knees to start trembling, but again, he catches himself and carries on, remembering what Kyoko told him about not turning his back on hope.

Meanwhile, Kyosuke sits alone in the broadcast room, clutching some sort of paper or something like that in his hand.

We then get another flashback. We find Chisa and Kyosuke at a playground that has a ton of what can be assumed to be dead bodies of children, with Chisa crying about how she tried to help but couldn't save them.

She asks Kyosuke what they can do to end this - what they can do to annihilate despair.

And back in the present, Kyosuke answers that she can leave that to him.

We then get the two internally monologuing about their ideas of hope - Makoto thinking about how he now carries the hope of everybody else in him, and Kyosuke thinking about how every potential host for despair has to be destroyed, even if that leaves him as the last human alive. Kyosuke says he will save Makoto. Makoto says he will stop Kyosuke.

Makoto then arrives at the broadcast room. The two face off, with Makoto asking Kyosuke to help him end this game, and Kyosuke continuing to talk about how Makoto's words mean nothing.

Kyosuke then skips straight to the murder part of the itinerary as Makoto bails.

Makoto runs through a door, which stops Kyosuke in his tracks.

He then crashes straight through the glass.

This brings him to a hallway with a suspicious open door. "I wonder which door he wants me to choose", Kyosuke muses.

Meanwhile, Aoi is listening in on the fight through the door to their room while Ryota mopes about how Makoto is so strong and how he is so weak. Looks like he still hasn't really gotten over that whole thing from way back when with Junko.

And as Ryota mopes, Aoi notices something. There's a little book laying under Kyoko's arm!

Meanwhile, as Kyosuke enters that room with the open door, Makoto has set up a trap in it. He set his jacket on fire...

...which sets off the sprinkler, causing a puddle to build up in the room...

...and then Makoto uses some broken cables to electrocute the puddle.

However, Makoto then gets shot straight in the knee by some sort of needle.

Looks like Kyosuke pilfered that thing from Kazuo.

We then find that Kyosuke dodged that trap by hanging from a cable on the ceiling and using the heat from his fire sword thing to evaporate the water. The fire thing does break from the water, however. Kyosuke then finds the room to be empty, but there's a trail of blood.

Makoto is slowly walking out in the hallway, obviously hindered by basically being kneecapped.

He then spots the ultimate weapon of hope - a fire extinguisher.

Kyosuke continues to follow the trail of blood.

Makoto lies in wait with the fire exinguisher, but hasn't noticed that he's leaving a trail showing Kyosuke exactly where he's hiding. So, when Kyosuke intentionally turns his back, causing Makoto to try and attack... ends badly.

Makoto then tries to use the fire extinguisher instead, but it doesn't work. I think we've seen this before. Turns out fire extinguishers are only good for throwing in this universe.

So of course that's what Makoto tries next, though Kyosuke easily parries it with his sword. Kyosuke makes a remark about Makoto's lucky streak having run its course.

And of course, that means his luck kicks right back in with the fire extinguisher releasing all of its contents because of being hit by a sword and turning into a projectile that hits Kyosuke right in the back. The fire extinguisher then also makes for convenient fog for Makoto to hide from Kyosuke in...

...allowing Makoto to catch Kyosuke by surprise and tackle him.

Kyosuke must be feeling some real deja vu here, being sent crashing down to the lower floor while fighting with someone, and while he survives the fall fairly well, it leaves his opponent rather worse for wear, with Makoto being pretty much unable to move after that fall.

Kyosuke swings...

...and stops.

And it is here that Makoto's master plan comes together. Turns out they've been here before - this is the place Great Gozu elbow dropped down to way back when when Kyosuke was pursuing Makoto, Aoi and Gozu.

Back then, Makoto shut the door on Kyosuke, and Kyosuke didn't follow.

And when Kyosuke cornered Makoto in the broadcast room, he broke the glass to get in. Makoto has figured out Kyosuke's forbidden action...'s opening doors. And that's the reason Kyosuke can't kill Makoto - he'd need to go through a door to get out, so he needs Makoto to open it for him. I mean, we don't really see the room to confirm this, but hey, let's just believe him.

And with that, Makoto finally has Kyosuke exactly where he wants him - now, they can just talk.

Except, well, Kyosuke still isn't much for talking. He demands Makoto admit when he was converted to despair, which Makoto denies. Kyosuke tosses Makoto around a bit, then chokes him. Makoto just manages to sputter out that they shouldn't be at odds and that they could beat this game if they worked as a team, which Kyosuke just scoffs at, talks about how Makoto doesn't get it despite the fact that somebody he loved died upholding his ideals and then talks some more about how despair must be eradicated.

Makoto counters that by saying that Kyosuke has tunnel vision - all he's talking about is despair, hope doesn't even factor into anything in his ideals.

Kyosuke then brings up that thing that Kazuo told him that we weren't allowed to hear. Now, what was the big secret? Who is the attacker?

"There's more than one. We're all of us responsible. The entire Foundation. In a manner of speaking, every single member is the attacker. Me, Naegi, Sakakura, even Yukizome. None of us are exempt. How does it feel, friend? Even the love of your life was tainted. Not one soul was left uncorrupted by despair. Does that change your tactic? Will you still do everything in your power to annihilate it?"

And thus, Kyosuke was set on his path.

He then talks about how even Chisa ended up giving in to despair, and that he was a fool for not noticing. He found some photos on her corpse. He remembered how when they found the bodies of those children, Chisa asked who could do such a thing. Well, turns out, Chisa had the answer all along, and she's telling Kyosuke with these photos.


So that leaves Kyosuke wondering when Chisa was set on this path. Uh, about an episode ago, pal. Not too long ago, really! Anyway, Kyosuke declares that every last piece of despair must be destroyed, every last memory must be turned to ash.

That sets Makoto off, with him saying that regardless of what she did, she was still a person, she still meant something to Kyosuke, and she is still worth something.

That then sets Kyosuke off, who grabs Makoto and beats the crap out of him while shouting that he knows nothing repeatedly.

But Makoto does know. He knows that even if Kyoko would have fallen to despair, even if he would have had to resort to killing her, he would still cherish her as a person, as somebody he couldn't have lived without.

That then brings Kyosuke back to flashback city as he remembers all of the pleasant memories he had with Chisa.

And that snaps him out of it. He sets Makoto back down and lets out a mighty scream of anguish.

He sits down and wonders where they all went so wrong.

But before they can get too philosophical about their current situation, Aoi and Ryota show up!

Aoi then declares that the killing is over - she knows who the attacker is, it's all in this book!



DUNNN- well, I mean, we kinda already know it's "everyone" in some way thanks to what Kazuo told us. Still, I guess the logistical side of it does need some explaining. Anyway, we're ending on that cliffhanger.

However, we do get another post-credits stinger. A bunch of boats are still near Jabberwock Island.

But then, a smaller ship comes by and sails away from the island, past the other ships. Intrigue! So, next time, back on the Despair Side... it all goes to hell. Yeah, that about sums it up.

What the fuck just happened?: Makoto is determined to end this conflict with Kyosuke, so he heads out to... talk at him, I guess. Kyosuke, meanwhile, has other ideas and tries to murder the shit out of Makoto. Fighting ensues, and through some luck, Makoto manages to trap Kyosuke in a room where he'd have to open a door to get out, and, well, turns out opening doors is Kyosuke's forbidden action. Kyosuke reveals that Kazuo told him that everybody from the Foundation is the attacker, basically, which is what set Kyosuke on his murderous rampage. He says that everything despair-related must be completely and utterly annihilated down to the memories he has of them, but Makoto counters by saying that even if somebody falls to despair and has to be killed, the memories should still be kept and cherished, which causes Kyosuke to remember his good times with Chisa and make him snap out of it. To end the episode, Aoi shows up and says she knows who the attacker is from a book Kyoko had. Also, in the stinger, a boat sails away from Jabberwock.