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by Chip Cheezum, General Ironicus

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Original Thread: WE'VE SOLD OUT! Let's play Uncharted 2 for fame and fortune [VLP]



The "Drake is a monster/it's just a videogame" argument has been done to death, both in this thread and others. If the thread explodes into another one of these arguments, the thread will be closed.

It has come to our attention that our gracious video host,, has updated the look of their site. This includes new channel pages for those accounts that blip deems to be representative of their site. They even have a gaming section! But upon further inspection, it appears that blip has not deemed us worthy enough to receive the fabled fancy show page.

Chip's Videogame World?! That's not me!

So after discussing it with Ironicus, we've become determined to get this fancy show page. To do this we have to become more like our competition. In this let's play we'll be testing out many new ways to appeal to people that are bad with money features to be more like Chip's Videogame World, Minecraft Chick, and Facebook Game Info. Expect selling our souls to the devil dynamic video ad placement and informative pop-ups in order to make our let's plays more accessible to people that don't give a shit about videogames new viewers.

After a good night of scrounging filters in jewelry stores for gold dust, I decided on what our new LP should be! Uncharted 2 is pretty similar to the first Uncharted in just about every way, except this game is better in just about every way imaginable. Levels are more varied and interesting and Drake's lust for spilled mercenary blood is ten times what it was in the first Uncharted. This game yet again follows the lovable, yet terrifying, monster known as Nathan Drake. He's out to get all of the treasure and snap all of the necks in front of the treasure.

While Uncharted 2 does not require any knowledge of what happened in the first game, it does have some recurring characters and references. You can check out our LP of the first Uncharted here or here.

You might want to at least watch a video or two just to know who Sully is, because we're gonna start making jokes about him before he even appears on screen:

As always, our videos come with dual-commentary that lets you listen to our commentary during cutscenes. To do this, just download the video and play it in something like Media Player Classic or VLC. Make sure to switch the audio track!

Uncharted 1 LP

Concept Art


Episode 1: I Just Wanted a GenieC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 2: On the BorderC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 3: Follow the HoseC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 4: How does that feel?C&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 5: Maisanno!C&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 6: Disney LandC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 7: Juff JempsC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 8: Faces of SullyC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 9: Jelly PocketsC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 10: Ohio JonesC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Trial #1: HorrorC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 11: DouglashC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 12: Nice IceC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Trial #2: MerchandiseC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 13: TarchwoodyC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 14: Air SurfC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 15: Subtle GruntsC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 16: All Dogs Go to HeavenC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Mega Mac Daddy of EcologyC&I 
Episode 17: ThoompC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 18: Blue Man GroupC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 19: BongosC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 20: ClownC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Trial #3: SuperstarC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Uncharted 2 UnlockablesC&I - CutC&I - Uncut


01 - The StageYoutube
02 - TDM on Ice CaveYoutube
03 - TDM on Lost CityYoutube
04 - Plunder on TempleYoutube
05 - TDM on Flooded RuinsYoutube
06 - Plunder on Train WreckYoutube
07 - TDM on HighriseYoutube
08 - Chain Reaction on Lost CityYoutube
09 - TDM on MuseumYoutube
10 - Turf War on Ice CaveYoutube
11 - TDM on FacilityYoutube
12 - Skeleton HellYoutube
13 - Co-opYoutube

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011

Episode 1: HorrorC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 2: My ChildrenC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 3: Big CatsC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 4: Weird GhostC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 5: MooC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 6: RocksC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
Episode 7: FACEC&I - CutC&I - Uncut
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