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V-Tech Rampage

by taxidermistpasta

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Original Thread: The Virginia Tech Massacre: The Game! (Video)



See this thread first:

Disclaimer: All of these videos are "first play-throughs", meaning should you choose to watch them prepare for a LOT of trial and error. You'll know after watching a few videos whether or not I'm your cup of comedy-tea.

Some asshole made a game about the Virginia Tech shooting and I have decided to subject you all to its horror. Since this game is also really short I will use this thread to play SUPER COLUMBINE RPG as well!


Virginia Tech Massacre
Session 1 - sweeet delicious annoying racism, originally posted in the LET'S PLAY GAMES FOR THE FIRST TIME thread
Session 2
Session 3 - I can't fucking believe I beat the level this way
Session 4 -
Session 5 - The end.

Bonus - ThinVeilCutlet42's Playthrough of Megaman 2

Editor's Note: some videos have been lost

BUBBLEMAN first half
BUBBLEMAN second half
AIRMAN first half
AIRMAN second half
CRASH MAN - Best LP ever.
Wiley Stage 1 - In this video we had some LP advice!
Wiley Stage 2
Wiley Stage 3
Wiley Stage 3
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