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Part 17

Hark, an update!


Medic request is quite nice for when you can't reach a unit on time.

It is imperative that the war end. Won't someone please think of the bakers?

Some spiffy upgrades are available

We're still leveling up though the results are mostly less impressive now.

I did a bit of screwing around with the roster for the Ellet mission and after. Homer is a lovable scamp. Hanes... well his line when he gets a kill is "You're dead!". Edy is alright, but nothing tops Jane and Wendy.

Chapter 14: Loss Within Victory

Ellet: War Without Weapons

The Darcsen Hunt
Battle: An End to Darcsen Hunting
For Every Wish a Way, Checking In


At the Field Hospital, Clashing Opinions, Awakening, Twin Valkyrur


Showdown at Naggiar (2)


At What Price Victory

Anyone who was suggesting alternate conditions should check out the Ellet battle. It's a fair bit different from my normal tactics for better or worse.