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Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines

by Pesmerga

Part 64

Chapter LXI: Subterfuge

I had stepped out of the taxi, which instead of idling outside the Fu Syndicate like last time, continued along the road to hide between a large removal van and the front of a warehouse. I was just as cautious, keeping my head down, hands in pockets, as I idly made my way to the front of the building. Watching the temple doors carefully, I reached into my pocket and swiped the electronic lock with the keycard Mitnick had provided. Apprehensively, I stepped into the building.

Whatever I had been expecting, this expensive lobby had not been it. Expensive artwork hung behind an equally expensive desk, a large TFT monitor placed in its centre. 'How much money does the Kuei Jin have to throw around?' I ran my finger along the marble surface, watching my blurred reflection. Hearing a noise, I pressed myself flat against the rear wall, being careful not to go near the glass doors that led to the offices. A patrolling cop stopped by the glass door to my right, his foot tapping boredly. With a slight cough, he turned.

I moved quickly, quickly sliding through the door which opened without a sound, crouched down to avoid the guard's notice. As he proceeded to the other end of the hall, I darted into the office.

Inside, I found the computer terminal Mitnick had mentioned. I accessed the console, and found the power submenu. I hesitated, as my natural powers of reason and logic mingled with that other, supernatural part of my system. I closed my eyes, yet still I saw the monitor. I saw the letters there, the glowing green parser at the end of the password. Was I seeing the past? The future? I was unsure. I opened my eyes, smiling.
Password: gwailo...Password accepted.
Inside, I found the virus that Mitnick had set up, a file by the name of hooligan. My smile spreading to a wild grin, I ran it. The Kuei Jin would think it a robbery, and dismiss it. If only they knew just how fucked they were.
Warning. Power failure. Warning. Power failure.
The lights in the hallway went off, the cop calling out in alarm and frustration.
'Goddamned lights!' He spoke into his receiver. 'Bob, this is Jeff. Got a situation, the powers out. Any advice?'
Emergency shutdown procedure has begun. Ten minutes until building lockdown.
I had to move, and fast. I quietly left the office, wondering how the computers functioned while all other appliances had been switched off. I was able to move quickly and easily in the darkness, which the police officer was not. He stumbled as he turned the corner, swearing as he kicked his foot against the skirting board. I moved past him, as silent and fluid as the night I was concealed by.

I pushed against the door, relieved when it opened. Seems Mitnick knows what he's doing. Do you? I ignored the condescending voice, and closed the door behind me. On impulse, I headed into the first office on my right, intending to search for clues as to the security code for the second door. As luck would have it, the answer was in the office worker's email.
'Security is so fucking lax here, it's amazing the Kuei Jin managed to find their way off the boat', I muttered. According to the email to 'Scudmuffin', the code for the second electronic door was 4567. Not that there's much point having a password for it if we need to keep reminding you what it is, retard. Oh, and you'll never guess what. You know how Larry makes the worst passwords in the world, right? The password for the bankvault is his name backwards. nippelhcs. Can you believe that? If we were gonna rip him off, there'd be fuck all he could do about it!

I raced to the second door, unsure of how much time I had left to get out of the building. Keying in the number 4567, I pushed it open. Here the corridor branched in two directions, one door to the left, one to the right. By the reinforcement of the door on the left, that was the vault, which was also electronically locked. So I ran to the right, and opened the CEO's door.

I sat down at the computer, and turned my attention to the vault menu first. Entering in the 'nippelhcs' password, I unlocked the door to the vault. Hearing the heavy bolts sliding out of place from the office, I switched to net security. Breaking the password, I took a deep breath, then entered the phrase.
'Schrecknet', I murmured, my fingers crossed.

Shit, nice work fledgling! Fast, too. Down side is the main doors locked when you caused the power failure, that's how the system works. Don't worry though. Go to R.Nesler's office and run the 'escape' command in the 'mitnick!' folder. That'll open an emergency vent you can use to get out. Nosferatu know everything that's happening in LA now, right down to the affairs of the fucking cockroaches, and it's all down to you man. I've left you a little something in your haven for all your hard work. If you ever need a favour, the Nosferatu owe you one. Don't forget the vault on your way out.

Having the Nosferatu on my side made me feel a little better about everything that was going on. Maybe with their help, I wouldn't be in the goddamned dark all the time. I deleted any records of my activities from the logs, and then shut the door, heading to the vault. Inside, I found a measly $500 in notes on one of the shelves. 'You'd think even being a front they'd have more revenue than this', I grunted. 'So much for that get rich quick scheme.' To make burglar frustration look more authentic, i pulled the shelf over before I left, leaving the vault door wide open. Proceeding through the electronic door, I located Nesler's office. As I opened the door, I briefly listened to the guard.
'No, I'm sure there's no-one in the building. I think I would have fucking noticed. Besides, all the doors are electronically locked. Even if there is someone in here, they can't get out.'
'Hold that thought', I muttered with a smirk. I moved to the computer, running the escape command, and dived for the vent which opened. Closing the grate behind me, I dragged myself along the tunnel, pulling myself out at the side of the building. Luckily at this late hour the street was empty. I glanced again towards the temple, before running back to the taxi.
'Think the Kuei Jin are gonna be pissed', I said to the driver through a large grin. 'Let's get out of here before they start looking for people to blame.'