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Part 2: Update II - Blood-Sucking Lightning Rods

Update II - Blood-Sucking Lightning Rods

♪ BGM: Thyrik - 7thguntz.mid

And thus, we cut to young Nyria and her mother in the village of Thyrik.

Mommy, it's going to get better, don't worry.
Of course, my little sweetheart. But don't go outside to play for too long because of that. I'm going to rest now for a bit, and hope that I'll get better soon. Nothing bad must happen to the baby.
All right, Mommy. I won't be away for long. I'll play a little with Jona.
Soon, you can also play with the baby! Please, always take good care of it, whatever happens.
Sure, Mommy. Can I go outside now? The weather is so lovely!
Go, it's fine...
Later, Mommy! I love you!
I love you too, honey!

I can see the "Time Until Inevitable Tragedy" countdown already. Anyway, we now get control of Nyria and can take part in the most wonderful JRPG pasttime of "bop around the map, looking at things and talking to people".

Of course, Mommy. I'll be back soon!

against a giant dragon and won. Ever since then, he was given this title.

We also have some more books to look at.

Some boring tales about heroes.

Here is an old book. I don't understand its content...

Next, we head downstairs.

Maybe one day, I will understand why he left us... But I still have Jona and Mommy... Oh, Jona's probably already waiting for me.
I should hurry, or else she will go off without me!

We're not under any actual time pressure, so let's just keep looking around the house first.

I love the story of Alex and Christin! So beautifully romantic.

God damnit, Marlex.

Here is a book from the great author Dante-Farnel. One of my favorite writers.

Hm, here is a book about the old Elras Mages. I began reading it at one point, but somehow this book was too mysterious for me.

with them.

That seems like a useful bit of information.

Now, let's head down to the cellar.

But then he just left...

Nothing much interesting down here, so let's head out through the other set of stairs.

And with that, we're outside in the town of Thyrik, so let's go around and talk to some people!

No matter if you have a hat or not... You look like you always have a sunstroke!
I can't believe this!!!
Get lost, you cheeky brat!!!
(It's true, though, heehee...)

I'm doing great! Such great weather today! I'm going to play all day!
Well, in that case, have fun!

During this bit, we're not going to be going into any of the other houses. Fine by me.

Um, not really.
That's okay! Send your mother my regards!
Sure, will do.

Nah, not today. Mommy doesn't like it anyway, and I'm playing with Jona today!
Well then, take care of yourself!
Sure, as always.

And finally, we find who we're looking for in the top right corner.

Stop moaning. My mom held me up. But now I'm here.
Hey, I've got a good idea! Why don't we play hide and seek?
1) Good idea. You first! - 2) Oh, I don't feel like it.

We could just skip this, but there's no real reason why beyond not wanting to waste time.

Okay, I'll hide somewhere in the village and you search for me! And now close your eyes!
Okay, I'll count to 10! 1... 2... 3...
Hey, close your eyes! Otherwise, it's too easy!

And off we go on our search! Let's ask around a bit.

Did you happen to see Jona? She hid somewhere.
Jona? Yes, she ran past here, but then decided to run south!

And sure enough, when we go south, there's Jona! Except there's one thing that makes this tricky. She turns around, then moves behind the tree. I also run behind the tree, figuring she's just hiding behind it, and mash the space bar. Nope, nobody there.

When I then decide to talk to this guy again, she just pops out from the other tree, then disappears again before I can get her!

I'm looking for Jona. Did you see her?

And then she pops back out from the other tree! I took a look at the events in RPG Maker, and the way this works is that Jona pops out from one tree, looks around, then pops back in and disappears. Then she teleports to a different tree in the village and the process repeats for all the trees in the village. This is pretty damn fiddly.

However, after some fucking about, I finally manage to catch her. And no, before you ask, this is not something that is governed by the difficulty. I actually considered that for a second.

But not here... Let's play a little outside of the village.
Okay, let's go!

Alright, let's go!

...oh. OK then. Off to the other side we go.

And then she runs off the screen.

I'll get you!

Now we have to chase her down, though we don't actually have to chase her down, she just stays at one point we have to find. It doesn't take long.

Jona then looks up.

Huh? What's the matter?

A bat?
Have you ever seen a bat here before? Well, I haven't...
Hm... Well, I haven't, either. But there is always a first time. Let's got to the cliff, maybe we will see more!
Yay, to the cliff...

Alright, let's head to the cliff. We just have to move to the north a bit.

Uhhh... Not really. Oh, I bet that was the only one. We should enjoy the beautiful view instead. Do you see Asdion over there?
Yeah, there, that teeny dot on the horizon! Huh, when we stand here like that, I have to think of Daddy for some reason.
You still don't know why he just left?
No... Mommy never told me. I think they had an argument. But Mommy is pregnant. How can he leave her?
Don't be so sad. I'm sure you'll be fine with the two of you together.
Yes, fortunately, I've been practicing with my throwing knives for several months. With that, I'll be able to protect Mommy and me...
Listen, Nyria, my dad said, whenever you two need help, you can come to us!
Thank you...
But your mom still hasn't allowed you to use the throwing knives?
No, she's scared that I might seriously hurt myself and that she would be all alone then... I've hidden the barrel in the living room. That way, I always have them at hand. I can only hope Mommy doesn't find them, or else I'll be grounded again.
My dad always says there is a good future for everyone, as long as you know how to reach it.
I hope so...

And then we get another appearance from our old pal Blood Text as the sun sets.


For the record, I have no idea what "from the same blood" means in this context beyond maybe "they're all humans and have the same kind of blood", since it's certainly not "they're related", which "of the same blood" usually stands for. This doesn't make more sense in the German version.

We'd better get back home!
Oh, no, Mommy is going to get mad at me for sure! I wanted to be back home by now!

♪ BGM: Rain Sounds ♫

Let's go home quickly!

We then head back to the village.

Well then, see you tomorrow! But now I have to hurry, so I won't get scolded too badly!
It was nice today...
Sure, as always.

And then Jona heads inside as we head back.

We then hear some sounds of something being hit.

More hitting sounds, and a female scream. Nyria runs up to the door.

Hey, the door is locked!

She starts knocking at the door.

MOMMY!!! Let me in!!!

More fighting sounds and screams.


She knocks at the door again. We hear an evil laugh.


And then...

T... t... the... the bat!!! It's carrying Mommy away!!! How... how is that possible?

♪ BGM: Throwing Knives - warlord.mid

I have to save Mommy!!! I need my knives! I have to get in, and fast!!!

And thus, we have a timer counting down. We have three minutes to find the throwing knives and find Nyria's mom. This is the first thing that is different depending on difficulty. Easy gives you seven minutes, Medium gives you five, and Hard, as you can tell, gives you three.

Now, as Nyria already noticed, the front door is locked. If we try to open it, we get three options: Climbing up through the window, breaking through the door, or picking the lock with a hairpin. The way these options work is that we get a random number drawn, and depending on that, we either succeed or fail and have to try again. Climbing has a 1 in 3 chance, breaking down the door is a 1 in 8 chance, and picking the lock is a 1 in 5 chance. This will of course eat up a lot of time, and we can't have that.

Of course, we know an alternative:

✝ Throwing Knives obtained!

Time to get a move on!

We head out the front door and make our way to the west.

We end up in a new area where we just have to find the right place. It's not that complicated, just follow the path. The area isn't large enough for there to be any real confusion.

We find the place with relative ease.

Get your hands away from my mommy!!!
Heh heh, what have we here? Another young one that is going to satisfy my thirst!
You sicko! Let go of my mommy and get lost!
HARHAR! So cute. Ahhh... I can already feel her blood pour down into my throat. So warm and sweet...
NEVER! I will protect Mommy!
HARHARHAR! You are truly deliciously amusing. Well, what are you going to do? Cut my throat?
Oh my dear child... Come here, I won't hurt you... Be good and come to the nice uncle...

Hm? What's that?

Damn. Nyria does not fuck around.


You're never going to hurt anyone again!
Arr... aaa... rrr...


Mommy, please say something!
Uuuuhhhh... Nyria...
Quick, Mommy, we need to get away from here!
Arrrrr... gargle...
Quick, please hurry, Mommy! Stand up!
Uuuhhh.... Everything hurts...!
Mommy, quick, that guy...


And thus, with that vampire having demonstrated some impromptu lightning rod capabilities, Nyria and her mother leave the area and we fade to black. The save screen afterwards signifies that it's time to go back to Grandpa, so that's as good a time as any to cut for today.

Now, you might not know how this ties in with the story of the first game, but the information you need is already there to figure it out. And it's not like it's a spoiler or anything, we'll be told next time. Still, I'd like to know if you worked out what relation Nyria here has to the story of Vampires Dawn I.