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Part 6: Update VI - Vampires: Naturally Willing To Help

Update VI - Vampires: Naturally Willing To Help

♪ BGM: Thyrik - 7thguntz.mid

So, this time around, we'll actually get to do stuff, though we'll start with looking around this place first.

knives in here.

When we walk to the kitchen, the portrait flashes for some reason.

What is it?
Did that picture just flash?
I didn't notice anything. But Alaine, take a look at it.
Such a beautiful young girl!
Something tells me she is the right one!'re right, Valnar, she might just be the right one. At the very least, we should take a closer look at her. If we still like her, she will become our daughter... our daughter for all eternity!
Now, we just have to find her!
There's an old lady over there in the kitchen. Maybe that's her mother...
We should definitely ask her!

Not yet, though. Let's finish looking around the house.

pyramid centuries ago. They were very powerful.
Well, we're not too shabby, either. After all, we annihilated that what was left of him.
True enough.

Here is the best work by the author "Dante-Farnel". It's about the human existence.
All just nonsense! If he knew...
But he was close to the truth.
Well, someday even he will find out the truth... humankind is not the most noble of all races.
But it is also not quite as destructive as the vampires. That's why we haven't created new vampires, after all...
Speaking of which, we really should find an appropriate young girl now.

Here is another copy of "Dark Shadows".
You already have 3 of those at home.
Hey, I just really like this book! And in case one book gets lost, I still have some in reserve...
You're going a little far.

Valnar, we're living peacefully with the humans now. There is no reason to learn any more spells.
All right. I know where to find it at least.
Oh, Valnar...

Oh, here is a book about the Children of the Apocalypse!
Let it be, Valnar. Those times are over...

Here is a book about the general "Drako the Great". Unfortunately, I currently don't have the time to read it...

Hm, nothing much up here either. No secrets in this house, it seems. Anyway, let's kick this plot off.

cooking that I didn't even notice you.
It's all right, we're used to it, anyway.
Is there anything I can help you with?
We would like to know who that girl on the picture back there is.
You mean the painting of Jayna? She's my daughter. My little gem.
Where can we find her?
Well, she could be anywhere, actually. She's outside very often.
Maybe one little hint?
Hmmm... maybe I will help you if you can do me a small favor. I forgot my glasses at Mr. Sorads' place. If you could bring them to me, I will tell you where you can find Jayna.
So, where does Mr. Sorads live?
In a house northeast of here. I'm sure you will find it... he's a lonely old man. His daughter Jona died in an accident...

Well, we've already visited him, so let's head back there.

Yes, we're looking for a pair of glasses that were left here.
Glasses? Ah, yes, Ms. Erys forgot them here the last time she visited.
Can we have them, please? We were sent by her to retrieve them.
Of course...


Oh, I'm sorry, but I can't recall where I put them at the moment. Would you mind looking for my cat Mira in the meantime? Without her, I'm so lonely, after all. In the meantime, I'll be looking for the glasses, all right?
You want us to look for your cat Mira? We're no animal catchers!
1) We would love to help! - 2) No, not a chance!

We could skip this entire bit by just telling the guy to fuck off, but we gain Humanity from doing quests, and that's a valuable resource.

I gladly help people with their problems.
Oh, that is truly kind of you. She ought to be somewhere in the village, and she has gray fur! I will look for the glasses while you're searching.

If you're playing on Easy, he actually gives you a hint as to where Mira is. No such luck for us.


Now I'm even playing the animal catcher on the great hunt for the mystical cat Mira...
Oh, Alaine. We've known each other for so long... you should have gotten used to my great willingness to help by now...
I'm just saying you shouldn't overdo it. Not every human deserves our help...

And thus, the great search begins. I aimlessly bop around town for a decent amount of time, until eventually...

...we find the cat!

Great, Valnar! Now the cat ran away from you!
When I get that little...

The cat tries to hide behind a tree, but eventually, we get it again.

Damn it!

And once more.

Hehe... and now, back to your owner...
Well, if I wasn't a vampire, I would have gotten a headache by now...

Also, we're now officially questing. Now, off to get those glasses.

Yes, here she is!
Oh, finally, there you are, Mira, my cute little kitty!
May we have the glasses now?
Um, I'm sorry, but I couldn't find them yet! But while I keep searching, you could do me another favor. Just a little one!
Sure, what can we do?
Well, you did bring me back my little Mira. But surely, she's hungry, and I... don't have any feed left in my house! Could you please get some for me? There is another cat owner in this village, but I can't remember who it is right now...
Don't worry, we'll find that person and ask for some cat feed!

Again, if we were playing on Easy, we'd be given directions. But we've already found the other cat owner's house, so back we go.

Truly, these are the most epic of quests.

We could use cat feed! Would you mind giving us some?
Not at all. So, you got yourselves a cat, I assume?
Well, something along those lines...
Here is a pack of delicious cat feed! It's the best! Tastes great!
(I'll just pretend I didn't hear that last part!)
Thank you!
✝ Cat Food received!
We'll be leaving, then.
Come again if you get another desire for cuddling something!

Yes, here you go!
Oh, thank you so much! She's getting really hungry!
(So am I, if this goes on...)
So, have you found the glasses by now?
Well... uh...
You cannot be serious!
You haven't found them yet?
To be honest... no. I just can't remember WHERE I put them.
I believe we should look for those damn glasses for ourselves!
Feel free to do so, they should be lying around here somewhere.

So now we just get to search this house all over again. The first time around it was for secrets, now it's for glasses.

And eventually, we find them!

✝ Reading Glasses obtained!

Yeah, we found them upstairs!
Please let me take a look...
Those better be the glasses of Ms. Erys.
About that...
About what?
Well... uh... these are my glasses.
YOUR glasses?
But if these are my glasses, what is inside my breast pocket? ...oh, there are the glasses of Ms. Erys!
They were inside your breast pocket all along?
Uh... hehe... you know, I'm an old man, I tend to forget things! Looks like I got these two pairs of glasses confused!
You have got to be kidding! YOU HAD THEM WITH YOU ALL THE TIME?
Please don't get upset. I am old and lonely!
Then just give me the glasses!
Oh, of course... there you go!
✝ Glasses received!

Now the time draws closer when it will no longer be just the two of us. Should the girl meet our expectations, we will finally be a "family". A small happy vampire family who lives peacefully among the humans.
That will enrich our eternal life. Though I will have to get used to becoming a "dad"...
It has been my wish to be a mother for such a long time. And since vampires can't birth children, we will have to take that girl and turn her into one of our own, and then, live happily until the end of all days.
Well, what are we waiting for, then? Let's determine our future and go back to the old lady...

And off we go.

Yes, here they are. It was quite a bit of work until we finally got them, but here they are. Can you tell us now where we can find Jayna?
What, Jayna? I have no idea, she's hanging around outside somewhere.
WHAT? You don't know? YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!
Calm down, Valnar, we didn't want to attract attention... she's just an old woman! Say, where is her favorite place to hang out?
Jayna? Well, I already told you that. Outside, obviously!
This has to be a joke! What a nasty old cow!
Just an old woman, huh? Relax, Alaine, we're going to find her even without the help of this old lady.

That is such an amazing conclusion to that sidequest runaround. You get a sidequest that you hope will progress the plot. In order to do the sidequest, you get another sidequest. You do that minor sidequest, but it doesn't progress the major sidequest, so you do another minor sidequest. Then that advances the main sidequest. So you go in to complete the main sidequest, and you get... fuck all.

Of course, that's not entirely true, since you need to do this in order to trigger this next event, which happens when we step outside the house.

No idea, maybe we should go after it?
Then let's be quick! Otherwise, it'll be gone...

Off to the west!

This brings us back to the area where young Nyria fought the vampire. But instead of a vampire, we find...


She has beautiful hair!
Of course, it's the same color as my hair, after all! Perfect!

I could search for Nyria, find out if she's doing well! Why didn't she write? We're so worried! Why aren't we together again like back then? Nyria, mother and me. We were so happy! Oh, little butterfly. You know no worries, right?

It seems she misses someone... do you think we're doing the right thing? We take her away from her life. Leaving her no choice!
Oh, Valnar. You didn't have a choice back then, either. And yet, you can't imagine a better life than that of a vampire. Back then, you lost your beloved Aysha. And today, you love me. Life always goes on.
New situations also mean new chances. Chances to make your life better. She may miss her family for a short time, but after that, she will accept us as her new family, and she will love us. And we three will live together very happily!

And yet, this place is so strangely appealing to me, so that I never really wish to leave it. As if there was some kind of mystical aura that holds me here. This place definitely has something exceptional. So beautiful and quiet. Huh, someone's there...
(We should transform her now!)

Well, let's talk to her first.

Well, we actually wanted to talk to you a little bit...
Talk to me?
Yes, your picture has piqued our interest!
You mean the painting in my house? Yes, it's gorgeous. It was made by an artist from Shannar. She's good!
Yes, we know her.

Don't try to connect this with the paintings we saw in another house, which were the ones we had made in the first game, but Alaine and Valnar didn't recognize them. Your head won't make it.

You seem to be such a buoyant young lady.

Apparently "buoyant" can also mean "happy, full of life". I just had to look this up because the alternative didn't exactly make sense.

Well, normally, yes. But at the moment, I feel very lonely. I worry so much about my sister, and to be honest, I barely have any friends here.
Oh, you no longer have to worry about that.
What is that supposed to mean?
(Now, my little lady, begins your new life. Your life with us!)

Hm, who are these strange people? What do they want from me?

Well, let's do it then.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Hm, what are you doing?

A strong burning feeling flowed through Jayna's young body, and she fell into a painful fainting...

♪ BGM: Transformation - 01.mid

We then see Jayna falling in some sort of ethereal realm.

We also get another appearance by our old friend, Blood Text. This time, it has this to say:


And then...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Well, this sure is a spiffy looking place. I wonder where this is taken from.

The weird eyes start flashing red, we fade to black, and then...

...I think this is trying to tell me something.

♪ BGM: A New Life - Ending2.mid

Yes, wake up to her new life. Her first view with the eyes of a vampire...

Good morning, my precious...
What... what happened?
You are different now... your life is better from now on...
What do you mean? And what happened to my eyes? Everything looks... so different!
Don't worry, that's normal. Your eye sight has become much stronger. You can see sharper now, and you can see in the darkness. Also, your overall perception has improved greatly. Now, you are something better...
Something better? I don't understand anything! Who are you? Where am I?
You will understand soon enough! You don't have to worry, everything is fine.
Am... am I... dead?
Dead? Hehe, no, not at all. Not in the way you think...
My mother... my sister... where are they?
Your mother is over there. And I am your... father!
...Nyria, help me...

And so that's where we're going to cut for today. Jayna has made her first step into her life as a vampire. Next time, we see how she adapts, and we meet another old friend again.