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Part 7: Update VII - Oddly Specific Magic Spells

Update VII - Oddly Specific Magic Spells

♪ BGM: A New Life - Ending2.mid

I hope you remember, among the vampires, there are the generations. When a vampire of the second generation turns a human into a vampire, that vampire becomes a vampire of the next level, so a vampire of the third generation. The higher the generation, the weaker the vampire. The first vampire was Vincent Weynard, a human who turned himself into the first of all vampires with the help of a very powerful spell book. He was basically the vampire of the zeroth generation. Alaine was revived as a vampire of the first generation, and that's why Jayna was now a vampire of the second generation, since Alaine was her creator. Valnar was a vampire of the third generation, so he wasn't quite as powerful as Alaine, but he somewhat manages to compensate that flaw by him being a warrior in his previous life. His creator was Asgar, who was killed by Alaine and Valnar. Vampires of the fourth generation started to have some serious weaknesses. For example, their physical abilities started to dwindle. Vampires of the eighth generation and beyond are barely able to live as a vampire. The tiniest beam of sunlight would be their end, in contrast to vampires of the fourth and below generations, who are barely affected by the sun. if you needed a recap on vampire lore in this game, here you go.

At any rate, Jayna was now a vampire, and she had to get used to her new situation. But unlike Valnar back then, she was fairly quick at adjusting to her new vampire life, even if she still had to think of her mother and sister a lot. But she liked the existence as a vampire quite a bit, and the fact that she had to drink blood regularly was bothering her less and less as time went on. Valnar explained to her that, should she stop drinking blood, she would fall into an uncontrollable Blood Rage, and that she would attack everything just to get some blood. Jayna learned very quickly what she was able to do with her new abilities, but she was often scolded by Alaine, since she and Valnar decided to leave peacefully after their victory over Asgar, so there wouldn't be another Holy Crusade against the vampires again. But they never told that to Jayna. They didn't want her to know about Alaine's and Valnar's past. And so, many years passed, and the three vampires lived a peaceful life and even had a lot of friends amongst the humans, who they valued highly...

But Valnar, I'm just going to hang out with some friends.
But perhaps you're going to find some interest in one of the boys, and it won't hurt to look good for that.
Yes, yes, all right. Maybe I will meet a nice guy... even though I doubt that I will ever be interested in a human.
Oh, Jayna. You know we won't create new vampires, we're going to remain the only ones in this world. That way, we'll always be something special.
But what would be so bad if we created new vampires?
My little Jayna, one day, you will understand why things are the way they are. You shouldn't bother with these kind of thoughts and instead just have fun with your friends.
Of course... I'll be on my way now, the others are surely waiting by now!
And don't come home too late. We'll be worried, otherwise.
Sure! See you later!

And with that, Jayna leaves.

What a beautiful daughter we have.
Yes, you're right. We really did make the right choice back then. We couldn't have chosen a better daughter.
However, I do start to get worried about her curiosity. Eventually, she'll find out everything about her past.
Let's hope that moment will not come for a long time.
Luckily, she doesn't understand the old language of the Elras. Otherwise, we would have to hide the old spell book that we found at Vincent Weynard's lair some place where she couldn't find it. And such a place is not easy to find... we do have to keep a close eye on it, after all. That book is too powerful.
Yes, but at the moment, it's back there safely on the shelf. Nobody knows about the power of the book, and it should stay that way.

So they hide the spellbook with world-changing powers in the back of the closet, basically. Fucking genius.

Hm, are you also getting hungry?
Now that you mention it... let's look somewhere for a lonesome human.
Well then, what are we waiting for?

♪ BGM: Credits - Forest2b.wav

And so, over a scene of Valnar and Alaine flying around...

...we get our title card!

What we also get, is credits.

Oh, hey, Sacume! That's a name I recognize from Unterwegs in Düsterburg!

And that's another name I recognize!

And there's good old GSandSDS showing up again.

It seems odd to have an "extra credits" section and an "extra thanks" section.

And here's the main man I have to thank for me having a lot less work in this LP. And the main man I have to curse for making me end up playing on Hard.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Meanwhile, at Valnar's house...

...something is afoot!

Somebody seems to be casing the house. We then hear some clicking sounds, and then the door opening.

♪ BGM: Strife - Sneaking.mid

Finally, they're gone. I have been waiting for that half a day already. Hehe, if the three knew... all right, now I just have to find that ominous spell book Master Asgar was talking about. With that, I can finally bring him back from the realm of the Blood Spirits into the realm of the living. Although, he is a vampire... maybe the realm of the undead? any rate, I should hurry, Master Asgar doesn't like to wait. In his current form as a Blood Spirit, he's suffering unimaginable pain. That means time is short!

So now, we get to bop around, looking for the book. Basically nothing interesting happens here, we're just searching. Until eventually, we find what we need.

But that's odd... kind of looks like there's a secret compartment in the back or something. But there's no hole for me to use my lock picks on. There has to be a switch somewhere, I'm sure of it.


You just have to pull on a torch or a weapon that's just sitting there and all of a sudden a secret door has opened somewhere. Well, here we go.

We hear a click.

Hehe, I am the best!

The ancient spell book of the Elras! Okay, I've found it, and now I have to get out and get to Asgar's castle!

And so, the thief went on his long way to collect his reward. After several hours, he finally reached the foot of the mountain leading to Asgar's castle...

And thus, we begin our trek up the mountain.

The map is actually different from the first game, and I'm not sure why. I mean, if the locale is the same, surely you could just reuse the map? Anyway, we eventually make it up.

A short time later, deep inside Asgar's castle...

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Master, I've gotten the spell book for you!
ROAAAAAR... that's the first good piece of news in years! Soon, my undescribable pain will finally end! Finally, I'm about to become a vampire again!
And you will turn me into a vampire as well, Master Asgar? As a reward?
Har Har Harrrr... of course! I shall turn you into a splendid vampire! A powerful vampire! And now use the spell already! I no longer want to endure all this pain!
Of course, Master! As you wish.
Do you also have Valnar's blood? Without the blood of a human who slept with a vampire, the spell won't work!
Yes, master! It was as you said. It had however already trickled away deeply into the ground next to Alaine's grave. I have brought the soil with me!

That's... you know what, sure, I'll allow it.

At last, my time has come! Go on and use the spell!
Uh, which one, Master? There are so many spells in here.
You good-for-nothing! The spell for the vivification of a Blood Spirit, obviously!
Of course, Master! I should have figured... all right, where is it... ah, there it is! MALUR NARA BONAS!

The book and Strife proceed to flash once. I'm sure it's nothing.

What was that?
No idea... somehow, I have a tingling feeling in my stomach.
Continue with the spell quickly before you pass out on me.
Of course, Master!
World, prepare yourself...

God damnit, it's "Vivification of a Blood Spirit", not "Inversion of a Blood Spirit"! Man, these Elras had a spell for just about anything you could have wanted to do!

OH NO! MASTER! FORGIVE ME! Apparently, that was the wrong spell! I will fix that, don't worry!
Here... here is the right one! Excuse my uselessness, Master! OTROK NURAS IRIW KLIS! JOLRO NUV FESVO! LUMAR EDNO DAR!

I guess that was "Spinning of a Blood Spirit".

And here's a looping version of that, because it just looks amazing.

MASTER! MASTER! How could this happen?
I... I... I don't know what to say! Forgive me, Master, seems like that was the wrong spell again! Hold on! I'll find the right one, trust me! How about this one?

We get some red flashes and some violent screen shaking, and then...

The years full of suffering! Finally over!
Master! You are a vampire once more!
That's what I just said, you useless idiot!
But Master, I did bring you the book!
Yes, yes, fine. You have... fulfilled your duty. And now, tell me about my "friends" Valnar and Alaine. Where are they?
They have been a couple now for several years, Master. And they live among the humans. In Klennar. Peacefully. They have human friends... and, since recently, a daughter.
They live among humans? HARHARHAR... typical Valnar... Valnar, human friend. Valnar, the world saver! And my beloved Alaine who has betrayed me so shamelessly! And what did you just say? They have a daughter? Are they creating new vampires?
Well, not exactly, Master. Their daughter was the first vampire they have ever created. There don't seem to be any other vampires in this world, Master.
No other vampires? Good, at the moment, it's not a very unfortunate circumstance.
Too many vampires only mean trouble, keep that in mind. After all, we don't want to cause another hunt like the Holy Crusade of the humans against the vampires led by Vincent Weynard back then. That wasn't pretty...
But Master, you will turn me into a vampire, right? You promised me!
I'm supposed to turn you into a vampire?
Uh... yes?
Even though you took so long, and even used the wrong spell three times?
Uh... yes? You promised it to me!
I promised it to you? Well, well...
Fine, hold still!
Yes, finally, Master! I've been waiting so long for this! To finally have the power of a vampire!
First, I'm going to take the valuable book... and now, you will receive your reward!
Yes, bite me, Master! Bite me!

What a worm... and now, I shall indulge myself in this spell book. I am sure there ought to be one or more useful spells to find.

Oh yes, this one is good, too...

Hey, you little worm! You really are dead, right?

No response.

Thought so. Now, where was I...

What is this strange tingling? ...what's happening?

Nothing happens for a bit.

Arrrrrr... I... sense... power! I... must... the... world... oh yes, what an excellent idea! Yes, MY time has come! I can see it clearly!

Asgar walks up the room, with the torches lighting as he passes, which is always a neat trick.

...well, that can't be good.