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Part 13: Update XIII - Getting Our Rocks On

Update XIII - Getting Our Rocks On

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Alright, so we're back at Asgar's castle, ready to probably get owned again.

Since we're back at Asgar's castle, let's check out some more stuff from the magical mailbox.

and completed it the ending said that you helped is that true?
No, I paid lots of money, so the usury Grandy would mention me in the credits. P.S. UiD roxxs and rules

No argument there. Let's read some more.

I only want your attention for a short time. I have a question: Can I do that too introducing the persons like you did in Vampires Dawn???
Unfortunately, that will not be possible. That is something only my vampiric powers can do.

Hey, Mister, I have a question, Does Vampiresdawn 2 run on a PII, with 64 Ram??? Cuz VD is tooooootallllllly cccooooolllll!!!!!! Would also like to game VD2... Please answer my question.
Hey Mister, how's it hanging? I sure do hope that VD2 runs on your computer, as well! But since you already called me Mister, you can just say "you" to me. ^^

And here I thought I wouldn't have to explain German minutiae in this one. Anyway, what Marlex is referring to here is the German T-V distinction, in which older people and people higher up in hierarchies are talked to by using the third person plural pronoun "Sie" instead of the second person singular pronoun "Du". So essentially, he's saying that the one writing to him doesn't have to be so formal by calling him "Mister". There's actually a ton of details that go into the "Siezen" and "Duzen" in German, and going into those would take ages. The Wikipedia article I linked does point some interesting things out.

hello, i am *** and i have a question and i hope you can answer me, how do i get to the children of the apoqualipse, i have already beaten aysha too, it's about vampires dawn
Ah, thank you for telling me, Aysha and the Children of the Apoqualipse didn't ring a bell, but Vampires Dawn does sound familiar, yes, I think I heard about it somewhere before...

the rpg maker doesnt work file name :rm2k3 and its a zip file it tells me it cant open it and that i have to download it again?! why?
OK, since it can't be opened, I assume it was closed too extremely. Only thing that can help is a magical drop near Thunder Bluff or a high skill in opening. Personally, I am always amused when my Compi talks to me. But if it wants you to download the file again, then just do it, or what?

several weeks ago I asked you if it's okay for me to use your world map chipset from VD for my game and you said allowed it. Now I wanna ask you again if it's okay, since I don't want people telling me "he just took Marlex' chipset without asking".
Fortunately, that one is very rare. If I had to confirm twice every time I give permission, I wouldn't be finished with VD2 to this day, since I would be mailing all the time. Although, better safe than sorry!

Hi please don't think of me being too cocky, but I wanted to ask if I can appear in the credits?
OK, since Grandy did the same thing with me in UiD, I think with 50 Euros, we are in agreement.

i just wanted to ask where you got that blood font? Because if you just cut out the letters individually from your sentences, it doesn't look that graet...
No comment. ^^

You should just stop it, I'll do it myself. Says my brother (********), I (the poor older sister) am just acting as the secretary!
Hey, I think I also need one!

No, this doesn't make more sense in the German original, either. Anyway, that'll be enough e-mails for now. There are 98 of these messages in total, so we've got a lot to go through. We also unlock a letter to read every minute, so I'm pretty sure we could already read every single one, should we want to. But we'd probably be better off spreading them out a bit. Now, into the castle.

Does this mean the stealth part is over? Yes, indeed, that's what it means. And that means that essentially, we can just wander to our goal without any impedements.

Our goal is the center area on the battlements.



Yeah, I have to admit, that's pretty funny. "OK, I know we just got our shit wrecked by you like half an hour ago, but honest, THIS time you're going down!"

You were right, daughter. They are truly pitiful.
We will destroy you once and for all! And Jayna will return with us!
HARHARHARHARHAR! Oh, my daughter. You really do learn quickly. They are really pathetic.
This blade will be your demise!
I hardly think so...
They really thought they could touch me with your phony blade...
What's that supposed to mean? "Phony blade"?
Maybe this can help you get the clue...

And as you might have expected, we hear the same laugh we heard back in the cave.

YOU were in that cave!
You didn't honestly believe such a powerful sword is just lying around in some chest...
I think they did just that...
Why, damn it?
Jayna has discovered the fun of playing with your victims... through me, that is...
How did you know we weren't dead?
Power truly is something wonderful... and you two are so pathetic.
But now, the games end here.

Man, this is going to be a shorter LP than I expected then.

Look what I will do to your "wonder weapon"...


You wretched sadist! We are sick of your games!
It seems you not only lost your powers, but also your sense of hearing... I already said that the games end now. You have amused us long enough. You are redundant now...

Asgar casts another weird spell that has swirly things. Magic is swirly in this universe, it seems.

What is hap...

Sometimes I wish there was such a beautiful statue of ME.
That petrification spell is really magnificent. These two look good!
But now, I'm going to place them in a nice corner of some cave, so they can rot there... and so they also might serve as a form of amusement for any human that happens to pass by.

And I guess that'll be the last we see of those two.

Very well...
Oh, Elras... come, you spirits... take shape... AROAN JOSAL NIMDA! URSAS NURG REDAH!

We get some screen flashes, and then...

We have returned! Arrr...
Sooo... weak... this... body... so... powerless...
What's wrong, Asgar?


Looks like this ghost is getting itself a new home.

I... feel so... so weak!
Master Ghadar has a new body... we will obey you!
ME? What's this all about?

Some more dark flashes.

What is this strange tingling?
What... have I done!?

Well, that can't be good.

Something terrible happened! I have to GET AWAY!

Thanks for... NOTHING! YOU are now useless... BEGONE!
Curse it!

And thus, Asgar takes a trip across the ocean and crashes into a forest.

♪ BGM: An Undignified Trip - dungeon2.mid

HAR... HAR... HAR... I'm still alive... more or less... wretched bitch... I will get back MY castle eventually!
But first, I should find out WHERE I got sent flying to...
And my beautiful equipment got destroyed too, damn it! Apart from that, I should be glad I took all the items away from Valnar and Alaine.
But just what happened, anyway? What have I done? Why didn't I have myself under control? Damn it, I have to find that out later...

So it looks like Valnar and Alaine aren't the only ones in our old crew that are a bit down on their luck now. Next time, we'll go exploring this weird island we find ourselves on with Asgar.