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Part 21: Update XIX - Lots Of Towers In These Games, Really

Update XIX - Lots Of Towers In These Games, Really

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Alright, now it's time to finally take a proper look around Asgar's castle. But first, let's talk to Ronak.

But of course, Master, as you wish!
So in that regard, you haven't changed at all, have you?
Well, he isn't of any use for anything else!

And off he goes!

Now, last time, we got an item called the Damnation Blade. Equipping it here, we can see that it's pretty clearly supposed to be some sort of upgradeable deal, noticeable both by the fact that it comes with a number, and that it's noted to have sockets, in which we probably have to shove something or other. For now, it's a miniscule upgrade.

We can enter the center tower from four different spots in the central castle area. I'm not going to bother with maps for the center tower, because they're fairly small areas and we'll see everything relevant there anyway.

The top floor of the center tower consists of the four corner rooms, which are fairly unimportant. They don't have anything except this chest.

Last time I was here, there was only a small central building.
Well, after the Shadow Wraith took control of my body, he began casting several spells from the spell book that Strife had stolen from you. Most of them were unfamiliar to me. But one of those spells caused this tower to appear out of nowhere. The entire interior architecture got changed, as well. As you may still know, I "inherited" this castle many years ago. At that point, however, it wasn't in very good condition anymore. There was rubble everywhere, and the walls were full of cracks. It seems the previous owners couldn't afford any repairs. Perhaps they had to pay too much taxes to that paltry King Gerald. Anyway, after I took over the castle, I summoned a bunch of skeletons who then proceeded to repair the castle. And it appears the castle is now in the state it was a long time ago, before it started to deteriorate.
Hm, then it seems that this castle served as some sort of practice for what followed shortly after, the world shifting.
I still cannot believe it. We're in a world that is not the same as we know it anymore. What a fate.
We're going to find a way to undo all of this. I promise you!
And I will get my damn revenge! Those Elras and their Shadow Wraiths will suffer!
Well, as far as you're concerned... I will keep an eye out for you. Because there was no Shadow Wraith controlling you when we defeated Vincent Weynard. And yet you still wanted to use the spell book we found to enslave the entire human race!
Do keep an eye on me, Valnar. Sooner or later, you will follow my orders again...
Hardly, my friend!
Stop it! Let's just see what this tower has in store for us!

Let's keep exploring this place.

Insanity personified...
Jealous, huh?
Just where's all this going?

I don't think you have to be a megalomaniac to appreciate a nice throne room. Though this one is looking kind of shabby, all things considered. The last one was much better.

Pfff, if there really is such a nonsensical book filled with lies, there might as well be a book called "The Power of Valnar"...
Okay, that's too much, buster!
What was that for this time, Asgar?
Hehe, I just wanted to test if Valnar is still as easily irritable as ever.
Perhaps someone should shut that flippant mouth of yours!
Ooohh, I'm scared!
For God's sake, stop arguing already! This is unbearable!

And when I try to look at that bookcase again...

Let's just keep moving...

Asgar just being a prick to Valnar doesn't get old for me.

We head to the next lowest level of the tower.

What kind of weird things do you have laying around here, Asgar?
Oh, this one belongs to Ronak.
Ronak? What's he going to do with it?
You don't want to know that, hehe...

Nothing else on that floor, so on to the next.

Oh? I should keep this in mind.
Sordid kitsch.

Sounds interesting, maybe we should give it a read on some occasion.

I think we've already had a reference to Eternal Legends before.

When will the humans finally realize that they're only on second place in the food chain now?

Hm, what's that crystal there?

Oh. Oh. This will be very handy. Souls are relatively easy to get from the world map, so this should mean that as long as I can return to the castle, I can save easily. Very handy. However, the price has been raised by difficulty - on Normal, it'd cost only five souls, and of course, on Easy saving is free and constantly available. Now, there's beds on this level, but we'll check those later.

For now, let's keep exploring the castle.

Unfortunately, completely empty...
HARHAR, but not for long!
Are yoiu planning something that we should be aware of?
You know me! What an unnecessary question...
Whatever it is you're planning, it would be best if you informed us about it!
Did I say anything about me planning something? Don't worry, you know what you need to know.

I love it, hehe...

Well, I guess we'll figure that out later. Now, on to the last floor.

Well, if this isn't a torture chamber, then I don't know.

That'll probably come in handy some time down the line.

Hehe, essential knowledge, I would say.

We also have some cells here to probably stuff people into. And finally, that leaves one thing for us to check out in this tower.

Yes, a little sleep might be something we all need.
But no vampire can really rest in a bed.
Perhaps we can find a few decent coffins.

You know, this guy is getting kind of annoying with his teleporting.

I would suggest for you to try and get some rest for now. Tomorrow, I will help you get some of your abilities back.
I don't like it that you act like this is your castle.
You should get some rest now...
I think he is right, Asgar. Let's rest for now. At least as much as these beds will allow us to. I feel very weak.
Pffff... this is my castle... MINE!
I'm going to take care of a few things for now, I'll see you tomorrow.

And off he goes again.

I don't like the way he acts!
I guess that feeling is mutual.
Anything I should add to that!?
I can only hope that tomorrow, you two will stop arguing and taunting each other all the time! This really is completely unbearable!
Oh, Alaine, my sweetie...
Sweetie!? That is the past, my dear Asgar... it's just Alaine for you...
But of course...
Very well, then let us get some sleep.

And fade to black.

As soon as you have your powers back, it's all going to be child's play. I just have to be a little patient...

Jeez. I hope for Marlex's sake that this is intentionally blatant.

We zoom in to Valnar, who seems to be having a dream of some kind.

♪ BGM: Vampires Dream Of Flashbacks - Air.mid

Huh, this seems familiar.

Note the spiffy new portrait that Weynard got.

Always vigilant, so that my treasures stay safe.

He cracks the book open.


And thus, we return.

Vincent Weynard... the creator of all vampires! Struck down by us...

Valnar tries to sleep again, but fails.

Looks like that was it for my sleep! Maybe I should go outside for a bit...

Alaine! You're awake?
Where are you going?
I'm going outside for a bit.
Wait, I'll come with you!

And the two head out.

Dun, dun!

♪ BGM: Moonlight Sonata - MOONLITE.MID

I do love it when RPG Maker games crib from classical music. I think grabbing classical music is more interesting than grabbing video game music, but that's probably just me.

Are you all right, Valnar?
I had a dream, Alaine. Of Vincent Weynard...
A dream? Vampires don't dream, Valnar!
I know! But I was dreaming. I had totally forgotten what it was like to dream, Alaine.
Are you sure? It is completely impossbile for a vampire to have a dream!
I was dreaming about Vincent Weynard. He had the book. The spell book he used to create all vampires. The book we had taken away from him. The book that was used to revive Asgar!
I'm worried about you, Valnar!
What did we get ourselves into, Alaine!? What will the future bring? Now, we probably have to create vampires just to get our hands on some weird stone fragments, which will allow us to return the world back to the way we know it.
Create vampires? We can't do that! Or do you really want to risk for that to happen what killed almost all vampires 400 years ago? Do you want another Holy Crusade? Do you want for humanity to hunt us once more? We have lived among them undetected and so peacefully. Do you want to risk all that?
Of course not! But I want the world back the way it was before Asgar changed it! And if that Jinnai is to be believed, those stone fragments are the only way to accomplish that!
I'd rather live in a foreign world than in a world where vampires are hunted and killed!
In a world where Shadow Wraiths rule? A world where Shadow Wraiths hunt humans?
Oh Valnar, what are we supposed to do?
I don't know...
No matter what happens, I trust you will do the right thing!
I hope so! But we have to be careful. I don't trust that Jinnai, nor do I trust Asgar! Who knows if the story about the Shadow Wraiths is even true. I haven't seen a single piece of evidence for that yet!
You are absolutely right! We should keep an eye out for both of them!

really want to be with... me and me alone! Just a little patience... then I'll show you how wonderful it is to be vile and evil! Vampires aren't more powerful than these stinking humans for nothing!

You may have your doubts, yet you're still going to fulfill my plans without any trouble... what luck I had finding you all! Hehehehe...

And with that, we fade to black. A great amount of treachery seems to be afoot here, but alas, we're powerless to do something about it and will just have to see it unfold for now. Next time, we'll have another chat with Jinnai and explore the castle a bit more.