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Part 24: Update XXI - I Think This Game Is Kind Of Starting Now, Maybe

Update XXI - I Think This Game Is Kind Of Starting Now, Maybe

♪ BGM: Syrahs - field4.mid

Alright, so let's go and check out this town. But before that, tutorials!

You'll note that we have both the tutorial for transforming people into vampires and the one for converting people into items dropped into our inventory. However, converting will not be available until a later point in the plot. Let's check out sucking blood first.

After choosing "Suck Blood" via the ring menu for interacting with humans, the interface for blood sucking shows up.

If the blood level reaches zero, the victim dies, and the party receives a bonus on all attributes, as well as a soul. Note that your humanity will only decrease in after this process in case the victim dies.

The bonus works in such a way that it randomly picks one attribute to improve, and improves it by 5 on Easy, 3 on Normal and 1 on Hard, making it kind of pointless for us, really. Lots of work (and loss of Humanity) for no real gain.

If you wish to end the process before the blood level of the victim reaches zero, briefly HOLD the ENTER key! There is also the possibility to suck blood from certain animals. In that case, there won't be an additional interface, and the animal dies immediately. You won't lose humanity from this, though. Since Valnar, Asgar and Alaine have greatly improved their technique in draining blood over time, they can suck blood from humans without other people around them noticing. The victim will get stunned while getting their blood sucked, and they won't remember what happened to them.

I assume there were some complaints about constantly having to either use the day-night spell or wait for night if you wanted to suck blood in the first game. That'll come in handy. Next, let's check out the converting tutorial.

What item is acquired through converting a human is random. The higher Valnar's level, the better his ability to convert humans will be, and the better the quality of the acquired items will be. An important point is the fact that Valnar will obtain Soul Fragments by converting humans, which are used in the creation of runes. Converting humans reduces the humanity of vampires.

Hrm. I've looked over the drop tables for converting, and they're not good. But this soul fragment thing seems like it might be an incentive. Finally, let's look at transforming, even if we can't do it yet.

Additionally, transformed humans can join the other party members.

We will transform a human ASAP because of that. There's no reason not to have an extra party member if you can have one.

After choosing "Transform" via the ring menu for interacting with humans, the interface for transforming shows up.

If the blood level reaches zero, the victim dies, and the party receives a bonus on all attributes, as well as a soul.

Again, it's not on all attributes, it's on one out of all of them.

Note that your humanity definitely decreases after transforming humans.

Not any more than killing somebody by sucking blood or converting them, though. In our case, it's a hit of -2.

Unlike with sucking the blood from victims, the blood of your party members does not replenish during this process.

During this process, the small skull will move around to a certain extent. Your goal should be to finish the transformation by HOLDING the ENTER key at the exact moment the skull is on the desired position on the bar. The bar is divided into several fields. If the skull lands on a blue field at the end of the transformation, the victim will turn into a vampire warrior. If the skull lands on a yellow field, the victim will turn into a vampire mage. And if the skull lands on a red field, the victim will become a vampire lord. The skull, however, only moves around in a limited radius. Therefore, you shouldn't wait too long for the skull to reach your desired position, because if the blood gauge of the victim reaches zero, they die.

Read: The game can fuck you and keep you from getting the vampire type you want. We'll go over the difference in the vampire types once we unlock this system.

If the transformation was successful, you can find the newly created vampire in Asgar's Castle.

And that's our lot for the tutorials... for now. Let's check out this town now.

A grand total of six houses for us to rifle through for secrets, quests and more, and we'll start by talking to people, as always.

Hello, you, too!
My mommy told me not to speak with strangers.
So why are you doing it?
I'm not!
Oh, and what would you call this, then?
Uhhhh... wuaaaahhhhh...

And he runs away.

Stupid kids...

I want to know if it's true that Lisa had kissed that stupid Martin. Bah, kissing is only something for girls!

Well, we have the opportunity, let's take this blood sucking capability out for a spin!

There's some things that I can't really turn into GIFs, but I still want you to see in motion, so there'll be some short videos for you to gawk at. Anyway, blood sucking is a fairly simple process, as described in the tutorial. We start sucking blood, eventually hold the ENTER key, and stop sucking blood. Probably not going to get into eating people for stat boosts, since it's not really worth it on Hard. Also, we're probably going to be looking at how Marlex made this thing work in a Behind The Fangs chapter, though we'd need to get through the basics first.

We are new here, after all.
Well, as long as you stay away from Stand, you can have a wonderful time in Syrahs.
Stan? Who is that?
Um, better if you don't know. He's crazy.
Where can we find this Stan?
No, I don't want to tell you that. I don't want him to find some customers, too.
1) Okay, 50 Filar? - 2) Your hair is pretty! (Lie) - 3) Never mind, then...
It's better this way. He is crazy.

We'll figure out who Stan is later anyway. Also, we're not good at lying yet, so that wouldn't help us right now.

Hm, these strangers do look a little pale. Well, I hope they are at least friendly. Those disgusting pigs from last week were terrible. I just can't stand those filthy jokes!

Let's check out the shop, maybe there's some upgrades here. Not that we'd buy them yet.

that many good weapons are crafted from the noble metal Eldium.

There's a couple things we could use here, like helmets, shields and armor, but we need money for The Secret Plan, so we just sell a few things instead.

Ah, customers. I'm sure they will appreciate my goods.

On to the next house.

In what kind of dreadful times do we live!?
That doesn't sound very good...
You can say that again! My poor sheep disappear at night! One after another...
I'm afraid so. Those cursed thieves! I hate them!
Shall we take a look around your pasture, perhaps?
You would do that for me?
1) Sure! - 2) Well, not really, actually...

Side quests!

Well, my sheep are on a pasture right to the north of Syrahs. Every night, one of them disappears. But when I let my shepherd boy watch guard, nothing happens at all. But apart from him, no one wants to do this job, so I can't let him work day and night. Since this whole thing only happens at night, I'm assuming there are thieves behind it. I'd be glad if you were able to shed some light on this...
I guess we'll take a closer look around the pasture...

If I catch those thieves, I will cut their heads off personally! CUT THEIR HEADS OFF! That's the only thing those bastards deserve!

We'll get to that side quest eventually. I think.

This building also has a basement, where we find somebody else to talk to, and more books!

Short", or "The Little Poison Mixer".
Looks like someone's planning something...

That damn coffin seller. He's got his shop south from here.

...he sells what, you say? Hm, I think this guy could come in quite handy.

What do you have against him?
He is crazy, insufferable and simply someone no one can stand. He's annoying.
Oh, I'm sure he can't be that bad...
I have a proposal for you. You steal from him and bring me his money. If he goes bankrupt, he has to close his shop soon, and then he will leave, hopefully.
1) Okay, we'll do it. - 2) No, not a chance!

No, I think I'd rather keep the coffin seller in business. We might need that guy. In fact, we will need that guy, because I don't think we'll be getting coffins anywhere else soon.

That guy doesn't deserve any better. His way is just obnoxious.

You know, I need to find somebody to turn into a vampire once we unlock that capability, and you're looking quite like a convenient target.

That terrible Stan. I HATE him! The way he babbles to people with his stupid coffins is terrible. No one can stand him! He's a disgrace to Syrahs!

Looking around town, we find this not at all suspicious looking character. I'm sure this guy will not at all turn out to be the thief we're looking for. And because I'm so certain, we're going to look through the rest of the town first.

Nothing much in here, but there's a couple neat items. The Retreat Potion teleports us back to Asgar's castle, and the Sunblock Cloak protects us from the sun. We pick up one Retreat Potion just in case, and three Sunblock Cloaks, since they're required by the plot.

Hehe, my goods are simply the best in the world.

Yes, pretty nice here.
If only we didn't have any problems with thieves, then our life here would be truly perfect.
Yes, unfortunately, there have been a few thefts here and there. So far, no one has been able to catch the thief. But luckily, it's only been some small things that were stolen. A few Filar here, some healing potions there... but it does add up.
Well, if we can find the thief, we're going to bring them to justice...
Well, good luck with that!

I hope that annoying thief will get captured soon. All that perpetual stealing is really getting on my nerves.

citizens you're causing harm.

I just went and checked, and yeah...

...that dog would fucking murder us.

A true classic.

Am I going to have to keep a running tally of this shit, Marlex?

We just wanted to ask if there's anything we can do to help.
Yes, by getting out! Can't I just live peacefully in my own house without some kind of strangers just walking in all the time?
Very hospitable...
Hospitable? We're not some kind of tavern for restless wanderers...
Let's just leave.

What is it this time again? There's another bunch of weird looking strangers just walking into our house! We really should start locking up the door!

worship some joke figure? Hehe, their god looks like a real wuss!
What kind of god do they worship?
Oh, no idea. At the very least, he looks really extremely dumb!
Well, well...

Hm, where did I put my wallet again? Maybe under the bed? Damn it, I should really train my memory from time to time.

200 Filar obtained!

Yoink! Ours now!

This is another place that has a basement for us to check out.

Hello to you, too! Say, do you need any kind of help?
No, but I'm wondering why you are downstairs? Didn't my parents stop you? They aren't exactly very open-minded towards strangers.
We noticed.
Anyway, if you need money, you should talk to Jakob. He's got a problem with his sheep, and he could surely use a few capable men and women.
Thanks for the tip.
Sure, no problem.

Argh, how am I supposed to find a boyfriend if my parents never let me go out with anyone!? Damn it, I wish they weren't so distrustful towards strangers sometimes...

Now, off to another house - we still have the tavern/inn to check out.

And what's in first place?

Those of you that remember the first game should know what is coming now!

First place is "SephiMike's Noble Beer". Second place is "Boar Brew" from Syrahs. And third place is the "Dudel Beer", a beer that captivates with its high amount of alcohol and herbal sugar.

Grandy has killed a vampire called Wahnfried.
Wahnfried? WAHNFRIED? The poor vampire... with a name like that, he probably got bullied all the time...

...hang on, I wanted to refer back to something here. Where did I put this again... ah, here it is.

TheMcD posted:

Hello! You look like you're not from here.
Well, so do you two!
That's right, well observed. We're from Klennar and... we're visiting friends.
Well, I just came from Düsterburg, and hell's gone loose there. And so I thought I'd go on vacation with Julie a little.
Julie? Your girlfriend?
Heh heh, no, my dog! Anyway, we'll be staying here for a few days, until duty calls again. Düsterburg wants to be saved, after all, and somebody's gotta do it.
Well, I wish you some relaxing days!

Oh, that Wahnfried is driving me nuts! Also, I should go out with Libra again at some point. She's so grouchy lately! But who's going to take care of Julie in the meantime?

So yeah, that just happened. Asgar got his appearance in Unterwegs in Düsterburg, and now Grandy gets his appearance in Vampires Dawn. Don't try to imagine how this appearance can actually be worked into the story of Unterwegs in Düsterburg. Even if you somehow explain this away as happening before Wahnfried erased Grandy and Libra from the timestream and therefore not being remembered by them, you can't possibly explain Asgar's appearance in UiD. And EVEN IF you manage to twist yourself into a pretzel and somehow explain that, you can't possibly marry that with Alaine becoming the Baroness of Shannar and gifting a portrait of herself to Wahnfried. And that's not mentioning something that's going to be coming up.

This is the "something that's going to be coming up" I mentioned. So even though Grandy very clearly stated he hasn't saved Düsterburg yet, here's a book telling his story with him having defeated Wahnfried... and remember we're many, many years in the past right now. "Time paradox" doesn't even begin to describe this.

it is a huge hit.
Well, they probably should wait a bit. Even a book doesn't become a huge hit over night.

Dreamland is another series of RPG Maker games. They're more in the horror genre, and they're also some of the more popular games out there in the German RPG Maker scene. Personally, I don't actually remember them - what I thought was Dreamland was actually Die Bücher Luzifers - so if somebody remembers those games, feel free to chime in!

Oooh, shiny!

the one of a kind "Boar Brew"! A true delectation!
And what's so special about it?
Well, it's so strong that you have to be a real boar to not get knocked out after one glass!
Beer is disgusting!
Yeah, yeah, women simply have no taste.
Watch your tongue, or...
You wanna beat me up? HARHAR! I could send you to the dream world with just one smack of my pole, girl. I'm good at it.

Please don't whip out your pole, man. There's children around.

Come, we're going. Or otherwise, this is all going to end in a blood bath.
Stupid old fart!

Oh, this beer is a real joy for the palate. I'm looking forward to the first time I can buy my grandson a glass for the first time. I still remember how my grandfather bought me my first beer back then...

Sounds like you're having pretty big problems.
Problems? My whole life is one entire problem!
Oh, I can help with that...
My wife has left me and took our kids with her! She said I drink too much! But I'm only coming here three times a week! Damn it, can I even just relax with a delicious "Boar Brew"?
Ah, you don't get me at all, either! It's best if I just drink myself unconscious and forget my worries...
Alcohol, the big problem solver...

That damn bitch! Just because she caught me drinking a beer with Lilly, she goes completely nuts and leaves me! Argh, those damn women!

We just wanted to talk with you a little...
What about?
About whether you have heard any kind of news, perhaps?
No, not really. Only that the crazy Stan is still running his business.
He's selling coffins in his shop south from here.
We should stop there some time.

What is this disgusting beer? I'm never going to order this again! "Boar Brew" should be renamed "Nasty Brew"!

No, we're actually just looking around.
Of course. Here in the "Grazing Stag", everyone is free to look around and make themselves comfortable. If you want to drink something, just say the word.
Don't say anything, Asgar...
What, why would you think the word "drink" makes me want to say something cynical?

Hm, that's a nice revenue again today. If this continues for the whole month, I can finally open a second bar soon. Then, I'll continue expanding until I finally don't have to work anymore...

Not sure if this is supposed to be a reference or something.

Oh, we didn't want to bother you...

Some Margus root here, a pinch of cat tongue there, and a little bit of lotus flower... yes, this will be a fine meal!

Now, let's head downstairs here.

There is only one kind of food that's relevant. And that's blood...

No, we're not.
Well, never mind then. Well, ever since they put up their quarters north from here, some of them have been coming here on a regular basis.
Their quarters?
Yeah, a little to the north from here, hidden in the forest. You should walk on the east side next to the desert.
Thanks for the information.
They're nice guys, as long as you have the required money...

All right, now I should finally take care of the supplies. Where's the yeast for the beer?

Let's hear it, sounds interesting.
"The Blood Rose takes its name from the mysterious fact that it can only grow with sufficient blood. Normal water makes the Blood Rose wither. This makes the plant all the more rare. If its leaves get cooked with water, it will take on a deep red color. A tea made from those leaves can lead to hallucinations and heavy paralysis even with just a small concentration. That's why the Blood Rose is often used to make poisons."
A plant that needs blood instead of regular water? Very peculiar...

Oh, I was just about to ask you the same question.
If you're looking for work, talk to my husband. He can always use some help.
Where can we find him?
Inside the house north from here.

What was it I needed to bring again? Ah, yes, that's right... a few Harlus roots for the meal tomorrow...

When we approach this door, we hear the sound of a baby crying. It's quite annoying.

Oh, I'm sorry. We actually just wanted to ask if there's anything we can help you with...
Help me? Pfff, if you can silence this little noisy brat, that would be a nice start!
Well, that won't be a problem... I'm used to silencing people all the time...
That's definitely not what he meant, Asgar!
Of course my wife has something better to do again... but, oh well. So, what will it be? Will you help me?
1) Let's see what we can do... - 2) No, we don't feel like it.
Well then, good luck!

Alright, we got another side quest! And it's to shut up a crying baby. Rad. But we're not going to be solving that quest just yet.

And then, outside, I pause the recording for a reason I don't remember because it's been ages ever since I recorded this. I would then go on to continue playing the game without unpausing the recording, leading to me having a whole bunch of new stuff that wasn't recorded. Then I realized I hadn't saved in ages either, but would still have to reload. Thank Christ I didn't save over my one save file, though, that would've caused some real issues. Anyway, next time, we're going to solve this baby problem, go check out that not at all suspicious guy from earlier, and have a cameo from some kickass NES music.