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Part 27: Update XXIII - The Clan Of Incompetent Warriors

Update XXIII - The Clan Of Incompetent Warriors

♪ BGM: Megalomania - Laughter2.mid

So, last time, Valnar asked what Jayna was doing. Turns out, she was quite busy murdering people! Man, this Clan of Holy Warriors just can't catch a break, can they?

You have plagued the world with your existence long enough!
Damn it, Jayna! What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this?
Jayna? Who is Jayna? Oh, you mean this cute little body here...
You've become insane! I always suspected that might happen! Never did I forgive you that you caused Jona's death!
Pointless blabbering... soon, I will possess all of the stone fragments. Too bad you won't be around to see it.

Good job, Nyria.

Harharhar... not even that can help you now.
Damned witch! We will destroy you!
Harharhar... destroy me? How are you going to do that?
We may have lost this battle, but we will win the war!
...I think it will be best to silence you forever!
Oho, so the old man can talk, as well! And here I was thinking he's busy putrefying over there...
I'm sure there is a way to settle all of this more peacefully!
Not even now do you realize that it's all over for you, do you?
Our clan possesses a lot of wealth! Let us live and take all of our gold!
Gold!? GOLD!? Are you kidding me, old man!? Who cares about your GOLD!? I want the stone fragments!
But you don't have to kill us for them! Take them and let us go!, I'd rather like to see you bleed to death. After that, I can just calmly grab the stone fragments!

Suddenly, uh... art! I'm just not going to look at this any more, because I feel like if I do, I'm going to find like a dozen things that bug me.

Ah, Raron... you're late.
Oh, the way I see it, I'm just in time.
Wait... that amulet...

Oh, are you having a foreshadowing moment? Don't mind me, then...

Uhhh... damn... it...
Direct hit...

You know, it seems to me that in the world of Vampires Dawn, it's the villainous characters that get to have all the fun.

Wait! Take this!
What is that!?

♪ BGM: Sweet Lullaby - DreamscapeForest.mid

So I've actually found where this is from. It's a song called Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest. What a strange choice. Though the only reason I know is because I searched the filename and found a thread on an RPG Maker forum where somebody else was asking the exact same question.

What happened!?
I have brought us to safety with the help of a teleporting stone... for now.
This doesn't look good. A deep wound!
Hold out! We'll bring you to a doctor... but where can we find one!?
Teleporting stones disintegrate after using them once. And that one was the only one I had with me. For situations like these. We are in the forest north of Castle Johlar. We have to fight our way through the forest and reach the ship at the coast. It is a ship of the holy Clan, and there is a sailor with medical knowledge on board. Hopefully, he'll be able to sustain him long enough until we can get a real healer.
Then let's hurry!
I will take care of Asmos when we encounter enemies. I will trust your combat skills to get us through here.
Of course, Sir Aaron!
I'm ready.
I hope these medicines will be enough. I don't have more than this...
5 Healing Flasks received! 3 Eternity Potions received!

And we get a save. Alright, so now we're going to be fucking about in a forest for quite some time - well, it'll be quite some time for me. You'll be going through it much quicker.

First, let's look at our new friend.

He has no skills!

But he does have equipment!

Here's Nyria's stats for comparison. Looks like he's got better defense, but worse strength, intelligence and agility. Not that intelligence means a lot for these.

Here's the map for this area. We start at the red X in the middle, and our destination is the red X on the bottom left. That's going to take some trekking to get there.

And thus, our motley crew of adventurers sets off!

We get into a fight pretty quick.

These mushrooms are really a pain in the ass, since they can poison one of our party members, and they LOVE doing it. Also, we don't have any serums at all. That'll help.

The knight is basically just a guy that attacks at this point.

Thank you.
Thank you very much, Sir Aaron!

Thankfully, Aaron here will heal our poison after battle.

We find a secret passage that brings us to... a healing potion. Meh. Now, there's actually not a lot of interesting stuff in this area.

We have these plants that have an attack that can cause bleeding...

...and that's basically it. We're at the exit.

♪ BGM: Unknown World - tears.mid

Asmos, are you all right?
Quickly, the ship is straight ahead!


♪ BGM: Castle Johlar - daggerf10.mid

That cursed old man... well, we'll get them eventually. Sooner or later...
I'd have liked sooner rather than later.
We got the castle, and with it, the third stone fragment. Our crusade has begun.
What was that girl speaking of, anyway? What kind of amulet is that?
This one? That's what the guy I'm controlling right now had with him.
And where did you find him?
Well, Ghadar, after you freed me from the book a short while ago...

♪ BGM: The Dark Lord Exdea- ...Elras - death.mid

Curse you, Pharaoh Ustra!

We get some more effects I can't GIF because of the fog.


I suggest you should look for a nice little body first, and then you return to me. The world is waiting for us! HARHARHARHAR...

And we get an evil laugh as the ghost flies off.

♪ BGM: House In The Woods - elfen.mid

but also in terms of power...

The shadow makes its way inside this house.

world. Between trees and hills. And the stench of sad loneliness was in the air. He wasn't perfect. After all, he was only human and no vampire... but for the moment, this body should suffice.

Something has happened... fortunately, my small house remains relatively unscathed. But that bright white light and the tremor can't mean anything good... oh Celen, I hope you and Nyria are okay...

The shadow moves over this guy.

Hmm, where did this cold breeze come from?

The shadow then sinks into him.


♪ BGM: Castle Johlar - daggerf10.mid

castle right now.
Speaking of which, we still have to find the secret entrance. We still don't have the stone fragment from the Aldaines' castle.
That bull creature is loyal. And our Elras Mages are also there.
Those are just weak novice mages, though. I didn't have enough magical power left to create stronger underlings.
Don't worry too much, Ghadar. Who's going to attack them? The Clan of Holy Warriors? We're destroying those shrimps systematically right now. They are fleeing. Harmless vermin.
Very well, Morlon takes care of those power deprived vampires. Vampires...
Their existence proves that Morlon was successful. I wonder how he managed to escape from the book, though.
We'll get him when the time is right. Meanwhile, he can just keep those vampires under control.
It would be best if we just focused on the other castles and stone fragments.
Damned Ustra!

Otherwise, we could have destroyed the Clan way more quickly.


♪ BGM: Sailing For Safety - jacklight.mid

The sailors have done everything they could. They are, however, only rudimentarily trained in the art of healing. Such a ship's doctor is, after all, no healer with magical abilities. I hope we'll arrive at Castle Horan or Castle Ardos in time. We have healers stationed there. They will be able to help Asmos. Right now, we can do nothing but pray.
Pray? I am not here to ask God or destiny for help. I create my own future!
I'm sorry, Nyria. But you can't do anything for him at the moment.
I'm going to discuss a few things with the captain. You can stay by his side if you want.
I will.

Aaron takes his leave.

Asmos is a good leader. He's taught us so much.
He will make it! I'm convinced he will!
I will go outside on deck for a bit, and see if everything is alright.
All right.

And the guard leaves as well.

Hold on, Asmos. You'll get well soon. I swear! Just why has Jayna done this to you? What happened to her? How could she betray me like that? I just don't understand it. And what had happened, anyway? WHAT!? There was that light everywhere. But before that, the earthquake. The smell of smoke in the air. Mountains are shifted. Towns were suddenly where there weren't any before. There was ocean where land was before. Meadows where there used to be mountains covering the earth. What kind of twisted magic is responsible for this? What person is responsible for my current situation? Why do I carry the same emblem on my armor as Asmos does on his? Even though I had never heard of the Clan of Holy Warriors before... I was on a mission at that moment. Ordered by His Majesty the King.

You know, I hope Asmos is asleep during this re-expositing. I can't imagine laying dying from getting a spear shoved right up your ass and then also having to listen to somebody exposit to themselves.

With a troop of soldiers, I was supposed to find out where the knights who were sent to collect the taxes from the Aldaines' castle went. We were on our way on a ship, when suddenly the ground under our feet rose... there were comets everywhere in the sky. And then the light all of a sudden. That was the last thing I can remember before waking up in front of Castle Zharas. Oh, Asmos. I never would have thought I would ever have to say this. ...Asmos, I need your help! Please hold on!

Nyria... where are we?
We're on a ship of the Clan.
Nyria, I don't want to die by the hands of an Elras. Not like my father.
Your father?
My father died in battle against the Elras. When he was fighting for the stone tablet...

♪ BGM: The Dark Lord Exdea- ...Elras - death.mid

Here we go again...

I'm about to carve the last remaining lines into the stone tablet! This will allow us to make this world our own!
Excellent! At last, our time has come! Just a few more moments!
Who dares disturb us?

That's what YOU think! WE see things differently! Run and we will spare you.
Do not hesistate, Agaleo! Attack!

Once more, combat ensues.


More dying.


Agaleo gets smacked around by a spell.


And the guy gets slashed up.

We did it! They are dead!
Aaron... this spell must never... be cast... destroy... the stone tablet... don't let my death... be in vain...
Hang on! You can't die now! Not in the moment of our victory.
Destroy... the stone tablet... and take... care of my son Asmos... teach him what you... have taught me... make a... good warrior out of him!

RIP in pieces Agaleo, we hardly knew ye.

♪ BGM: Sailing For Safety - jacklight.mid

that spell on the stone tablet.
What was that spell supposed to do?
To be honest, we don't know. Sir Aaron later then fulfilled his promise to my father and shattered the stone tablet to nine pieces. He then scattered them across the strongest castles of the Clan. They were meant to stay sealed there for all eternity. That spell must never be completed.
But if you don't even know what the spell does, why are you so afraid of it?
It is a spell of the Elras. It can mean nothing but death and destruction.
Why wasn't the stone tablet completely destroyed? Why specifically into nine pieces?
...according to Sir Aaron, the stone tabled could simply not be destroyed completely. Despite all attempts, the stone tablet could only be shattered to those nine pieces.
Uh huh...
There is no reason for me to not believe Sir Aaron. He took care of me after the death of my father, he taught me so many things and made sure that I would become a good leader.

And him saying that basically means that we have every reason to not believe Aaron, because that's how these things go.

At least your father died honorably. While he fulfilled his duty.
That sounds like your father died a pointless death...
He was just a simple hunter. During a hunt, he had been wounded fatally by a bear because his companions failed. That is what my mother told me a few years after my sister was born. She had been pregnant at that time when he died. During a hunt. What a meaningless death. Back then, I began practicing knife throwing. One day, I wanted to kill the bear that had killed my father. I was young and naive. However, my skills with throwing knives have always served me well so far. But I was never able to kill the bear that I wanted to see dead so much. The only thing that I have left from my father is this amulet. One half of a moon. My father wore one half, my mother the other. The body of my father was never found. The bear must have completely torn it to pieces. His half of the amulet was lost. The half that I'm wearing around my neck was given to me by my mother. As a memento of my father.
This amulet. I've recently seen the other half.
You've seen it?
That guy that appeared behind us. During the attack on Castle Johlar. He was wearing it. I'm sure of it.
But that would mean...
No, I simply refuse to believe it. He can't be my father!
Don't you remember what your father looked like?
It was so long ago... I'm not sure anymore... he did seem familiar to me. But it CAN'T be him! What kind of fate would that be when my sister AND my father betrayed me!?
Perhaps that guy had simply found the amulet. You did say that your father's body, and with it the amulet, was never found.
You're right. He must have found it. ...but why did he seem so familiar to me, then?
Who knows? I hope we're arriving soon... my wound hurts a lot...
Hang on. I'm afraid the journey hasn't even begun yet.
We haven't even set sail yet? ...can you please ask Sir Aaron if he can get me another painkiller?
Of course... I'll be right back.

And with that, we're off to find some painkillers - a thread running through this series going back to the very beginning of VD1 - and with that, we're off to loot everything we can find, and talk to everybody we can find.

I hope so...

better for our morale if we had female sailors on board, as well. You understand, hehe...
Men are all the same.
Hey, our female sailors are all here on board voluntarily. They are free to leave if they want to.
And then use a lifeboat to swim back ashore, or what?
Oh, no one wanted to leave, so far...
Well then, I'd better get a painkiller for Asmos now.

Thank you, but I'm not hungry at the moment. Maybe later.
As you wish. But you're missing out.

shaking does get annoying, and then I'm glad to have some solid ground under my feet again.
Sailors don't have it easy, huh?
Absolutely correct. Fortunately, we only rarely have prisoners. They only cause problems anyway. They always just scream around. And you always have to bring them something to eat...
All right, all right. You can tell me all of that later.

a longer journey.
I hope it will be as short as possible. Asmos urgently needs help from one of the healers.
I'm sure he'll make it. Our warriors are strong men. Just like us.
Well, I'm going to get the painkiller for Asmos now.
The captain always has some.
I know, but thanks anyway.

As of yet, my initiation ceremony is still pending.

Yeah, turns out it's kind of hard to be initiated when every castle you show up at gets slaughtered by Elras not too soon after.

Therefore, I'm not actually part of the Clan. But I'm supporting them, and they help me.
Well, women haven't been accepted for seafaring either, until just recently. But by now, things have changed. For morale reasons or so. And now, we're helping as much as we can. We, too, should do our part in making this world a more peaceful one.
Um, yes, commendable, commendable. But you have to know how far you should go in order to be "helpful".
Hey, please refrain from such remarks. It is how it is, and we like it, okay?
Fine. I still have something to do. Please excuse me...
Of course... I have to get back to work, as well.

At least it doesn't look like there's going to be a storm.
Yes. But the sea is unpredictable. Who knows what the weather will be tomorrow.
Maybe we'll be lucky and we won't get into a storm.
I hope so, too.

Yes, pretty nice.
PRETTY NICE!? That's an understatement... this is a truly marvelous ship. Not even mentioning that our maximum speed is really impressive. It is one of the fastest ships in our fleet.
Great. I'd better go now, I still have other things to do.
"Lazalantin" really is a very fitting name for a ship. Yes, this ship is truly great...

Oh, I dunno, I think it'd fit better as a name for a sword.

Let's hope we won't!

You should also wear one of the sailor uniforms, just like the others. It's more pretty than a cold piece of armor like this.
I'm not one of your playgirls.
Playgirls? Now you're being mean. We're not forcing them.
You better not be. No man is allowed to force a woman to anything.
Yeah, yeah, right... (Stupid bra burner...)

Nyria is having none of your shit.

Hello. Do you know when we start sailing? Asmos needs healing quickly.
Sir Aaron is discussing the route with the captain. A lot has happened, after all.
You can say that again. But I'm sure the captain will tell you about it later. I will go to him now.
Do that. I'll be preparing for the departure of the ship.

Alright, that's enough faffing around, let's progress the plot now.

That is quite a long trip, though. It will be about three or four days until we reach Castle Horan. If the wind is favorable. But fortunately, the "Lazalantin" is one of the fastest ships of our fleet.
Those wretched Elras have become strong. Very strong, in fact. We also have to speak with the prophet of the Clan. It is vital.
That doesn't sound good. But we'll set sail immediately as soon as the supplies of fresh water have been stocked up. That will take about another hour.
I hope the Elras won't discover us before that. We wouldn't stand a chance against them.
How bad is it with Asmos?
Well, it seems there weren't any vital organs hit; however, he is bleeding pretty heavily. I hope your medicines will help him. Otherwise, he won't be able to make it.
No, he can't die!
Oh, Nyria. Come over here to us.
Asmos is asking for another painkiller. Can you give me any?
Of course. I still have some in my chest over there.
And this one here is Nyria. A strong woman who has lost her memory. Or at least she doesn't know how she found her way to us. We found her in front of Castle Zharas when she was unconscious.
It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Nyria.
Of course, same here. You'll excuse me if I take the painkiller to Asmos now?
Of course. Feel free to take it and bring it to him.

Well, what's in THIS chest then? I must know!

Anyway, we got the painkiller. Now let's head back to Asmos and find that he's been stolen away. We chase after him and find him being killed by a vampire, and then it turns out Asmos was a vampire all along. ...wait, I don't think that's what happens.

Thank you, Nyria...
Get some rest, the ride will begin in one hour.
Yes, Asmos?
Thank you... for everything...

And that's it for this Nyria interlude. Next time, we'll have a grandpa segment, and we'll get some tutorials dumped on our heads!