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Part 36: Update XXIX - To The Victor, The Not So Great Spoils

Update XXIX - To The Victor, The Not So Great Spoils

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Alright, so now we've started conquering the world. This means that while we wait for more tax income to buy more mercenaries, we need something to do.

Let's start off with some letters.

I have a tip for you I know that it's an rpg but my tip is that you don't put so many birds into the game because I tested it on a 166mhz pc and it lags really hard on one part if you have enough time can you make a version for faster pcs and one for slower pcs.
Thanks for the tip, but I'm afraid I wasn't able to do it *sigh*

Hi Marlex I recently finished playing VD1 and then I saw a perverted scene....... then a question occurred to me....... did you ever have sex before please don't be angry with me I am only 12 after all
Okay, since, in truth, I'm actually Valnar, and this game reflects my life, I also had something with Lyra. Yeah, that's how it is... the indiscreet youth!

You must be the one who made vampire down. if not then that's bad but whatever uhmmm you said it would be good to register through the banner then should I also do a scam??? if yes write me.... if no then i'm sorry
Yes, but it doesn't have to be Ebay. A good banking scam would also work, even a scam in the real estate market could prove to be a good opportunity to do me a favor

I beg you can you tell me where exactly I can find the petrified vilalge in VD1 I have been looking everywhere. My friend claimed the village is one of the ice continents but I have looked there already, too. You see I want for the witch to die an excruciating death. I, too, am a Vampire of the First Generation, after all, and we vampires know no mercy. Can you also tell me where Piccolo (the clown on the lonely meadow) is. We vampires are all pals, after all, aren't we? THANK YOU VERY MUCH VAMPIRE LORD, Your BLOOD SUCKING PAL
Greeting to the vampire pal I hope you tore that stupid witch to shreds

Here is my monster The MONKEY MAN Vote me
Vote you? Vote you? Huh? Bush old buddy, please don't mail to my private adress all the time

Political humor! Alright, that'll do for now, let's move on.

Well, our first stop is going to be Syrahs, since we need to pick up a sunbl- wait, is there an area here?

♪ BGM: Coffins For Sale - stan.mid

Huh, looks like we just stumbled over that.

Sounds promising...

You look like someone who very desperately needs a coffin! Come and be amazed!
Who is THIS guy supposed to be?
I have cheap coffins, expensive coffins, coffins made of wood, coffins with velvet, coffins with and without engravings... I have so many coffins, I could bury the whole world!
Weird guy.
Feel free to look around! Here you can find a coffin to fit your tastes! And to fit your wallet!
Well, let's take a look around. I don't want to sleep in one of those disgusting beds anymore!

I think we can use some of those.

1) Yes, we take four. - 2) No, thanks.
Thank you very much! Where do you want me to send them?
To the castle east from here.
No problem! And come again soon!

We'll talk about what exactly the coffins do once we use them for the first time. For now, let's just talk to him.

(We're probably the first customers who this actually applies to...)
Yes, but we're still looking around a bit.
I'd be glad to even lie down in one of the coffins for demonstration!
All right, all right. That will not be necessary.
Then see and be amazed! Stan has coffins for every kind of wallet!

Oh, I will never forget how I sold my very first coffin. To a small, insignificant pirate. Even if he nailed me into my own coffin. But what I wouldn't do for my customers...

This is the part where I am once again reminded of the fact that I've never played a Monkey Island game, and the only reason I know of Stan being a reference to that is because people in the thread already pointed it out the first time we heard of him.


Three knights attack, and we lose four mercenaries repulsing them.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 35 + 4 = 39

While walking around Stan's shop, we get more sales pitch.

Accelerates the unappetizing decomposition process greatly! Think of your relatives!

There are actually nine different things he can randomly say over time. Here are the other eight.

Coffins... Coooffins... COOOOOFFINS! For everyone!

You like this one, huh? I can understand that!

At this place, you can even try the coffins before buying them!

So far, not a single customer had any complaints!

Never did I ever have to take back a coffin because of lack of quality! Stan's coffins are sturdy and durable!

Feel free to look around closely! No one who is dead wants to be laid to rest so badly that they get back pain!

Have I already mentioned that I love all my customers? Yes, I love my customers! And yes, I love you, too!
(If this guy starts touching me now, I'm going to single-handedly kill him!)

The other day, a customer showed up who wanted a coffin made of gold! And that customer, too, was someone I was able to make happy! Even if I did have to sacrifice a few of my teeth!
(Just shut up, pal!)

You should already make provisions! Purchase coffins for your whole family!

But for now, that'll be all for our business with Stan.

♪ BGM: Syrahs - field4.mid

Next, we stop off at Syrahs, like we planned to. Now that we have some tax income, I feel a bit more secure buying some more equipment to make us more sturdy in combat.

We also pick up a Sunblock Cloak for our fourth party member. And that's it for our business in Syrahs as well. Next, we head back to our castle to take the coffins out for a spin.

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

First, tax money.

Next, coffins.

1) Yes, let's rest. - 2) No, we need to keep going.

Everybody jumps into the coffins, and the screen fades to black.

So, here's how the coffins work.

- The coffins we're using right now heal 5000 HP. They cost us 100 Filar a coffin, and were available from the start.
- The second level coffins heal 5000 HP, and the status effects Weakened and Poisoned are healed. They cost us 400 Filar a coffin, and are available once we hit level 30.
- The third level coffins heal 9999 HP, and all negative status effects. They cost us 2500 Filar a coffin, and are available once we hit level 60.

Now that we've healed up, let's use Retreat and head back to Syra-

♪ BGM: Swords For Hire - Islands2.mid

...oh, right, I forgot. We never deleted this as our marked place, so now we're back in the mercenary forest.

It's at this point we start actually fighting enemies and not trying to avoid them, since we've still got a ways to go until level 10, which we need to avoid. In doing so, we gain a fair amount of souls - enough to give us the ability to get another skill.

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

So once we exit the forest, we spell ourselves back to the castle...

...and pick up a very important skill. 10% doesn't sound like much, but in the long run, it'll very much add up.

We make another attempt at torturing, and... it fails! Well, guess we can only try again later.

♪ BGM: Swords For Hire - Islands2.mid

We make a short trip across the continent and head to our newly conquered castle for exploring.

Castle maps usually don't have that much going on.

There's either one big building or multiple smaller buildings, a basement we can't get into yet, and some towers, usually. Also, in our case, there's mercenaries wandering around because we have some stationed there. Here's the highlight reel of this castle.


10 souls, in stone form!

Stuff we're going to sell!

And progress-impeding barriers! And that's it for that castle.

Now, let's check out the town that comes with the castle.

♪ BGM: Mesdor - cairiel.mid

Mesdor has seven buildings and a sewer system for us to check out, so let's get to it!

Um, maybe this town is no longer in danger.
In danger? From what?
Hm, from criminals?
Criminals? Hardly. And now, we're also paying our taxes to the new owner of the Aldaines' castle. VERY suspicious...

First, all the guards are gone, and now a new tax collector. What's going on here?

Nah, it's nothing.

That cheerfulness is very nauseating to me.
Your dislike for children is all too apparent.
Oh, well, slightly roasted...
Aren't you also hungry all of a sudden?
Incorrigible, as always...

Hahaha, Jimmy is a giant fly now...

Hrm, so no book about me...

Something must have happened there!
I wouldn't be too worried about that. I bet the soldiers are all just on vacation right now.
Vacation? All of them at once? Nonsense.
Maybe a big celebration?
I think you should leave. I can make fun of myself on my own.
Yeah? Show me!
Sometimes, you're just completely overdoing it, Asgar.
It's fun, though, hehehe...

What are those weird rumors about some kind of circus south from this town, anyway?

Hm, interesting, we'll have to check that out some day. Anyway, that's it for this house, let's head out and go to ano-


Three Elras attack us, taking out three mercenaries in the process.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 39 + 3 = 42

Um, no.
They've all left so suddenly, supposedly to Castle Wharis. Well, and now we're waiting for them to finally return.
Why is that? Everything looks peaceful here.
Yeah, but it can all change any minute! The soldiers always said if they don't protect the city, thievery and murder would run rampant in here.
Well, if you say so...

This worries me greatly. Now that all the guards are gone, criminals are free to cause all sorts of trouble in this town! And sooner or later, everyone must be afraid of leaving their house at night!

I don't think I'm ever going to use these bottles, since their only use seems to be with the Hunter skill.

good anymore. Not to mention my eyes.
It's all right.
What did you say, Janosch?
I'm not Janosch, old lady.
I know that, Janosch. Can you help me with something, Janosch?
Pretty deranged, that old hag!
I have found this while I was cleaning. Can you please throw it away?
Map 3 received!
We should release her from her suffering!
You are really inhuman, Asgar!
Hey, I have to uphold my reputation, after all.

Is this Janosch? Yes, this is my proud son!

THE literature for old grandmas, hehe...

Trust me, I believe so, as well.
My mother seems to be slowly losing her mind. In every person she meets, she always sees me, her son Janosch. If only there was something I could do about that. But unfortunately, there is no doctor here I could ask.
No doctor? What do you do if someone gets sick?
Well, that's the question. Then we'd be exactly the way I am right now.
That's bad.
Say, you wouldn't mind doing some research about how to cure mental debility of old age, would you?
1) Hm, we'll see what we can do. - 2) No, not interested.

Yeah, sure, sidequest away!

Really? That's great! I heard there is a good doctor in Genos. Perhaps you can ask them about it.
In Genos you say? Yes, I'm sure it's doable.
Oh, thank you! My mother's condition keeps getting worse...

It'll be quite some time until we get to Genos.

Not even those weird potions that the mysterious merchant sold me were able to help my mother. I don't even know why I'm still keeping them in my drawers.

Well, don't mind if I grab them, then!

Well, I hardly think those were helpful...
3 Healing Flasks obtained!


This weapon shop is somewhat notable, since we can buy teddy bears from it (the only use for which is to use one in the baby quest)...

...and buy shovels, which we might need later. Nothing much else, though. On to explore more houses.

What was he doing there?
I don't know that, unfortunately. Maybe he was looking for something there. Well, perhaps it's nothing but a stupid rumor after all... but what if it isn't!?

Could it be that it's starting to smell somewhat moldy here?

Does it say anything interesting?
"Lesson 1: Get a shovel! Lesson 2: Get a treasure map! Lesson 3: Learn how to properly read a treasure map."
Ah, absolute expertise, it seems...

Hi, you there.
Could you perhaps do me a favor?
What favor?
My husband somehow caught wind of a warrior that supposedly died in the swamp west from here. And I'm afraid that it will stay on his mind so much that he's going to go off soon and try to find the corpse and loot it. And then there's going to be stuff of a dead person lying around here... GROSS!
And what does that have to do with us?
I want YOU to go and loot the corpse. At least you look like you are the kind of people to do such a thing. That way, my husband won't bring back home any disgusting things of a dead person!
You want us to loot a corpse? A peculiar request.
Yes, please. I can't stand the thought of having the stuff of a dead stranger lying around in my house!
1) Hm, okay, we'll do it! - 2) We are no vultures!

Wooo, more side quests!

Great! As I said, the corpse is supposed to be in the swamp west of the bridge. When you find it, just loot it completely, and then return to me. Then I will reward you.

This quest will also have to wait a while.

Why does Isbalim want to find that dead warrior in the swamp so badly!? I don't want to have stuff of a dead person around here!

Map 1 obtained!

It'll be great when we can actually read these.

And that's it for this house.

for their children and cavies!"

Hm, let's go check it out.

♪ BGM: The Sewers - EvilChoir.mid

Smells pretty bad in here...
Let us find the thief quickly, and then get out of here!

Hrm, I don't think I'm supposed to be here at level 3. Can we take on a group of enemies? Let's try.

Alright, so these slimes are a pain. They can do somewhere around 15~20 damage to us. They can poison us. And they can slow us down. There's some situations we can get into right now that we cannot avoid dying to. If the three slimes attack our vampire lady, then she's dead. However, through smart healing and spell use, we can kill them.

Also, the little blobs can turn into the big blobs, which are stronger. Which is annoying.

And they give some *good* experience! When we do want to level up, this area will be our grinding spot.

All that goo always sticks so annoyingly to my sabre...
You have problems...
I believe, my friend, that you are not at all aware of how expensive my sabre was... it gets to taste only the best flesh!

Asgar, we bought your sabre. It was cheap as hell.

We also fight some snake things. They're annoying in their own way by simply being strong enemies. No status effects or anything, they just hit hard.

Things don't go too well at times. Let's leave the sewer and not come back for a while.

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

We head back to Asgar's castle for a little trick - right now, Valnar's level is 4, and the lady's level is 3. However...

...when we drop her off at the castle and pick her up again...

...her level is set to Valnar's! Free experience!

We also mess up another torture while we're there...

...and pick up some mad stacks! Now, back to Mesdor, we still have some exploring to do.

♪ BGM: Mesdor - cairiel.mid

We find a merchant in Mesdor.

Her stuff isn't too exciting.

Hey, he's pretty cute. But too bad, it looks like he already has a girlfriend...

sewers. Here in Mesdor! So unbelievable.
What's so unbelievable about it?
Excuse me? In what kind of world do you live? The Clan of Holy Warriors makes sure that the town stays safe from rabble like that! And yet a group of thieves was still able to make themselves at home down in the sewer!
(Hmm, so that means we're contributing to the fact that the wrongdoing rabble gets another chance. Very, very interesting...)

Thieves in Mesdor! How horrible. Then it won't be long before the first child salesman arrives. What a scary thought!

Alfred" can be found on this shelf.

Oh, sorry. I guess there's much to do, huh?
Well, I used to have more work before. It seems there is a baker in Mirana who sells his bread for the unbelievable amount of 600 Filar per piece! But he still gets showered with orders! I don't get it. I'm selling my bread here for 30 Filar a piece! And still the demand goes down. Damn it...

600 Filar! That's a lot of money. With prices that high, that bread has to come with either hookers or drugs.

600 Filar for bread... don't make me laugh. How is he doing that!?

Thank you, but we are not hungry.
At least not for bread...
You want something else? We also have delicious milk lumps!
Um, no, thanks...
Hmmm, just one tiny bite...
Asgar, stop it!
Come now, just let him get a taste! They are very delicious!
Oh yes, I believe that!
We're leaving!
Just you wait, I'll do that to you, too, when YOU get hungry!

Master Kerran's bread rolls are simply the best! But I hope he doesn't notice that I dropped the basket with the milk rolls...

"Gingerbread Man On The Way To The Sugar Baker" can be found on this shelf.
Looks like somebody likes the gingerbread man a lot.

More recipes we can't really do anything with for now. Oh well. On to the next house.

It has no title.

Oooh, this should be good.

"Calm and quietly the darkness creeps in, time of the spirits and soulless. Here one step, there a shadow, and there some pain, a silent crash, window glass breaking. Rhythmically breathing, calmly she lies there. Moonlight shines through the window, it throws spiky shadows on her face, cutting her visage. Cold hands that draw closer, trying to envelop her throat, trying to take away her lifeblood, which then, with a trickle, colors her nightdress red. Softly, she sinks back to the pillow, as an empty shell, drained dry. A change is at hand, and as the sunlight appears, she crumbles into ashes in her room."

I guess that was a thing. I'm not a poet, so I can't exactly figure out what this is in terms of poetry, so I'll just let it stand on its own.

It seems you've been working for the mayor a long time, huh?
Yes, but what makes you say that?
Oh, no reason...

Where did I put the key for the basement again? Last time I checked, I still had it when I was cleaning the chimney...


Can you see what it is?
No, I can't. But you are free to try and grab it.
1) Fine... - 2) Forget it!

I hope this is going to work.

Ouch, damn it!
Jeez, be careful...
Just shut up.
What is it, Valnar?
A small key. Who knows where it will fit.
I bet this is the key that the house maid has lost. And from that, I conclude that we're therefore dealing with the basement key here!
Basement Key obtained!

Elementary, my dear Valnar.

Also, that fucking hurt.

Say, strangers, don't you want to earn a few extra Filar?
What's the matter?
Well, we have a problem with a pirate and his grew.
A pirate causes you trouble?
Yes, exactly. I'm talking about Captain Miboslash. The nastiest pirate that has ever lived. He always raids the ships that are supplying us with valuable goods! Someone has to put a stop to him once and for all!
Doesn't the Clan of Holy Warriors take care of that?
Unfortunately, the Clan was not able to bring down that despicable pirate as of yet, so that's why I've put a bounty of 10000 Filar on his head myself.
Nice amount.
Yes, but you must absolutely not underestimate him. He and his crew are very strong and cunning. So how is it going to be? Are you interested?
1) Yes, we are. - 2) We get seasick so easily.

Yeah, just throw it on the pile.

Wonderful! When you have taken him out, come back to me with his eye patch as proof of your victory.
Is there something special about his eye patch?
Yes, there is. But you're going to find out on your own once you hold it in your hands.
Where can we find this pirate Miboslash?
I don't know. He's sailing over the sea with his ship, always on the search for his next victim. Good luck, you're going to need it.
Who needs luck when you have power?

This quest will also go unsolved for a long time. The recommended level for it is 35. We're not hitting that for a *while*.

That wretched pirate Miboslash! Is there nobody who can stop him?

Just going to let that stand without comment, game? Alrighty. Let's check the basement.

The locked door here that we can open with the key leads to a teleporter. Where does it bring us?

To a little island in the cave we were in a while back. We find some vendor trash worth 1000 Filar. Useful! Now, back to the house.

With your father? Why?
Oh, because everyone only wants to speak with him. He is the mayor, after all.
Oh, I see. But we actually wanted to chat with YOU for a bit.
With me? About what?
Oh, just a little bit about what has happened here recently.
What has happened here? Well, the guards have decided to simply leave the town just like that, which is worrying my father quite a bit.
Is there some imminent danger?
Well, not directly. But there is this gruesome pirate who's been hijacking all supply ships during the last months. If this pirate Miboslash decides to plunder this town with his fellow pirates, we'd be defenseless against him.
We'll make sure this won't happen!
You? What are you planning to do?
Well, we will capture him.
Haha, good one!
He can't be that hard to catch, can he!?
If you're really interested in hunting him, speak to my father. He's put a bounty on him. But so far, no one was able to bring this pirate down. Good luck with that.
Well, we'll see if we can change something about that.

Luckily, I have such blue eyes. When I look at these people, I realize that nature was very kind towards me!

Odd that Asgar didn't have a single comment about hating mayors here. On to the next house!

Well, let-


5 knights attack, and we lose 3 mercenaries.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 42 + 3 = 45

Anyway, there was this guy I wanted to talk to before checking out the inn.

What makes you say that?
Well, when I look at the mother of Janosch, then you can see what can happen. She's old and totally confused. Any visitor is seen by her as Janosch. And that's why I hope that such a fate doesn't fall upon me.
(Well, I can make sure that you'll never grow old, hehehe...)

I should take another healthy bath in the river. That will keep me young and fresh!

Now, the inn.

Thanks, but no. We actually just wanted to see if there is possibly something for us to do.
You're looking for work? Then you should talk to our mayor. He's currently looking for a few strong men and women.
Thanks for the tip!
No problem. I'm glad if I was able to help you.

Ha, business is running splendid today once again! And only three men have thrown up so far! If that's not a good day, I don't know what is!

allegedly. Strange, what could that mean?
You didn't notice anything?
No, everything here was very quiet. No light, no quaking. Absolutely nothing. If the world is going to end soon, then I want to at least drink one last good beer! So, cheers!

Is the end of the world soon at hand? Those weird rumors about some strangers showing up in a few towns, talking about some kind of bright light, are worrying me a bit.

Why is that?
Well, haven't you noticed that all the guards are gone all of a sudden?
Now that you mention it...
Then there's the talk about the Elras and that they are alive again all of a sudden. Scary thought. But we all know that Elras had been wiped out by the Clan many, many years ago.
Well, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Those are just silly rumors.
I know. But I wonder if the disappearance of the guards has anything to do with the alleged reappearance of the Elras?

Those rumors about the resurgence of the Elras are really worrying me. I don't even want to think about it if the rumors are true. *shudder*

To the Clan? Why?
Why? WHY? Well, because the Clan has freed this world from the terrible Elras and the power-hungry Pharaoh Ustra! THAT'S WHY!
We'll pass, thank you.
Then don't. I'll just toast on my own!

You can't thank the Clan enough for making sure that we can live in this world in peace!

Well, I'd say there's a lot happening in this world at the moment.
Never must we forget what the Clan has done for us. I know they will continue to take care of mankind's well-being.
(Well, buddy, I'm afraid I'll have to prevent that from happening...)

What is going on? Where are the guards? Who is the new occupier of Castle Wharis? WHO are we paying our taxes to now? Strange...

And that's it for this town! Man, that sure took a while to get through, and still so many towns to get to. Next time... stuff, I guess?