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Part 43: Update XXXIV - Medical Knowledge Made Easy

Update XXXIV - Medical Knowledge Made Easy

♪ BGM: Asgar's Cave - blood008.mid

Alright, this time, we're going to be fucking around a bit. We start out in the first cave we were in ages ago, on the prowl for souls.

We're here to collect some souls. I do this for a couple minutes, but eventually get bored due to its inefficiency.

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

So instead, let's roam the world map and try to find that place we wandered around with Asgar in the beginning of the game, where we had multiple enemies to fight that still gave a low amount of experience.

However, on the search for that place, we find something else!

♪ BGM: Klennar - Klennar.mid

We find the ruins of Klennar!

Everything has been destroyed here...
Well, Klennar has seen better times...

Of course, the monsters in this place would wreck our shit, so we leave immediately.

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

Next up on the agenda: Looking through RPG Maker because fuck me, I completely forgot where that god damn island was where we had that little area where we went through with solo Asgar. It was out there somewhere, but I'll be damned if I can remember!

Eventually, we find it. It's north of Castle Johlar.

♪ BGM: An Undignified Trip - dungeon2.mid

So basically, what we're doing here...

♪ BGM: Underground Crawling - creeper.mid go into the cave...

...fight these guys...

♪ BGM: An Undignified Trip - dungeon2.mid

...go up...

...and fight these guys. Since enemies respawn on a map change, bouncing back and forth between these two enemies gets us souls pretty quick without gaining much experience. This process goes on for a bit.

We also get attacked, because of course.

Five Elras take out ten mercenaries.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 205 + 10 = 215

Anyway, more soul grinding occurs.

Eventually, we end up with 50 souls, exactly enough to get the skill I want.

So we Retreat back to Asgar's castle...

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

...and pick up the first level of the skill Ancient Languages. Now, that we've gotten that, the first thing we can do is learn some spell recipes that have been laying in our inventory.

- Lightning: One light rune, one fire rune. A simple lightning spell that does a base damage of 60 and costs 19 BP. It has a base accuracy of 100%.
- Crippling Frost: One ice rune, one status rune. An ice spell that does a base damage of 37, can cause Paralyze, and costs 26 BP. It has a base accuracy of 70%.
- Blinding Flash: Two light runes, two status runes. A light elemental spell that does no damage and causes Blind to all enemies. It costs 30 BP and has a base accuracy of 100%.

Remember that base damages and accuracies are modified by resistances.

And now we have these recipes available in the rune synthesizer. Of course, they're out of our league right now, especially the last one. And that's not what we learned the skill for. Instead...

...we're going to have a torturing session succeed on us first before we actually do what we got the skill for!

What... what are you doing to me!?
We are not done with you yet, pal! So tell us more, or there will be more torturing!
No, please, I'm talking! The armor of our Clan has a weak point. The protection is weaker in the throat area than it is at other sections of the armor...
Hm, that's good to know. Knowing this, our troops should be able to fight better against you.
I... what have I done? Uhhhhh...
He's passed out...

And with that information, we're done torturing the knight - he has nothing more to tell us. So that's another torturing victim done! We're making a lot of progress here.

While we're here, let's have a chat with our new business partner.

A lot more!
You repulsive bastard!

Wretched bastard!
Hey, I read that!

With our recent loss, we might as well stock up.

Ongoing Costs: 33500 + 2000 = 35500 Filar

Anyway, the reason we picked up Ancient Languages is to read that book we saw earlier that I said would improve our troops. However, I forgot about that, and we're instead going to go and explore a new town!

We're going to be going to Ordun!

♪ BGM: Ordun - Wald2.mid

I really like the music for this town. I mean, it's probably stolen, but I like it being stolen, because it's nice music.

Ordun has nine different buildings for us to check out. Let's start with the inn in the bottom left corner.

Thanks, but we're actually just looking around a bit in order to see if there's anyone we can help.
Yes, help is something Ordun needs. Well, I hope you'll be able to create some order here...
We'll do our best.

Oh, how is this going to continue? At times like these, no one wants to come to Ordun anymore.

Looks like something is amiss here.

Who's recorded in there?
Alx8791, Grandy, Marlex, Alex, Christin, and Nocius.

Alex and Christin! They're the protagonists of Dark Shadows!

than two months already, and both the food and the beds are really good. Too bad, though, that sometimes the rats start to nibble at my feet.
Uhhh, thanks for the information. Uhm, have a nice day.
If you're not careful, life passes by you in no time.
(At best, his life will pass into my mouth soon...)

Well, I'd better stay in here. It's warm here, and most of all, there's no monster coming in here!

Teleporting Stone 1 obtained!

This item teleports us to a forest where the recommended level is 50. Suffice it to say, we're not going there. Now, on to the next house.

What's wrong?
Didn't you notice? The smell of blood is in the air, and everyone is afraid. There have been several murders in the town, which a detective from Rynik is currently investigating. Then there seem to be problems at the cemetery, and the guards who are usually bringing order into this town have left all of a sudden and haven't returned since!
Well, we're taking a look around; perhaps we might be able to help.
Good luck, you'll need it!

I'm really worried about the guards. Where did they go? And why haven't they returned yet?

Hm, does it say anything about how that boy Janosch in Mesdor can cure his mother?
Hold on, I'll take a look. Hmm, pain of old age, shaking of old age, mental debility of old age.
What does it say about mental debility of old age?
It says: "If an old person is no longer able to think clearly, it is advisable to give them tea made of Xamos roots and Black Berries three times a day. After a few weeks, the mental state of the affected person should improve."
Well, that sure sounds like what we were looking for. With this, we can return to Janosch!

Uh... alrighty? Guess that's one side quest solved. And by the way, to spoil something a bit, the doctor that was mentioned when we first took the quest? Complete red herring, he doesn't tell you shit. However, before you say that it's really unfair of the game to just expect you to find a single bookcase in some random town to solve a quest, we will find bookcases that contain this information in several towns. So as long as you're doing some degree of due diligence, you should find it.

My name is Valnar, these two here are Asgar and Alaine. We're not here to cause trouble.
I want to hope so. Ordun currently has already enough other problems to solve. Even the dead are rising from their graves! What terrible times!
Hm, that really doesn't sound good.
I hope somebody who can take care of this problem shows up soon. Detective Eron is at least a start...

Even the dead are rising from their graves! And no more guards in this village. God damn it, where are they?

Hm, those sure are some stories.

Who wants to know?
What makes you say that?
Mommy has forbidden me from playing outside, because there are many evil people in the village!
Have you seen any of them?
No, not directly.
See, then you can go and play outside without any worries!
Just let the poor kid play outside already.
She'll be fine...
You are unbelievable.

Were those shadows monsters? At least they ran away to the south. I hope they will never come back!

Hint, hint.

What murders?
Haven't you heard yet? Today, they've found another dead person from this village! This is already the third murder in just two weeks!
Hm, I guess we should look into this.
Maybe I shouldn't go outside at all from now on?

What the hell is going on in this town?

Next, let's check out the church.

What's going on?
So may problems. I hope everything will be all right...
I'm sure of it.
Thank you for your courage; I hope you're right.

These terrible times are unbearable!

Difficult times?
Yes, the world is currently in a very bad state. And Ordun has to pass a hard test! Even the dead can't find rest during these times!
Which kind of dead can't find rest?
The poor souls in our cemetery! They wander among the living, and they can't find rest!
Where is the cemetery?
Have you come to help?
1) Yes, we are. - 2) No, not really.

Yeah, yeah, just put it on the pile, too. We'll get around to it when we get around to it. We're probably way underleveled for that quest anyway.

Truly? Well, our cemetery is a little to the west from here. The dead wander there without finding rest. If you are able to finally make them find their rest, then I would be very grateful to you! That would surely raise the morale in Ordun! Now that the guards are gone.

God does currently not favor us very much...

Alright, one more sidequest. Now, to continue looking through the town for interesting stuff.

Pfff, completely useless.
True, you really are a hopeless case.

What's wrong with you?
I would scream as well if I saw you, hehehe...
Funny, really funny!
Strangers, Daddy, there are strangers here! I bet they want to eat me!
Hm, she might even be right about that.

Strangers! Strangers are here! Daddy said strangers are evil! And if I'm not careful, I'm going to get eaten! UAAAAAHHH!

yet he doesn't take care of the problem at the cemetery. I am really heavily disappointed with him, and I will not visit his small church for the time being!

Such a wimp! Why can't a real man finally make sure that there's peace at the cemetery once again!?

Moving on, there's also a weapons shop in the town, but there's no new stuff on sale and nothing else of note, so let's just skip that.

There's also an items shop that isn't too notable either. However, behind that shop...

What do we have here?

Hold on a second... aren't you one of the Children of the Apocalypse?
What? How do you know that?
Well, it was YOU guys who always provided us with fresh blood potions a long time ago.
You really are vampires? Unbelievable, I thought they all went extinct. Especially after that catastrophe that apparently no one noticed...
Your leader Lord Mandrake is already with us in my castle. Perhaps you should go and join him?
Lord Mandrake is with you? So he did survive! These are good news, indeed!
You should assist him wtih rebuilding your little empire.
Where is your castle?
Wait, I'll bring you there!

And off he goes!

I'm sure Ronak will take care of him.

This means that the assortment of stuff we get from the Children of the Apocalypse is better. We'll see that the next time we come back home. On to the next house.

can be found on this shelf.

stuff written in it like "Variables" and "Switches". What could this mean?
I think it's some kind of secret language.
Nonsense! These are all dishes! We're simply dealing with an exotic cookbook here.
The stuff you know...

This is a reference to the "Forgotten E-Book", a German compendium of classic RPG Maker knowledge. I'll have to read that myself some time.

found on this shelf.

Lord of the Rings reference!

We are just a few friendly visitors.
Hmpf, anyone can just claim that. No one here still has faith in any strangers, not after everything that happened here!
What's wrong?
What's wrong? Damn it, I'll tell you! People here get killed, and the cemetery is haunted! My wife is shuddering in fear!
Maybe we can help?
If you want to help, then leave my house!
All right, we're leaving already.

I think I'm starting to lose it! I take one look outside the window and see shadows everywhere! They sneak by my house! And then, they proceed to leave the city going south! That stuff makes me really scared!

There's that "south" hint again.

then we really have a huge problem! Where are the guards of the Clan to protect us? Especially now that Ordun would need it the most! Hopefully, the disappearance of the guards and the rumors about the Elras aren't connected!
You should definitely be on your guard, that's for sure.
(Especially against us, HARHAR!)

That can't be right, can it? The Elras CAN'T be back! That would be the end of the world if the Clan isn't strong enough! And I believe they aren't! All of them are just a bunch of washed up guys now!

Alright, we got one more house to check out and two more quests to pick up.

What's wrong?
Don't you know? There's been a murder once again!
A murder? Are there any witnesses?
No, of course not. Nobody knows anything specific or has seen anything...
All right. We'll take a look around once more.

Maybe the shadow I saw was the culprit after all? I don't know. Maybe I really should report it to the detective? But I don't want to risk bringing him on the wrong track. Nah, I'd better not tell him that I've seen something leave the town in the southern direction. It might turn out to be just a boar, and then I'll be the idiot.


encounter in the forest. Usually, every encounter ends miserably for a human."
Hm, weird, THIS description applies to me, as well...
"Werewolves are active hunters that, in addition to humans, also like to hunt for deers and rabbits. Should you ever encounter a werewolf, then I guess I will have one less reader..."

Everything okay?
Everything okay? Haha, of course not!
What's wrong?
I have lost my wallet somewhere outside, but it is way too dangerous to go outside now, with all the murders recently!
Perhaps we can help?
Do you want to help me?
1) Yes, of course! - 2) No, actually not.

On the pile.

Really? Oh, thank you! My wallet is somewhere outside in town. I seem to have lost it when I saw the poor Arenis and then decided to quickly escape into my house. If my husband finds out about it, there will be a huge argument! And then he will look for it on his own, but it's way too dangerous outside!
We'll see if we can find it.
Thank you, you are really brave.

How's this supposed to continue? There's dread everywhere, and the guards are nowhere to be found...

Alright, so that's another quest for us. There's a bit of an issue, though - in order to complete this quest, we need a dot in the "find items" skill. Otherwise, we can't find the wallet. So this is going on the backburner for now.

Finally, we get to check out the current murder scene and get another quest.

This looks really nasty.
Please let me do my job.
Perhaps we can help?
Hm, you want to help me?
1) Yes, of course! - 2) No, I'd rather not.

Yeah, yeah.

Really? Oh, I'm Detective Eron. And what you're seeing before you is the third body in two weeks. Someone, or something, is causing all this. All bodies are completely shredded. Unfortunately, there are almost no clues!
Already the third body? Hm, that sounds bad.
The body has been torn to two pieces. What kind of human is capable of this?
I don't know anyone like that. That's why I'm assuming that it's been caused by some kind of animal or monster. However, making an exact specification is very difficult.
And there are no footprints or anything?
No. And no witnesses, either. Or at the very least, no one in this village claimed to have seen anything.
Hm, maybe we should also try and ask around.

Way ahead of you, Alaine.

Try your luck. But I doubt you'll be able to find out more than I did.
Well, we'll see...

And that's about it for this village. This quest is one where we already know where we need to go, but there's no way we're doing it at our level. So next ti-


Eight knights take out nine mercenaries.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 215 + 9 = 224

Anyway, next time, it's back to Behind The Fangs, where we'll really start getting into what we can do with events. Hope I don't go insane!