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Part 46: Update XXXVI - City Of The Intellectual Pricks

Update XXXVI - City Of The Intellectual Pricks

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

And as with so many updates, we once again start in As-


6 Elras end up killing 7 mercenaries, which is a pretty good ratio for us.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 243 + 7 = 250

Quarter of a thousand mark reached!

We next get our final part of the healer torturing sequence.

Why are you doing this to me? Let me die!
Forget it! Where is the last key?
Go to the great volcano! There it is...
Southeast of Castle Ronom!
There we go! Now you may rest at last...
He's passed out...

So that gives us all the locations for the different keys we need to get. Of course, we won't be getting them for quite some time due to level requirements, but it's good to know we're prepared.

♪ BGM: Castle Ardos - Ardos.mid

Our next stop is Castle Ardos, where we have something we've been wanting to pick up since we got the Ancient Languages skill.

There are several good tactics for combat written here!
Strength of all units during castle combat increased by 1!
How did this book get here?

Good question, but I'm not complaining. This is particularly useful for us, since we're using a large amount of units and therefore even a small increase in power is a great boost.

♪ BGM: Castle Horan - Horan.mid

Now, let's check out Castle Horan for the second time. We took a trip through this as Nyria before, so let's see what else we find here.

artifact will receive strong regenerative abilities.

The answer is not a lot! The first somewhat interesting thing is this bookcase on the third floor, which tells us about an artifact. Beyond that, it's largely just items, which are nice to have, but not notable enough to really mention. And, well... that's it! That's all I found on Castle Horan. Quite disappointing, but I'd be lying if I said a location that was quickly explored and checked off was unwelcome. So, let's move on.

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

Our next stop is the town near Castle Horan.

♪ BGM: Genos - field7.mid

Genos? Hm, sounds like this was a place where we were supposed to look for something.

Genos is the city of the intellectuals?
Yes, this town is home to the famous Professor Lerd, for example, whom many people consult. Then there's also the gifted artist Kelven who lives here. His paintings are also world-famous.

Oh hey, Kelven, remember him?

Furthermore, we also have a doctor here and a few merchants, so I'm sure our beautiful town will appeal to many.
Thank you, then I guess we'll be looking around a little.

Ah, more visitors. That's good, Genos lives on its visitors...


Genos is the town we were supposed to visit to talk to a doctor. However, we've already figured out the answer to that quest, so we're just exploring for the hell of it. Onwards!

to rest.
Where have you come from that you're so exhausted?
Well, I have returned from a week-long journey from Ildan. I had a question that had been on my mind for years. And Professor Lerd was finally able to give me an answer to it.
What kind of question was it? And what was the answer?
Is the writer of "Dark Shadows" really a vampire, or is it just a rumor?
And what was Professor Lerd's answer?
Definitely? Definitely what? That he is a vampire? Or that it is just a rumor?
Uh... ...DAMN IT! Great, now I have to ask him again! That'll be so expensive!
He takes money for giving answers?
Yes, of course! Knowledge has its price.
If that's how you see it.
Education isn't for free these days, after all.
Let's just leave.

Phew, that was truly an exhausting trip. Perhaps next time, I should rather buy a ship ticket instead of using a rowboat...

Hello! Do you want a beer or something? Down here is the beverage supply of this tavern. If you're thirsty, I can gladly offer you a good beer.
Thanks, but I won't be able to quench my thirst with a beer, hehe.

Hm, all right, we still have seven bottles of "SephiMike's Beer". That will be enough for about three days. Then I'll need to order more tomorrow...

night? It's only 160 Filar per night!
Thank you, but not right now.
If you say so. If you do change your mind, you can just come back here and talk to me.
Will do, thanks.

Hm, maybe I should change the bedding once again. After all, they've been in use for nine weeks already. They're slowly starting to smell so weird...

Oooh, nasty. Well, on to the next house.

Uh, everything all right with you?
Heehee, my rose will bloom! My wonderful rose!
I think she had one drink too many...
Oh, my rose! It needs more to drink! Oh, I will bring it to you, my little blood rose!
What is a blood rose?
My blood rose needs to drink! Give me Blood Elixirs! Give them to me!
1) We'll get you some. - 2) Forget it, you nutjob!

We're just going to keep picking up side quests, and like fifty updates later, we might actually get around to solving them. times!

Oh, my blood rose, soon, you can drink!
She's crazy...

Grow now, my rose... hihihihi... little rose...

Note the recommended level for this quest. Yes, that's 85. We're not going to be doing this for a while. As an aside, if I'm skipping over bookcases you might be noticing, it's because nothing really interesting was in there. Like, the ones here have "books about taking care of rare plants", "books about different kinds of plants and their cultivation", and "no interesting books", and no snippy comments to go along with them. Sadly, not all can be winners.

Hm, you look very unhappy...
My... mother's been acting like a completely different person recently. Ever since she read some weird book a few weeks ago, she's been virtually obsessed with trying to make that damn blood rose grow. Doesn't she know that the plant is illegal?
Where is your mother?
In the basement. But I'm afraid you can't help me or her. I can only hope that she'll finally come to her senses eventually... *sigh*
All right, we'll see.

Why did she have to read that damn book? I should have taken it away from her!

So we're helping somebody who has clearly gone insane growing an illegal and probably also dangerous plant. Rad.

I didn't know there even were books about slavery.
Hey, I didn't write THAT!

Alright, on to another house.


Looks delicious.

Who would have guessed...

The horse turned out very well.

No idea, it seems to be modern art...

What, how, where?
You all have a really interesting profile...
And you are...?
Oh, pardon me. My name is Kelven. I am an artist.
Aren't you a little too young for that?
Skill is not a question of age, but of mental maturity.
I am, so to speak, a prodigy. But I don't really like that term that much. At any rate. I have painted all these pictures that you're seeing before you. And for only 500 Filar, I will paint a portrait for you.
Thanks, but no, thanks.
As you wish. If you change your mind, then come back again.

So, much like the first game, we can have portraits of our three main characters commissioned and brought to our castle. We'll be doing that at some point.

I am not only the most talented artist in this world, no, I am also the most beautiful one, hehe.

for a lot of money! And when I grow up, I'm also going to be as good as he is!
Well, I wish you luck, then!
Kelven is simply the best!

Hm, I wonder if I should tell Mommy that Kelven is always painting naked women?

Maybe, is it worth it?
Of course it's worth it. Especially for us, heehee. Because his skills are so highly sought after that he sells them at absolute top prices. And therefore allows us to live such a pleasant life.
Yes, it shows.
Thanks. But now, please excuse me, I have to get back to my jewelry collection now.
Of course.

I hope Kelven sells a few more of his pictures. I'll be needing a new dress and new earrings once again. And they're not exactly cheap. But that's the reason why I married him, after all, heeheeheehee...

There's also a bookcase on this floor I missed checking out, which has a book in it called "One-Cool And The Lost Existence, Confronted By The Light of Endless Parity". Your guess is as good as mine, folks.

What about them?
You mustn't startle them!
Uh, yes, sorry.

My beloved little birds... yes, come to me! Poot poot poot...


Oh jeez, here we go again, another side quest to not do for ages.

Well, do we, now?
Yes, you do. Perhaps you could help me.
With what?
I am a scientist, and I am looking for the six shrines of power. People say these shrines can grant a person various powers. I just want to investigate that due to, uhm, scientific reasons. And whether it is true that you can unleash the power with the colored stones that can be found at various places.
And what do we have to do with that?
Well, in case you're getting around a lot, it is likely you're going to stumble upon these shrines sooner or later.
You want us to find the shrines for you?
Yes, I need the positions of all the six shrines. Of course, I'm going to reward you generously for that!
1) Okay, we'll look for them. - 2) Forget it!

We'll get to it eventually. At some point, we're going to have to hire somebody to keep track of all our sidequests.

Wonderful! Come back to me once you have found all six shrines!

As soon as I find all shrines, I'm going to be extremely POWERFUL, harharhar... I have already found a few stones. And nobody will find out about the hiding place in the flower pot, hehe...

Note that I did not read her thoughts ingame, I just pulled this out of RPG Maker because I noticed I forgot to do that. Normally, that doesn't make a difference, but here it does. The chances of me remembering to get that hiding spot, which contains two colored stones, are extremely slim, but maybe I'll actually remember. We'll see.

books here yet.

Well, perhaps you might be able to tell us a few interesting things.
Oh, I as an old man know a lot of interesting stories. But the most exciting story is the one about the six mysterious shrines that are hidden in the most remote places in the world. My daughter has been looking for them for years. According to a few old records, a person can unleash the power of the shrines if they carry the right stones with them. For every shrine, a stone of a specific color is required. By tossing the appropriate stone into the shrine, its power gets unleashed and transfers it onto the one who tossed the stone inside. Fascinating, don't you think?
Yes, it is. But you don't happen to know where these stones and shrines can be found, do you?
HARHAR, no, of course not. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here, but instead, I would be sitting on my throne ruling the entire world...
A very tempting thought.

Hm, if the records are to be believed, there should at the very least be a shrine at a pond inside the forest far east from here. I should definitely go there at some point.

We'll end up finding a better source for the locations of these six shrines, so we're not going to be directly following up on that thought. And no, the source isn't RPG Maker.

Actually, we're just looking around a bit. But why would we want to see your husband?
Well, he is a professor, and many people come to him in order to ask him one question or another.
Professor? In which field of expertise?
Study of the world.
Study of the world? What is that supposed to be?
My goodness, it seems you were unable to enjoy a decent kind of education. Study of the world is the studying of the occurrences in this world, obviously.
Oh, I see, Miss Super Smart...
You'd better leave now. Preferably even the city. Uneducated rabble is not welcome here, understood?
(Uneducated rabble, huh. Stupid cow, someone should tear off your head. Let's see how smart you'll be then...)

Hm, if the integral root is now opposing to the parabolic law, then that means that there's still salt missing in this soup...

chocolate cake can be found on this shelf.

Dr. Boetker being a take on Dr. Oetker, a German company that produces a whole bunch of shit related to baking, primarly. I don't know why, but I feel like I've already explained this in the first game. These references seem like they repeat themselves.

a bunch of other intellectual sounding books are on this shelf.

I hope you're not talking about us!?
Who else? My goodness, even too stupid to realize whom my statement was referring to. Indiscussable...
Listen here, pal, we're easily smarter than you...
Oh, truly? How about a little test, then?
Pfff, only if there's something for us to win.
Oh, this rabble. Only thinking about tangible things. Very well, then. I'm willing to give you a little something if you can pass my little test. So, are you daring?
1) Begin and be amazed! - 2) No, better not!

I can see through the fabric of reality, motherfucker, don't you test me. And yes, I will just be looking these answers up directly from RPG Maker.

Excellent. The test is composed of ten general questions. You have to answer every one of them correctly, otherwise, you are worthless, imbecile rabble in my eyes...
Stop blabbering all day!

Question 1: How many Filar will you receive from a merchant when you sell them a Healing Potion?
1) 400 Filar - 2) 680 Filar - 3) 970 Filar

Question 2: What is the name of the mayor of Mesdor?
1) Elias - 2) Saron - 3) Karlos

Question 3: What is the "Wild Bagpipe"?
1) An artefact - 2) A bar - 3) An amulet

Question 4: How much life energy does a Healing Phial give you?
1) 10 HP - 2) 100 HP - 3) 120 HP

Question 5: Where does Detective Denton work?
1) Ordun - 2) Ildan - 3) Rynik

Question 6: What is the name of the town controlled by Castle Horan?
1) Genos - 2) Ghadar - 3) Mirana

Question 7: What is the name of the sick boy in Zilahs?
1) Janosch - 2) Peter - 3) Tiny Tim

Question 8: How many houses are there in Syrahs?
1) Six - 2) Seven - 3) Eight

Question 9: How many different kinds of runes are there?
1) Five - 2) Six - 3) Seven

Question 10: Which town has a sewer?
1) Rynik - 2) Mesdor - 3) Zilahs

Hehe, and, surprised?
So much for "imbecile rabble". Come on, hand over your reward!
All right, I have to admit I was wrong about you. You are more intellectual than you look. How did you know all of that?
1) Meticulous research. - 2) We are scientists (Lie).

We would get a very nice spell as a reward if we lied, but we don't have enough skill to do that.

Meticulous seems to be the word. Very well, you have passed my little test. Here is your reward...
Fire Rune received! Shadow Rune received! Regeneration Elixir received!
And now, please excuse me, I have to continue my research.
Of course.
6336 Experience Points gained!

Oh, Christ. I didn't expect we'd get XP for that. We totally could've leveled Valnar up to level 10 with that and ruined our mercenary prices. We're about 2000 XP away from Valnar getting to level 10, though, so we need to tread carefully from now on.

Oh God, why does this rabble always have to come to ME?

Man, Genos is definitely the front runner in the "which town do I want to wipe off the map the most" sweepstakes.

Is it so easy to tell?
Kind of, yeah. I'm also one.
And why have you come to Genos?
Well, to be honest, I've been having problems with my knee for a small eternity, and I was hoping the famous Doctor Manor might be able to help me.
Well then, I wish you good luck with that!
Thanks. And I wish you a pleasant stay in Genos.
Thank you.

Oh, this damn knee. I guess during my younger years I shouldn't have been playing with that pig's bladder ball all the time...


There's a weapons and armor shop here, but level 9 isn't a level where new gear comes in, so nothing new for us yet. We do, however, sell more of our random crap for mercenary funds.

We actually just wanted to look around a bit, and see if we can help somewhere.
Yes, you can.
And how?
Go downstairs and buy something!
Hehe, well, Valnar, you think you can do that? Or do I have to help you again?
Oh, shut up!

Sometimes, I wish my mother had opened a candy store instead. Then I would be able to snack on delicious treats everyday, hihi...

Well, let's go and check out that doctor, see if he has something for our ongoing problem.

1) Yes, we do. - 2) No, not right now.

OK, so the guy has a decent assortment of medicine available, that's handy to know. Not what we're here for, though. Let's try that again.

Good day, would you like to buy some medicine?
1) Yes, we do. - 2) No, not right now.
Then please come back when you need something. I am very busy.
Say, do you know how to treat mental debility of old age by any chance?
Mental debility of old age? What is that supposed to be?
Well, when old ladies think every person they see is their son.
I have never heard of such a disease.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm afraid I can't help you with that.
Damn it, and now?
Oh, who cares about that old hag, anyway.
I guess we have to look somewhere else for a cure.

I wonder why so many people are getting sick recently? Is it because of the air pollution? The water pollution? Or did some kind of plague break out somewhere? The people simply have to eat more vegetables!

So yeah, like I said, this guy is a complete red herring.

Well, perhaps you know some interesting rumors?
Rumors? Hm, let's see. Well, currently, everyone speculates that Kelven, the artist here in town, has received a big order from the Clan. Supposedly, someone called Sir Aaron wants for every important person of the Clan to get a portrait of them made, which will then be hung in a "hall of heroes".

Huh. Sure hope Kelven took payment in advance, because they might have some other problems right about now.

Pretty narcissistic, don't you think?
I won't comment on that. But due to that order, Kelven will probably earn so much money that he is going to fulfill his dream of a small castle at the beach.
Oh, you don't even need money to obtain a castle...
I don't really understand what you're trying to say with that, but I think that there will be much fewer visitors coming to Genos because of that. After all, a lot of people only come here because of him.
Hm, anything else? What do the people in this city talk about right now?
Not much, actually. As you have probably noticed, Genos is a city full of educated, smug, and rich people. That means there's not much happening here. Instead, people only talk about money or intellectual things.
Well, thank you for your time, in any case.
You're welcome. And don't forget, my husband sells quite splendid medicine!

*sigh* I wish my husband would finally take some more care of me again. Back then, we were still going outside for a walk, and we went on wonderful trips. But today, the only thing he cares about are his medicines... if he weren't rich, I would have left him a long time ago... *sigh*

There's a shop here that sells the regular store shit we've already seen in several towns, and the only notable thing in it is that we find a recipe for a spell called "Dhan's Punishment" we can't read yet. So that goes in the inventory. Finally, we have one more house to check out.

Say, have you also heard about these rumors claiming the Clan has been attacked?
Uh, no, not really...
Hm, odd. I heard some kind of monsters are currently permanently attacking the Clan. I hope it's not true. Now that all the guards have withdrawn from Genos...

Hrm, should I go to the forest on the island south from here again? If only it wasn't for all the damn monsters, I would be able to claim all the treasure there!

What he doesn't think about is that the monsters in that place have a recommended level of about 70. Yeah, I think I'll pass.

Of course, I'm sorry, we didn't want to cause you trouble.

Pheeew, now it's time for the shelves. They also need to get dusted for a change.

Hehe, I like the title.

Is there anything interesting in this town?
Well, we have a doctor here, in case you should get sick or if you need medicine in general. Apart from that, there's also the absolutely talented artist Kelven, who is a real master of his field, and who has also drawn a couple of pictures of me naked, heehee...
Oho, may we perhaps have a look at those in order to, uhm, uh, get and impression of the skills of this Kelven?
No, I'm sorry, they're private.
Seriously, Asgar!
Anyway, if I may give you one piece of advice, then stay away from Morgana.
That's a weirdo who cultivates some strange "blood roses" in her basement. Absolutely crazy if you ask me.
Thanks for the information.
You're welcome.

That Morgana really is completely bonkers. Cultivating disgusting blood roses, gross!

Uh, no, sorry, we don't have time for that.
Too bad, she actually likes strangers a lot and always wants to play!
Maybe later.
That would be great!

Lalalala, come my little Minny, we'll play for a bit...

Anyway, that's about it for Genos. One final stop:

We get portraits made for all three of our main party members.

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

And one quick trip back to Asgar's castle later, here they are! Not exactly the best place to hang them, but whatever.

Anyway, that's it for this update. Next time, we will be going back to RPG Maker and diving back into the wonderful world of event commands once more. And next time in Vampires Dawn 2, we will be taking a trip into the cold!