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Part 48: Update XXXVII - Frozen Place, Frozen Pace

Update XXXVII - Frozen Place, Frozen Pace

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Like with so many updates, we start with some housekeeping. Picking up some money, doing some torturing (without success), picking up some items from the thief's chest (including a neat 800 Filar), selling some stuff to Mandrake...

...and of course, getting attacked.

Ten knights attack and take out eight mercenaries. Getting some good ratios recently.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 250 + 8 = 258

And of course, while we're at it, stock up on some replacement mercs.

Ongoing Costs: 41000 + 6000 = 47000 Filar

And you know what? I'm feeling a bit froggy. Let's get some attacking action on - let's take the fight to the Elras for once.

Let's attack Castle Ronom with 56 mercenaries.

...those are 40 Elras, capable of generally getting a 2:1 kill ratio on our mercenaries. Shitbiscuits.

As predicted, our invading force gets fucked. This is an extra issue on hard mode, where you're completely left in the dark as to what you're going up against. However, we sure did give them a good fight - only six Elras remain in the castle.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 258 + 56 = 314

However, we still have some money left over, so let's just stock back up.

Ongoing Costs: 47000 + 3000 = 50000 Filar

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

Now, let's get back on the exploration train. Today's targets will be the castle and town on the ice continent down in the south.

First, let's check out the castle.

♪ BGM: Castle Faryn - castle1.mid

Faryn isn't all too interesting a place, though I guess that holds true for basically all castles. They're just a collection of loot and bookcases, plus a dungeon we won't explore for ages.

The first notable part is this graveyard. Sadly, it does not have witty inscriptions for every gravestone like in Düsterburg, we just get something for the big one.

Agaleo Marus? Probably just a foolish puny human warrior.

Well, he did go out in a pretty bad way, and his son isn't faring much better. Now, let's explore the interiors.

We find another map I can't read, which is handy.

...and that's it! Another complete dud as far as interesting things go.

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

Let's head to the city instead.

♪ BGM: Jhalum - IceWasteland.mid

Jhalum isn't too large a town, with seven buildings for us to check out.

It also has footprints and snowmen! The first building we enter is a shop that is not notable at all, but it does have something for us on the second floor.

With what?
I lost my hair clip around here somewhere!
1) We'll handle this. - 2) Your problem...

Side quest ahoy!

Damn it, where is it...

Without my hair clip, I can't go outside! Where did it go!?

Well, if we just look a little bit...

There is the hair clip.
✝ Hair Clip obtained!

And there we go. Now, at the time, I did not hand in the quest because I was unsure of whether the experience gained from the sidequest would push Valnar over the edge to level 10. Dunno if I fuck this up down the line, it's been months since I recorded this footage. Anyway, let's keep exploring.

Nah, it's pretty okay, actually.
Brrr, well, I'm used to these temperatures, but even I wouldn't run around like THIS...

Can you believe it? There are people standing before me, basically in underwear...

Oh boy, it is that time again?

Six Elras end up killing 19 mercenaries. So much for those good ratios.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 314 + 19 = 333

Oh great, a lunatic...
No, I'm serious. A stranger came by some time ago, and he claimed he had seen a pink rabbit in the snowy forests west from here.
A pink rabbit? Seriously?
The bad part is, I have made a bet with him that there is no such thing as a pink rabbit.
He wanted to prove to me that he was right and is now looking for that rabbit. And if he finds one, I'll lose 20000 Filar!
And what does that have to do with us?
Well, I definitely don't want to lose my 20000 Filar. And since I doubt that there are that many pink rabbits, I want to ask you to find that thing and kill it. Just bring me the pelt as proof that you have killed it. Or, um, you make sure that the one I made the bet with will have a little "accident", you know?
Oho, that's what I call courage for wickedness.
Well, I don't know him, so... and 20000 Filar are my entire savings. So, will you help me?
1) Sure! - Not a chance...

Yeah, yeah, you know the drill by now.

Great! So, either kill the rabbit, or the stranger. The forest should be somewhere far in the west...
Finally, a task that appeals to me...

Alright, so that's not happening for a while, either.

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

We then make a quick trip back to Asgar's castle to restock on mercenaries after that pretty devastating attack, since another attack on that castle would definitely end with us losing. We grab 20 mercenaries, and then I immediately decide that 20 isn't enough and spend our last 1000 Filar on mercenaries as well.

Ongoing Costs: 50000 + 3000 = 53000 Filar

So Castle Wharis gets restocked, but, y'know, we still have like 40 mercenaries left over...

Let's attack Ronom again. We can do this!

And we can! Only ten mercenaries needed to fall for the castle to be taken.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 333 + 10 = 343

Inching closer to global domination! Now, let's teleport back to Jhalum and continue exploring.

♪ BGM: Jhalum - IceWasteland.mid

...what. Sadly, it only lasts for a few seconds.

What, why?
He's been so weird recently. And at night, he mumbles something about a pink rabbit. I'm afraid he's slowly becoming insane.
Oh, I have already seen completely different cases of insanity.
Let's just leave. I don't want to be reminded of it...

Oh, right. Alaine might have some rather unpleasant memories associated with insanity.

What's wrong with Dad? If he goes insane, I might get sent to a home!

Here's another bookcase that shows us how to cure mental debility of old age. The dialogue is the same as with the last bookcase.

Um, we just wanted to check if everything is in order...
Are you the new guards of this town? The old ones left, after all.
Something like that.
Oh well, do what you want. As long as you don't break anything, you're welcome here.

I finally want to go on vacation! If only I knew why Tremon keeps dodging the issue all the time...

Sigh, that reminds me of my first victim. A little girl named Sara, who wanted to sell matchsticks to me.
I can only shake my head...

Oho, sounds promising!

We're simply looking around and see if there's anyone who needs our help.
Well, everything's quiet here. Even the guards are gone.
That's good.

I love this town. Everything is so wonderfully peaceful...

But he says it's so nice here, we don't need to go somewhere else.
Well, I also think it's pretty nice here in this town.
Yes, great, just stab me in the back, too...

Slowly, this town starts to annoy me. I want to get away from here for once. For just a few days...

Thank you. That's really hospitable from you.
Well, we never had any problems here with thieves or criminals. So far, everyone of the few visitors we had were always very friendly. Most of the time, though, people are only passing by. After all, who would want to stay here?
Not everyone likes these cold temperatures.
I love the snow. That's why I moved here with my husband.
Well then, I guess we're going to keep going now.
Like every visitor, you are always welcome here...

I'm happy to meet new and friendly people for a change. That doesn't happen all too often...

Is that so rare?
Well, with all the snow and the guards, this town isn't exactly the biggest attraction for visitors. We're having at most one visitor about every six months.
Oh well, at least the guards are gone now.
What, really? I didn't even notice. Well, I guess I haven't been outside for quite some time...
Yes, they have been, um, reassigned somewhere else recently.
Well, perhaps now there are going to be a few more visitors here. Ragus, the shopkeeper here in town, would greatly appreciate that especially. He only pursues his business as a hobby right now.
Then today is his lucky day. We'll be needing one or more things...
That'll make him happy. His shop is right next to this one, east from here.

I'm afraid I'll have to get some more firewood again. How I hate that...

Well, let's go and check out that shop!

Oh. Right. I'm broke. Also, every weapon shop has the same inventory regardless, so it's not like this one is really notable. Oh well. Onwards!

Let's just say we're hardened as far as that is concerned.
Well, the people here are all very friendly. We don't get visitors very often, but if someone does come, they are always heartily welcomed. I'm sure you can warm yourselves up by one of the fireplaces if you feel like it.
That really is very friendly.
Oh, visits bring a change of pace to our small sedate town.

I love these snow flakes. Just marvelous how they slowly fall from the sky...

Hello. We wanted to ask around if there's anyone we can help, or if there are any kind of important events someone can tell us about...
Hm, thinking about this closely, I think you might be able to do ME a favor.
What favor?
Well, I was planning on giving my husband a picture as a gift. I want it to be a picture with a giant heart on it. And I want it to say: "You are my one and only". Because soon will be our wedding anniversary, and I want there to be a great present. That would be nice.
He will definitely like it, I'm sure of it.
However, I don't know any painter. That's why I would be glad if you can find one and let them make the picture.
1) We'll be happy to help. - 2) No, we don't have time for that.

Oooooon the pile.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Well, I assume the painting will cost about 600 Filar. Here is the money.
600 Filar received!
I heard there is supposed to be a very talented artist living in Genos. Perhaps you should take a look around there.
Good, we'll do that. Don't worry, we'll be back with the painting soon.
I'm already looking forward to it!

Alright, so yeah, this is a simple quest. We just head to Kelven, get the painting made, and head back to her. We'll do that eventually.

I hope I'll still be able to find a great anniversary gift in time...

Play? And what?
I will list 10 things, and then you have to guess which one wasn't on the list.
1) Sure, let's go. - 2) No, not now.
Okay, I will now list 10 things that you should memorize.
Let's go...
Tree. Shadow. Snow. Cupboard. Hair. Bird. Game. Plant. Clock. Sword.
Okay, and now?
Now you tell me which of the following three wasn't one of those I just listed.
What are they?
Shadow, plant, spear.
1) Shadow - 2) Plant - 3) Spear

Pretty easy when you're taking notes while playing.

Oh, you're right. I think it's great how you were playing so concentratively with me.

That's not a word.

You're welcome.
And your attentiveness should be rewarded, too.
It's all right, it was fun for us.
No, take this. I found this while I was playing outside.
Light Rune received!

Oooh, fancy!

This stone shines so beautifully. I hope you'll like it.
Oh, thank you very much.

I hope these people will play with me. Mommy and Daddy no longer want to play my guessing game with me for some reason...

Am I included, too?
I think not.
Oh, come on. Just because I already killed hundreds of humans, that still doesn't mean I can't be celebrated as a hero.
As an anti-hero, maybe.
That would at least be a start, hehe...

No, not yet.
I just don't know what I'm supposed to give her as a present. I already have something, but I'm not sure she will like it.
What is it?
I have this beautiful necklace. I though jewelry is always good with women.
Oh, you can't go too wrong with that one, I think.
You don't even like wearing jewelry.
The only necklace you ever gave to me was one that had a skull on it!
Well, I thought it was really beautiful.
Yes, YOU, perhaps...

I hope that she will like the necklace that I bought for her...

That I've finally seen a ghoul!
What makes you think that we are ghouls?
Daddy told stories, like about werewolves and ghouls. And you look like the ghouls from his stories.
Hm, how exactly do we look, then?
Pale skin, pallid hair, and fat pug noses!
WHO has a pug nose here, brat!?

And the kid runs away a bit.

Hm, are they or are they not some of them?

Thanks, but we actually just wanted to look around here.
Without drinking anything? Oh, come now, what can I get you?
We don't want anything, got that!
All right, all right. No reason to get so aggressive on me.
Pretty empty today, huh?
Yes, great. Just rub some salt into my wound, too, will ya? Of course it's empty here. For whatever reason, all the guards in this town ran off all of a sudden and never came back. They were my regular customers. Barely anyone of the townsfolk ever enter this place.
Hm, tragic.
If it continues like this, I can soon pack my bags.

Where did all my beloved soldiers go? They've been getting drunk every night. And now they're all gone... *sigh*

Hello, you. Aren't you a little too young for a bar?
That's my daddy over there! The whole place is his.
I see. Well, in that case, I'll let you off the hook this time.
Hehe, are you steadily drinking your schnapps every day?
What is schnapps?
Something really delicious. You should steal a bottle from your daddy once.
Asgar, stop it!
You're taking away all the fun from this child...

Oh, that Asgar. Getting kids drunk.

Bah, these people here kind of smell like death...

Anyway, that's it for Jhalum, and that's it for the update. Next time, we're doing much of the same! Housekeeping, exploring a castle, and exploring a town. We've got a few of those still left, folks.