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Part 69: Update LII - Odds And Ends

Update LII - Odds And Ends

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Alright, so, last time I said something about doing the pyramid, but well, as comes so often with my LPs, it's time for me to call an audible. The thing is that doing the pyramid sets off a chain of events that very highly recommends doing the next few quests in the main line directly afterwards, and I want to be prepared for that. So instead, we're just gonna Do A Bunch Of Shit (TM). I've had some stuff on my to-do list for a while, and now it's time to clean up.

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

The first step on that road is going to be cleaning out those ruined cities from the old world... or, well, new world? This pseudo-time-travel shit is weird.

♪ BGM: Klennar - Klennar.mid

And the first stop on that first step will be Klennar. We've been here before, but we didn't spend a lot of time here, we just had a quick in-and-out to grab a thief.

Klennar has... seen better times.

See, here's the better times!

Anyway, in town we basically just fight these boar things, and they're annoying because they're resillient as all hell.

We also get a neat recipe! We'll be learning that eventually.

is, as always, SephiMike's Beer.

Wooo, callbacks!

At least these types of books don't lack cynicism.

Luckily, vampires don't have any problems with their weight, hehe... at least as long as you make sure to consume low-cholesterol blood.

Sounds like a grand old time.

Reprocessing of one's own psyche can be overdone, too!

Sweet vendor trash!

Also, some attacks interrupting our fun.

This is actually the first time the attack formation has actually mattered.

Seventeen knights end up taking out ten mercenaries.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 572 + 10 = 582

Now, let's drop by a familiar place.

Everything is destroyed! God damn it!
Nothing we can still save here anyway...
Hey, calm down, pal. That wasn't me. Well, not quite, anyway...
Let it go, Valnar. It's pointless anyway. When everything's over, we'll find ourselves a new home. There's really nothing we can salvage here...
My beloved house... so that's it...

Hey, what's that in the top left corner?

You have a secret entrance in your house?
You don't really think we're always sleeping in beds, do you..

And so here we have Valnar and Alaine's secret room! Aaaand... there's nothing to do here! Yup, there is actually nothing for us here, it's just a little thing for us to see. On to the next houses!

Hehe, the kind of crap that can be found.
I agree with you for once.

Sometimes, I wonder if the writers of such books have ever learned anything sensible.

A true classic.
Sexist trash.

And that'll do it for Klennar.

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

Next stop, Shannar.

♪ BGM: Elras Mines - CRUCIBR.mid

Music reuse once more.

Shannar has also seen better times.

Here's what it looked like in the first game. Quite similar!

Here, we get to fight some lizard dudes. The purple one can inflict Bleeding, which sucks, but that's about it. We're also quite a bit overleveled for this area, so dealing with the enemies isn't that tough.

Sadly, it seems like the stairs to the asylum collapsed, so we're not going to be checking that out.

We find another neat recipe in some books.

Oh, hey, that's the original Japanese release. It got localized as Resident Evil over here.

...OK, that was a bad one, I admit.

By which writer?
Sango Bango.
Does anyone of you know him?
The name doesn't ring a bell.

...he ain't my boy, but the brother is heavy? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine as to what this is about.

Also, a person!

Don't worry, we're not going to.
Oh, yeah?
It was... the earthquake! Then there was the white light! It appeared all of a sudden. When I regained consciousness... everything was destroyed! Many of my friends fell down into the deep abysses, and the ones who could save themselves from that, got eaten by the fast approaching monsters! *sob* *sob*
Come, we'll take you to a safer place!
No, I... can't!
Why not?
I... have to find my friends. Maybe some of them are still alive...
That's suicide.
Oh, just let her stay here. Only useful people may come to my castle!
Why? WHY? *sob*
Well, if she doesn't want to, she doesn't want to...
There's no way she'll survive here another day.
That's absolutely not our problem. So, let's go. Or I'll be the one to kill her...

Where did the damn light come from? What god has punished us so hard? Oh, what a dreadful fate...

Alright, so, this person does absolutely nothing. Also, she is female. Do you know what that means?

Now we have a full collection!

Matter of Attitude", and "Those Who Have Nothing Should Find Themselves Something".

Well, too bad we hadn't been interviewed as witnesses by the author. That would surely have increased the book's value notably.

"Macabre Games In The Brothel".

I wonder what that second one's about.

Primitive trash prose.

I like that "somehow" in there.

Such a shame what happened to Shannar.
Hey, it's not my fault!

I like them.

Well, that's something new. Anyway, that's it for Shannar.

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Now, before we start heading out again, a quick trip back home.

We have the souls and learning points, so we pick up another second level skill we'll need. This lets us read some more recipes. Can't really use them yet, mind, but I guess it's progress.

♪ BGM: Shrine Of Light - wreckage2.mid

Next, we have some stones to use, so let's go out and use them on the shrines and pick up some rune generators while we're at it. The light shrine gives us additional hitpoints and the light rune generator.

♪ BGM: Asran - calmness.mid

The shadow shrine gives us blood points and the shadow rune generator.

♪ BGM: Shrine Of Water - hoslml01.mid

And the water shrine gives us intelligence and the ice rune generator.

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Heading back home, we find that our rune generator room has gotten a lot more populated. However, we're still missing the earth shrine, which needs a brown stone, gives us defense, and gives us the status rune generator. We'll get that eventually, I hope.

Because of reasons, we turn our soul fragments into extra light runes.

With that expedition done, it's time to resume our other expedition into the towns that got their shit wrecked by the world shifting.

♪ BGM: Scheming Elras - Cave01.mid

Melsan is the last of the towns we still have to visit.

It, too, has seen significantly better times.

Now, weird... jaguarmen (?) are roaming the streets and houses. Actually, according to the game files, they're gnolls. Guess that works.

Oh no, the scarecrows have been beheaded! Oh, the humanity!

Ah, memories.


I don't like where this is going... or do I like it?

Maria: MERCY, SIR!
Please scream as loud as you can before you hit the ground and break your neck, would you? After all, we want to get the attention of the guards!
That's a good girl! And now, die!
You're insane!

Goooood times.

Sadly, we can't enter this place. I even checked in RPG Maker again - this is just stuck permanently.

Another bounty hunter shows up and gets royally wrecked, since we are currently approximately 40 levels above the recommended level for this bounty hunter type.

Hm, with these, we could at least teach our warriors a thing or two...
Strength of the Vampire Warriors increased by 1!

Man. That is just worthless. We'd need to really get into turning people into vampires for our army for this to be of any real use. Strength in numbers, people. Anyway, that's it for Melsan. Not a lot here, but whatever.

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

Our next stop is this place out in the middle of nowhere.

♪ BGM: Refugee Tents - Endless.mid

Here, we have some tents! And people, too!

Survivors? What do you mean?
Didn't you see that light? The light that changed everything?
Are you survivors of the world shifting? Where are you from?
Asdion. But that town does no longer exist. It has completely vanished off the face of the earth! There was never an earthquake like that before!
How many are you?
At first, we were six adults and three children, but sadly, some of us have passed away by now. *sigh*
Why don't you go to one of the nearby cities?
We already were at the castle southeast from here, but we were attacked by some evil men in black cloaks there!
The Elras!
If that's what you want to call them... but their intentions were abysmally evil, and so I lost two good friends to them... *sigh*
We also have a castle, don't you want to come with us?
Hold on a second...
Thank you, but we feel safer here. This world has completely changed. We're going to found a new city here, and we will try to find our way around this new world...
As you wish. We're going to take care of the Elras!
I wish you good luck. They deserve death.
They will get it. And you, my dear Valnar, have no right to generously rent out my castle like that!
YOU'RE not the boss of me!
Stop it now! It's really terrible with you two!

What happened to this world? First, there was that light, and then, that earthquake, and everything was different afterwards...

Wooo, more attacks.

13 Elras take out 5 mercenaries, which is... well, damn.

Mercenaries Lost To Global Domination: 582 + 5 = 587

Are you okay?
*cough* I'm fine. *cough* It's only dust that's lingering in the air all the time... *cough* *cough*
You really should leave.
*cough* No, at least this place is safe from those evil men from the castle southeast from here...
Well, if you say so...

Where did that damn light come from? I don't understand this at all...

I didn't even do anything yet, grandpa!
Curse you all!
Looks like he received a small crack...

If only I was younger. Then I could show those wretched black cloaks who's boss...

Um, not really, no. Has she gone missing?
My daughter Jelena wanted to fetch some water from the pond northeast from here, but she's been gone for four hours already!
Why aren't you looking for her yourself?
If I leave this place, the village will be undefended. With all the monsters in the nearby woods, that's pretty dangerous.
Then why did you let your daughter leave on her own in the first place?
Normally, she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She sneaks around the woods like a fox. And I am fully trusting her abilities. It's just that she's been gone today for quite a bit longer than usual...
1) We'll take a look... - 2) She'll be back on her own.

Hidden sidequest excitement time!

That's really nice of you. She ought to be at the pond northeast from here.
All right, we'll see if she's there.

Just what happened to this world? That light, and all of a sudden, everything was different...

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

The place we're heading to is very close.

♪ BGM: The Armored Carriage - enemy.mid

The area is nothing special. It's just a big pond with some grass around it. Also, there's another werewolf to recruit into our army!

Also, we fight some lizard dudes.

Jelena, are you in there?
Please help me, those damn monsters surprised me, and now I'm stuck here!
We're taking care of the monsters!

Alright, so then we murder all the monsters. And then...

You can come out, the monsters are all dead!

barrel until morning!
Your father is worried about you.
I'm going to tell him what nice people you are!

And off she goes.

That's been taken care of, then.
Why do all the girls always hide in barrels?


♪ BGM: Refugee Tents - Endless.mid

heroic deeds!
You're welcome. But she should be more careful in the future.
She will be, I'm sure of it! I don't have much that I can give you as a thank you, but perhaps these can help you...
Ring of Hope received! Status Rune received!
1) Thanks, and good luck. - 2) Your daughter's lying! (Lie)

Time for some free loot!

What do you mean?
Um, she wasn't even at the pond. She was playing inside a cave, and she got attacked!
What, she wasn't at the pond? Oh, I'm going to tell her a few things! She wasn't allowed to enter the dangerous caves! It was right of you to tell me this. I need to speak a few serious words with Jelena! Here, take these Flame Potions, and incinerate with them all the evil in this world. There is far too much of that in this world...
3 Flame Potions received! 38016 Experience Points gained!

for quite some time!
Oh, we know how to deal with girls in barrels...
Huh, what do you mean?
Oh, never mind...

Valnar, the last girl in a barrel you dealt with fucking died.

Oh, well, thank you, in any case.

Ha, ha, your dad is going to beat the shit out of you because I wanted more loot. I am a good person.

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

Our next destination in our world tour brings us here, to a fairly interesting location.

♪ BGM: The Circus - Magincia.mid

It's a wandering circus! Let's look at the attractions!

Hm, not very exciting.

Asgar is also not impressed.

Bull Man? Could it be...
Ronak did tell us something about a circus...
Hm, seems like he was referring to this place...
Oh well, but he did manage to free himself as we can see on the iron bars.
And the fact that he's currently in my castle.
Yes, THAT too, smartass...
Stop arguing! It's annoying!
Valnar started it!
No, Asgar started it!

Um, hello... is this here a... circus?
Mine, MINE, hihihihi... suddenly, mountains there... HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!
Totally confused, this poor thing...
It seems the shifting of the world has hit her pretty hard.
I think she was already crazy before that.
HIHIHIHIHIHIHI! Look, LOOK! Wonderful creatures! All MINE!
Let's just leave.

Hihihihihi, the world is going to die! Hihihihihihi...

Looks strong.
It would probably be no easy foe.
For you guys perhaps...

Well, it's a werewolf, and that means it goes to our castle!

Damn it, I always thought that was ME...
So many humans that I have already killed...
And you're probably proud of that, as well, right?
Of course, what do you think?
No comment on that...

Hm, let's check that out.

What kind of strange creature is this?
Definitely not a vampire.
I'm going to eat your souls!
Ah, a soul eater...

Now, with that done, on to the "stuff we missed" portion of this update.

♪ BGM: Zilahs - Christmas4cut.mid

In Zilahs, we missed out on some free stuff. You can actually check this chest again for some additional loot!

5000 Filar obtained!

Good to see that you've gotten better again.
Yes, I'm feeling much better now. Thanks to you!
We were happy to help!
I have something for you. Dad doesn't know about this, but I have found this when I was playing outside. I want to give this to you...
Life Ankh received!
Thank you!
I am the one who has to thank you!

More free stuff!

Next, we've been accumulating these teleporting stones, and I think we're strong enough to take on whatever lurks behind those teleports. So let's do it.

♪ BGM: Sweet Lullaby - DreamscapeForest.mid

Teleport stone 1 takes us to some forest. Note a bounty hunter about to get murdered. But this place doesn't actually have anything really interesting - you're probably just going to end up here when you find the stone when you're like level 10 and get pulverized by the enemies. Fun times. Let's try stone 5.

♪ BGM: The Volcano - Vulkan.mid

Oh, well this is interesting! This drops us into the volcano, the area we're supposed to explore to find the red key. We're going to get there eventually. The chest gives us a sword that is two levels below what we currently have. Aces.

♪ BGM: House In The Woods - elfen.mid

The teleporter there drops us into some random area that doesn't have anything interesting. Now, let's use stone 6.

♪ BGM: The Cave You Think It Is - horror46.mid

This then drops us into a small area in The Cave You Think It Is. The chest has three savestones, which are welcomed. And the teleporter leading out takes us to...

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

into MY castle?
We can only hope that nobody else finds it...
There must ALWAYS be guards stationed here. I don't want any unpleasant surprises...

♪ BGM: Coffins For Sale - stan.mid

Our next stop is Stan's place. Since we hit level 60, we can now buy Stan's super-swanky coffins. These coffins heal all your HP and cure all negative status effects. This is awesome, because it gives us a solution to the conundrum I hit in VD1 - the "I have a status effect and no way to heal it" problem. There are quite a few effects we can't cure right now, and our old friend Curse is one of them.

♪ BGM: Mirana - Stadt11.mid

Next up is Mirana. First of all, don't think I didn't forget about this motherfucker.

Get turned into an item, motherfucker. He turns into a Healing Elixir, which is appreciated.

Then, we have the mayor's house. Before, we were stymied by a receptionist that didn't want to let us in. What is the solution to this problem?

Murdering her. Yep. This is the only way to get into this house.

house maid was still peaceful. But that girl does nothing but cause trouble all day.
Like what, for example?
She always wants new dresses. She just throws her old ones into the corner, even though she wore them only one or two times. And then I always have to throw them away! I've never seen such a spoiled brat before. Horrible.
Kids are the worst anyway...

That brat Therry is annoying me so much. If only the mayor had never gotten a daughter... and these mutts are annoying me, too! Damn it...

the fires of hell.
A teleporting stone to hell? Who would believe such a thing?

I'm fairly sure the teleporting stone we had that sent us to the volcano is what is being referred to here.

of The World In 30 Days."
30 days? Pfff, I can do it in 10!

Asgar is the world record holder in World Domination's any% category.

can be found on this shelf.
Hm, maybe I should send those to Ronak...

Nice title, reminds me of myself, hehe...

someone takes care so much of the wellbeing of this town.
That surely can't hurt.
And he pays us quite well, too. The house maids of Lisa get paid way worse. That's why I'm glad to work for mayor Quinn.

I hope I don't have to tidy up Therry's room, as well. That really annoys me.

Oh, it's boring, I already know it.
You read something like this?
Huh, what, no, of course not. I never said that!
Typical Asgar...

Looks like it is quite a bit.

Spoilsport. Also, your headshot is totally just an old version of Scrooge.

Oh, yes, of course...

That's correct. We actually just wanted to ask around what kind of news there have been in Mirana lately and if we can help in some way.
What's this about? First, I am not an information office, and second, I am not an employment agency. How could the reception lady have let someone like you through? I'm going to fire her.
(Arrogant asshole.)
(Hehe, I'm afraid you won't be able to fire your reception lady anymore.)
In that case, we'd better go.
And NEVER come back!
(And again one mayor more on my "I hate mayors" list.)

Papa, buy me this, Papa buy me that... Therry really is too spoiled. But how am I supposed to resist her small begging eyes?

You know what, let me help you with that.

There, problem solved. And now I'm going to loot your chest because that's how I roll.

Shadow Rune obtained! 5000 Filar obtained!

Worth it. Our Humanity is still at like 82 thanks to all the sidequests, so we're positively saintly.

Um, no.
Damn it, where did I put it again? After all, I can't wear this one tomorrow. I've already worn this one twice. The house maids should throw it away.
You throw away your dresses after wearing them twice?
No, the house maids throw them away. I'm only giving the order.
Don't you think that's a little wasteful?
Well, in that case...

Papa should buy me a yellow dress tomorrow. It will go well with my hair. The day after tomorrow, I want a blue one. Then I can finally throw this one away.

Your dad's dead, you know.

My husband is on the third floor.
Everything all right here?
What a weird question. Yes, I am fine. But now, please leave this room.

Therry wants a new dress once again. She's worn the last one only one time so far. But oh well, I don't want her growth to get harmed, after all.

I hate books where you already know beforehand how it's going to end!

I like children's books.
And I like children. As a small appetizer, hehe...

It makes you wonder who has that much time to read this book. Or to write it, for that matter...

♪ BGM: A Truth Revealed - WraithTouch.mid

Alright, so we're basically done with our exploration tour. However, there is still one last bit we need to check out. And this is something I just want you to see for your own, so I'm going to give you a video. Without further ado, here's our final destination for the day. Enjoy.