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Part 77: Update LX - Ending I: Good / Hard

Update LX - Ending I: Good / Hard

♪ BGM: Cave Of The Elras - Staffroll.mid

Well, it's time to end this. For the first time, anyway. We're bringing the male vampire mage for Dark Ritual. We're also bringing fuck-all for recovery items. I have exactly two Blood Nectar items (+300 BP for the entire party), and that is it. This might turn out to be a bad decision. Well, let's just do it because fuck it, let's rock.

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

We enter some sort of ominous chamber...

...and face off with Ghadar and Gorgoth.

Ah, so you're gracing us with your presence after all... we were already expecting you.
Yes, of course! How else am I going to cut off your heads!?
You worm, we're not talking to you!
Enough with the games! We're going to stop you now! You will not throw this world into ruination...
You fools. You have no idea what this spell even does...
Nothing good, that's for sure!
Enough with this pointless chatter. Morlong, get over here now!
Who is this Morlon?
Haven't I been long enough inside your body for you to notice?
I'm going to pay you back for that, in any case, you wretch!




Thinking about it, I forgot to do that for the Ustra reveal.

Damn it, Valnar, what are you doing!? Come back here!
Now he's completely lost his mind... it was only a matter of time.
Hehe, come now, don't act so surprised. Wasn't it obvious?
How can this be? We were always together. Never did I see how a Shadow Wraith took control of him!
Okay, at least that explains his weird visions...
Try to remember the moment when you killed Vincent Weynard...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Expect no mercy, you bastard!
It's like the saying goes: "The death is the end. But a vampire's death is just the beginning... of endless pain!"
I... am... the... creator... YOUR creator...
Too bad a vampire only can't kill his direct creator... and sadly, you are not our direct creator... that means you're going to die!

How could he do this to me? it over now?

Weynard's body flashes red.

Apparently not!

I'm not sure... maybe Vincent's Blood Spirit? I don't know for sure... maybe we can find a clue here or something like that!

What is it?

Hm... looks like a spellbook!
Oh yes... it IS a spellbook! And what a spellbook!
What kind of spells are written in it?

♪ BGM: Megalomania - Laughter2.mid

In case you haven't picked up on this yet, this is a complete remake of the same scene from VD1. I feel like a quarter of what we're given would have worked just as well. I guess you could go back and compare this translation to mine of the same scene back in VD1? You know, if you REALLY have nothing to do...

Why are you laughing like that, Asgar?
It's finally time! This is the most powerful spellbook I have ever seen!
So what does it say?

The only difference here is that every once in a while, Weynard's corpse flashes black.

I will rule! Over the entire world! I'm going to enslave all humans. Being my food is going to be their only purpose!
Have you gone completely nuts now?
This red spirit is pure energy! Death energy! And this book tells me how I can take advantage of it. It is the most powerful soul of this planet! And this book gives me the power to become the one and only ruler of this world!

This line is highlighted. Pretty sure this is the only line that is in the entire game. Otherwise, it's just key words that come up for the first time, like "Holy Crusade" or "Blood Spirit".

A huge army of undead! Yes, the world is all set for a fundamental change! By ME!
Think about it! Why did Vincent never use this supposedly powerful spell?
Oh, Valnar! I can even give you three good reasons for that! First: He never had the guts to cast such a powerful spell like this! Second: He didn't want an army of undead. He wanted HUMANS around him! But the most likely reason is the third: He couldn't! He turned himself into the first vampire with a very powerful spell! But for the other spells in this book, he required a truly powerful soul. And he never had such a soul. He had to sacrifice himself for one of these spells, but obviously that was nothing he desired. BUT I... I DO HAVE A SOUL LIKE THAT NOW! I HAVE THE REQUIRED POWER FOR THIS SPELL! I'm going to rule over thousands of skeletons, zombies, and vampires! I'm going to be overly powerful!

Asgar then absorbs Weynard's Blood Spirit.

I will NEVER allow that! And neither will Alaine!

Fade to black.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

And Asgar was right all along. He was going to change the world. Although in a slightly different manner than he anticipated. But before that, you two had chopped off his head in the ether plane. Barbaric...
You talk about barbaric!? Look at yourself! The Elras have killed thousands of humans...
Ts... but what you didn't notice, my dear Valnar, was the Shadow Wraith inside of Vincent's body. After you had killed Asgar...

♪ BGM: Disaster - AftertheStorm.mid was fate... that's how it must be!
What do we do now?
I don't know, Valnar! But I'm glad we are still together!
So am I, Alaine!
Let's return to the castle!
Okay... we will think about what to do there...

Are you all right, Valnar?
Yes... I just had some kind of weird tingling feeling...
That's probably still because of the ether plane...
Probably. Let's go, this place disgusts me!

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

Waiting for the proper moment, in order to take control of your friend...
How could this worm have never noticed it!? And why didn't he use the book much sooner in order to release you? After all, he had the book by his side the whole time...
Very simple, he didn't know how he could release us. He didn't know that he only needed to cast the correct spell in order to free us. And randomly casting spells from the spell book would have cost him way too much power, which he didn't have. Valnar was way too weak to cast the spells that would have released us. After he killed his creator, he lost too much strength. And inside of Valnar's head, he was trying to find a way. Didn't you notice how often Valnar had stood up at night without him knowing?
No, it can't be! Valnar, listen to your inner voice! You are VALNAR!
Give it up, Alaine... he is too weak for the Shadow Wraith!
NO! VALNAR! I love you! Remember your own self! You are VALNAR!

Morlon, it is time. Let us activate the stone tablet...

And here is where the endings divert. Our ending is determined by two factors - the first one is the difficulty, and the second one is humanity. Difficulty is straightforward - depending on whether we're playing on easy, normal or hard difficulty, events will progress differently.

However, right here is where the good/evil split comes into play. Whether Valnar or Morlon win this battle depends on two factors. If your humanity is at 49 or lower, then Morlon wins. If you lost the boss battle in the center of the mind, then Morlon wins. If neither of those are true, then Valnar wins. So in our case, we won the battle in the center of the mind, and our humanity is somewhere around 80, so Valnar wins out, and we're on track for the good ending.


Valnar, I am so glad...
How can this be!?
That's what I'm wondering, as well...
I have already defeated your wretched Shadow Wraith once! After we used the life rune!
What life rune?
The one we received from Ustra!
What was that? A life rune!? How can this be? A life rune has the power to destroy a Shadow Wraith? Curse you, Ustra! Curse you to hell!
And my humanity has helped me to remember all the things taht are really important to me! Alaine...
Fine. So then our plan didn't quite work as we were expecting!
But in the end, we are still going to be the ones to be victorious. We will have endless power!
This is your end...
You will wish you had never destroyed your Shadow Wraith!

It's time. We don't really have anything to prepare, so let's get to it.

♪ BGM: Endgame Battles - BossBattle.mid

This is going to be fun.

Raron / Gorgoth:

Recommended level: 99

HP: 13000
BP: 2000
Attack: 999
Defense: 950
Intelligence: 500
Agility: 500

Behavior List:

- Attack
- Holy Regeneration 3 (heals all enemies, base healing of 500, also inflicts Regeneration 3 on all enemies)
- Neutralization (hits all party members, reduces Intelligence by a base effect of 10, removes Regeneration, Mirror and Phantom with a base chance of 100%)
- Magical Mirror (targets self, raises Agility by a base effect of 10, inflicts Mirror with a base chance of 100%)
- Phantom (targets self, raises Agility by a base effect of 10, inflicts Phantom with a base chance of 100%)
- Magical Healing (heals all enemies, base healing of 300, cures all negative status effects)
- Purification (targets all enemies, raises Intelligence by a base effect of 10, cures all negative status effects)
- Crippling Frost (targets one party member, deals base 600 ice damage, inflicts Paralyzed with a base chance of 100%)
- Attack
- Attack
- Holy Sand (hits all party members, removes Regeneration, Mirror and Phantom with a base chance of 100%)
- Holy Sand (hits all party members, removes Regeneration, Mirror and Phantom with a base chance of 100%)

Gorgoth is the support caster of the group. He can basically fuck your plans to use status effects up pretty hard, can heal a fuckton of damage, and can of course use Mirror and Phantom.

Jayna / Ghadar:

Recommended level: 99

HP: 13000
BP: 2000
Attack: 999
Defense: 950
Intelligence: 500
Agility: 500

Behavior List:

- Attack
- Transform into Form 2 (only when at 50% health or lower, will do this ASAP)
- Traitor (targets one party member, inflicts Confused with a base chance of 50%)
- Rusty Armor (targets one party member, reduces Defense by 500)
- Great Storm (targets all party members, 500 base water damage)
- Apocalypse (targets all party members, 800 base fire damage)
- Wrath of the Gods (targets all party members, 750 base light damage)
- Attack
- Holy Sand (hits all party members, removes Regeneration, Mirror and Phantom with a base chance of 100%)
- Holy Sand (hits all party members, removes Regeneration, Mirror and Phantom with a base chance of 100%)

Ghadar is the offensive caster of the group. He has some real "fuck you" spells, with Rusty Armor being chief among them. 500 less Defense is at least half lost, if not more, and attacks after that are going to fucking hurt. He has a ton of elemental damage, so you can't resist one particular type and defang him that way.

Also, to add to the fun, this fight also has the hidden ability Ustra had - every ten rounds, a white flash removes Mirror and Phantom from the entire party, because fuck you.

Now here's something *super* fucking weird. The moment the fight starts, both enemies take 6000 damage, just like that. Now, this is nothing unusual if you're playing on easy difficulty. There, a ton of bosses lose HP the moment the fight starts to give you an easier time, and indeed, if you fight these two on easy, they lose 7000 HP the moment the fight starts. However, this group is the only one in the entire game that has the bosses losing HP on hard. This is the only fight that might actually be harder on normal difficulty.

Anyway, Valnar gets paralyzed by Crippling Frost immediately. Alaine and Asgar start swinging for the fences with Ultima 2, and the mage throws acid potions at the enemies to reduce their defense.

With the HP removed at the beginning and a few spells, Ghadar is below 50% health already, so he shifts into Form 2. What's Form 2 like?

Jayna / Ghadar - Form 2:

Recommended level: 99

HP: 13000
BP: 2000
Attack: 999
Defense: 950
Intelligence: 500
Agility: 460

Behavior List:

- Attack
- Death Haze (targets all party members, inflicts Rigor with a base chance of 20%)
- Apocalypse (targets all party members, 800 base fire damage)
- Massive Tide (targets all party members, 800 base water damage)
- Attack

It's a fucking asshole, that's what. The spell damage is upped, and he gets that fucking bastard death spell that wrecked my shit so hard before.

Now, Alaine and Asgar use Ultima 2 again, and the mage starts using Dark Ritual on them now. Basically, from that point on, I'm in full damage race mode - I have no healing abilities or anything, I just have to hope my guys do more damage than their guys.

Thankfully, I get super fucking lucky with Death Haze, and each time Ghadar uses it, it completely fizzles. Furthermore, I realized that you can just buy Holy Sand from Mandrake, so when Gorgoth uses Phantom on Ghadar, I can just dispel it away again.

And thanks to some good damage from us and some really good luck, we make it through. Valnar lost the Paralyze status just in time to watch Alaine kill Ghadar. Useless git.

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

Come on, kill me! Kill YOUR DAUGHTER!
Oh, no...
Finish it, Valnar! Otherwise, this will never end!

Do it, you immortal fuck!

You can't destroy us! As soon as you strike me down, my Shadow Wraith is going to take over your body! And I am not going to be as weak as Morlon!
I actually think that you're going to rot away inside this banishment stone for all eternity...
A banishment stone? Oh no... NOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT AGAIN!
That is for everything you Elras have done to Alaine!

It is done...
Valnar, we did it! Oh, how I love you!
I love you, Alaine!
All right, so it must be. I can't stand this... it would appear that it's over once and for all between us, Alaine. You have chosen this loser... I wasn't able to win you back over. That's why you can stay together for all eternity.

In hell!




Asgar, damn it, what are you doing?
You traitor!
You dare to call me a traitor? YOU were the one who pushed himself between me and Alaine! I have gifted you a wonderful life as a vampire, and this is how you thank me! You are despicable, Valnar!
Very well, you didn't want it any other way, Asgar. It seems dying once wasn't enough for you. But this time, you won't be able to arise again. We're going to burn the book!
I'm afraid you're going to need it more than I will!

Yup! It's time for a double boss fight!

I used the two Blood Nectars to fill up our BP and heal up, but I make a bit of a mistake. I forgot that the Rage status from lack of BP only goes away after a while. Also, note Valnar not being in the party. Remember, Asgar is his creator, and thus Valnar cannot attack him!

♪ BGM: Stronger Enemies - VD2Kampf3.mid

And because of that, we're just going to have to fight this fight on autopilot.


Recommended level: 99

HP: 10000
BP: 2000
Attack: 700
Defense: 700
Intelligence: 600

Behavior List:

- Attack
- Arctic Cold (targets one party member, deals 500 base ice damage)
- Nothingness Shadow (targets one party member, deals 600 base shadow damage)
- Raven Whispering (targets one party member, deals 800 base shadow damage, inflicts Blind with a base 100% success chance)
- Attack
- Attack

Asgar's not that tough, actually.

We proc Bleeding on him thanks to our vampire weapons, and from then on, he can't last long. I actually went to take a piss during this fight. It's weird having a boss fight where I have to do exactly nothing.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

without one. You are nothing but scum in my eyes!
I... have always loved you... my life without you... is... worthless... forgive me...

You were too much of a threat to humanity...
And all I want is a happy life with you, Valnar!
Let's start anew. A completely new life. To be forever happy!
There is nothing more I wish for, Valnar!

Raron's and Jayna's bodies start flashing black.

There they are.

It is over...
We've actually done it once again.
What now?
We take Asgar's and Jayna's Blood Spirits and activate the stone tablet!
The stone tablet? Are you sure? What if it destroys the world?
I am sure that this is the only way to get back to our old world!
Valnar, I trust you. You have led us this far. Now do what you think is right.
I will use the stone tablet. I want to have our old world back.

Jayna's body starts flashing red.

Their Blood Spirits...
Please forgive us! I know that you had no control over yourself! But we need your Blood Spirit in order to have all the required souls and energy to activate the stone tablet. Please forgive us...

Valnar then absorbs her Blood Spirit.

And now, Asgar's Blood Spirit.

Valnar then absorbs his Blood Spirit as well.

Then I guess it's time... I hope my knowledge will be enough for this spell.

I would have shit myself if the game just went "nope, your Ancient Languages skill is too low and Valnar can't read the stone tablet". But it doesn't do that. What it does do...





Then I guess you're going to have to die now...
I don't know who you even are, but we didn't kill you! And for that, you should be grateful to us!
Just because you didn't kill me, that doesn't mean you are not my enemies! You want to use the stone tablet! It is going to destroy the world!
No, it will give us back the world that we miss so much.
I will not allow you to cast that spell!
It was foolish of you to follow us. But it is even more foolish of you to stand in our way!

Yup! It's time for a TRIPLE boss fight! Also, I might as well tell you now, this is another way the game does difficulty. On the good ending branch, you fight all three of these fights on hard difficulty, on normal difficulty Nyria doesn't show up, and on easy difficulty Nyria doesn't show up and Asgar just rolls his eyes at Valnar and Alaine going "I love you", and doesn't attack them.

I heal up Valnar as much as I can (he was basically dead after the first fight), and that's about all I can do. I have no more healing items or anything.

♪ BGM: Stronger Enemies - VD2Kampf3.mid

Let's rock.


Recommended level: 99

HP: 10000
BP: 800
Attack: 860
Defense: 920
Intelligence: 400
Agility: 400

Behavior List:

- Attack
- Blade Storm (targets all party members, deals 400 base damage, inflicts Bleeding with 90% base success chance)
- Gather Strength (targets self, heals 200 base HP and raises Attack by 200)
- Attack
- Attack

Oh, poor Nyria. Poor, poor Nyria. She doesn't stand a chance. Basically, Alaine gets her blood back using blood sucking, procs Bleeding on Nyria, and then everybody just spams powerful spells (Arctic Cold, Comet and Ultima 2).

She goes down super hard.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Well then, now should finally be the time...
I hope you are right about this spell...
It is our only chance...
I trust you.
Here we go...

The stone tablet then flashes violently, and then a cut to black.

Tune in for the thrilling conclusion, which will be posted... immediately!