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Part 79: Update LXI - Ending II: Good / Normal

Update LXI - Ending II: Good / Normal

♪ BGM: Step By Step

♪ BGM: Asgar's Castle - blood009.mid

Alright, now it's time to get the train rolling for alternate ending excitement woooooooo! To start things off, we now have a magic cheating crystal that I just plopped down in Asgar's castle! It gives us the maximum amount we can carry for money, souls, runes, and health / blood elixirs. Primarily, I want the last part. I'm basically out of resources, and healing items are what I need right now.

♪ BGM: Cave Of The Elras - Staffroll.mid

Next, I plopped down an old friend right before the final room. So let's do this - good and normal ending, here we come!

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

And, well, it turns out we're skipping a ton. We go all the way to after the fight with Asgar to find our difference. This is right after the Shadow Wraiths are banished into the stone.

Leave him. As the only Blood Spirit in the Crimson Realm, he will have a lot of time to think about his actions.

So you're just going to forget about Jayna, aren't you.

If he can still think with all the pain, that is...
He's used to it...

Asgar's Blood Spirit then disappears.

But without his energy, we might not be able to use the spell on the stone tablet...
I know...
Alaine, that means...
You know, Valnar, I think the stone tablet is too dangerous. We don't know what exactly the spell will do. It could change the world back to the way we know it. Or it could destroy the world. But this world is no longer foreign to us now.
On the contrary. We have seen many places, talked to many people, and accomplished a lot. We know this world just as much as we know our old world...
You're right. Let's begin a completely new life here. We won't ever get a better chance for a fresh start than right now.
Let us destroy the stone tablet and the book.
Where is the book?

So take note of this. Alaine searches Jayna's corpse and finds the book.

How are we going to destroy the stone tablet? Because using it incorrectly on purpose would only cause another world shifting. After all, we have plenty of soul energy...
Hm, then I guess there's only one solution. We have to collapse this cave and forget about its existence. So that no one can ever reach this stone tablet.
We are so deep under ground, I think that would be safe enough. Let's bury the book right with it.
Good, let's do it. Let's bury our old life in this cave!

The two start heading out.

How did the explosion spell work again?
Oh, Valnar, I love you!

After the two leave, we get to see Jayna's Blood Spirit floating away as well. After that, some explosion sounds...

...then a red tint and screen shaking as we fade to black.

♪ BGM: Bad Night Story - vamp9.mid

the Crimson Realm.
Yes, Asgar couldn't bear the fact that he wasn't able to get Alaine back to his side. Because he did really love her. But Alaine couldn't reciprocate that love.
Sad. But that was completely Asgar's fault.
That's true. Valnar and Alaine had decided not to let another world shifting occur. They didn't want to take the risk of destroying the world by using that spell.
Whereas Alaine was indeed right. They knew that "new" world just as much now as they knew their old world. The perfect new beginning.
But this time, it would be the last and final new beginning.
What happened to Jayna afterwards?
Well, despite being possessed by a Shadow Wraith, she was still a vampire.
Did they forget about her?
Perhaps. But perhaps they were no longer interested in Jayna's fate. The moment when Valnar cut off Jayna's head, he and Alaine had already mentally accepted that their "experiment" of having a daughter had failed.
But didn't they really love her?
Of course. But you can't forget about the fact that Jayna way already on Asgar's side before she got possessed by a Shadow Wraith. And of course, the two of them were aware of that. And that disappointed them heavily. And so they seemed to have drawn the final line once and for all by collapsing the Elras cave. Nothing shall ever bring them sorrow again. If they had revived Jayna, the relationship between the three would have never again been the way it was supposed to be.

Not that it ever was that in the first place.

That makes sense, Grandpa. But that means that Asgar wasn't really alone in the Crimson Realm...
Correct. And who knows what Asgar and Jayna were discussing there...
And what happened next, Grandpa?
Valnar and Alaine were now the owners of a few castles, as well as the leaders of mercenaries and vampires...

Fun fact - if you never create a vampire in the game, you actually get a different line here. Different as in that "and vampires" is removed. Remarkably, there are multiple parts in different endings that are changed to account for whether you've ever created a vampire or not. Mostly when troops are involved, where it's changed to be either vampires and mercenaries or just mercenaries.

♪ BGM: A New Beginning - campfire.mid

castles in our possession, perhaps?
I think it's for the best this way. The Clan makes sure that the vampires don't gain the upper hand. It is an equilibrium of forces that the world needs to prevent itself from plunging into chaos.
I guess you're right. It's not a good thing when one force stands alone.
Do you still think of the old world from time to time?
No, I know we did the right thing. Now, we can finally live in peace. No weapons, no evil forces. Just you and me. Forever...
You said that so nicely.
We no longer have to worry about anything. We can buy everything we need from the tax income from this castle. And the other castles are in care of Nyria, the leader of the Clan. And she is a wise leader. She has rebuilt the Clan, and she will make sure that no mercenary, vampire or werewolf will ever bring ruin to this world.
Let us enjoy our life. We still have so much ahead of us. All the things we have experienced are only a dark part of our past. From now on, things are going to get better...

And some more blood text.


She was never able to forget about the loss of her family. And so, she's tormenting herself every day...

I'm cursing those Elras every minute of my life.

Even though they weren't able to save my sister. But they did avenge my father. Even though it was MY duty. I failed. At least Valnar was so kind and brought me the second half of the amulet. This amulet is always supposed to remind me of all the things I still have to do.

What is it?
Sir Valnar and Lady Alaine are sending their best regards. They are watching the rebuilding of the Clan with good will, and they're hoping that you are doing well.
I'm glad to hear it. Send them our best regards, as well. They are welcome to visit me anytime. Whenever they want.
Of course, I'm sending a carrier pigeon right away.
Have the search parties found Thyrik yet?
I'm afraid not. That place Thyrik seems like it has vanished completely...
That can't be; keep looking!
We're doing our best, Lady Nyria. But you know all too well how big the world is. There is nothing but water at the place where you remember the town being.
It has to be somewhere...
We're going to increase the searching activities.
Any news about Sir Aaron?
Unfortunately, no. He is still missing. Our troops weren't able to find him yet.
That coward. But he must show himself somewhere eventually.

This ending is modular. This particular scene does obviously not happen if you end up killing Nyria at the Place of the Elras. Instead, you get a scene with a super duper ninth inning twist - turns out Nyria's mother is still alive! She's bopping around Mesdor, trying to find Nyria and Jayna. Of course, her chances of success are quite slim.

♪ BGM: The Sewers - EvilChoir.mid

You were wise in making me your leader! Even though my powers are inferior to yours. But with my experience, I can lead you to victory! Trust me, very soon, we're going to destroy the Clan and your traitorous creators! And then, the vampires will rule once again! Just like it was meant to be! Down with the humans!

Ever the opportunists. Anyway, if we don't create any vampires, Aaron instead tries to join up with the mercenaries and gets thrown into a river for his trouble. If we kill Aaron at the Place of the Elras, we instead get a scene where some werewolves consider eating his corpse, but think he tastes terrible, so they eat Jinnai's corpse instead. Regardless of what scene we get, we move on to this next one.

♪ BGM: The Crimson Realm - Trident.mid

two of them has been quite a bit more than cold since the recent occurrences, so it wasn't a surprise that these two were approaching each other with increasing aversion...

I can't believe what I'm hearing! YOU were the one who made me become what I am!
If only I had never taught you anything!
If only you hadn't let yourself get possessed! You have destroyed my life!
Me? ME? Who had turned you into a vampire in the first place!?
That damn Alaine!
The very same Alaine who has rejected my love! And it's all Valnar's fault!
I could never stand him! He's so weak and disgustingly human friendly!
Oh, damn Valnar! One day, I will return, and then you will bleed!
And Alaine will follow!
Yes, one day, vengeance will be MINE!
You mean OURS. One day, vengeance will be OURS!
Pfff, I haven't decided yet whether I bring you back with me or not after everything you have done to me...
WHAT!? You are one damn asshole! But you know what, maybe I will be the one to get out of here before you! And then, I'm going to let you rot here forever!
YOU? Don't make me laugh! You are way too young! You don't have the strength to materialize in the real world!
Oh, I don't? Just you wait, I'll show you!
Well, then, I'm waiting!
I am the same generation as you are, after all, you worm!
Pah, and I'm still significantly more powerful than you!
I can't take this any longer, I'm out of here!
Get lost already! Absolutely no one can bear your whining!
My WHINING? EXCUSE ME? OH, you old jerk! If you weren't suffering already, I would show you what it means to be in real pain!
Your juvenile naivety is truly laughable! YOUR body has probably been already eaten up by maggots by now!
Oh, and yours hasn't been, or what, asshole!?
My body just radiates evil energy! Every worm would immediately incinerate if it even dares to nibble at me!
I rather think that your body smells so putrid, not even the worms dare to touch it!
Jerk! Now, be amazed as I'm about to look around in the real world for a way to get out of here!

Jayna then flashes and disappears.

I need to find a way out of here as quickly as possible! I can't stand that brat for one more minute!

♪ BGM: Ustra's Pyramid - Pyramide.mid

Come on, girls, there MUST be something here! We didn't fight our way through here for nothing! This pyramid was well hidden, there couldn't have been someone here before us! After all, we have to use our new freedom that was given to us by doing the thing we can do best! Steal, steal, steal...
Hmmm, perhaps Ustra had left one or two useful spells laying around here somewhere. Mekados, for example... and these stupid thieves here might prove to be useful... all I have to do is come up with a decent plan, and then vengeance will be mine!

♪ BGM: A New Beginning - campfire.mid

goal. Peace, and no more fighting. They were hoping it would last forever like that...

I hope so, too, Valnar. No more war, no more betrayal, and no more pain. It is almost like a dream. A beautiful dream...
But I can assure you, all of it is real. Especailly my love for you.
I'm glad that I always trusted you. You have led us to a wonderful future.
I don't want to live without you!
I love you! Forever and ever!
And now, get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day full of happiness and contentment.
If I could dream, I would be having the most beautiful dream I could ever imagine tonight.
I love you!
I love you!

Well, looks like we have a nice ending this time. Just look at those two lovebirds, forever happy.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫




♪ BGM: Bad Night Story - vamp9.mid

Well, you know what they say: Valnar may have won the battle, but he lost the war. The Shadow Wraith in him had only been weakened by Valnar to such a degree that it wasn't able to take control of Valnar for a short time. But its power grew with every passing minute, until it was strong enough to take over Valnar's mind.
And what happened then? Did it come to the big war?
Who knows. But neither Valnar nor Alaine found their desired peace. And Jayna, too, was trying to find a way to exert power once again.
So, did she succeed?
Perhaps I will tell you another time, Simon.
Grandpa! You're mean!
Hey, I'm an old man: I, too, have to do something to stay relevant, hehehe...
But Jayna was a vampire. Why didn't the Shadow Wraith [...]

We've seen this part already. We then get the whole spiel about the side quests next, which we're also going to be skipping. And after that...

But all those deeds, all those events could not prevent the inevitable...

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Bam. That's it. Fade to white, end credits, that's your ending. So, that's it for the normal / good ending. So far, our main crew has a really bad rate of survival. Alaine dies in both, Valnar basically dies in both, and Asgar dies in both as well.

Now, personally, I think this ending is alright. I mean, the Shadow Wraith inside Valnar is really the Sword of Damocles hanging over all this stuff, and it needs to fall in some fashion, so I guess this is an alright way of doing it. I like the segment of Asgar and Jayna just cussing at each other in the Crimson Realm, and the thing with Sir Aaron becoming a vampire and planning to take over the world was interesting, albeit a bit out of nowhere.

Well, let's hope the next ending turns out a bit happier.