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Part 80: Update LXII - Ending III: Good / Easy

Update LXII - Ending III: Good / Easy

NOTE: This update might be somewhat due to pixel nudity. I mean, it's really nothing worse than the medusa tits in Unterwegs in Düsterburg on account of sprite sizes, but, y'know, just be warned.

♪ BGM: Step By Step

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

Alright, it's time for the last good ending. This time, our departure comes after killing Ghadar and Gorgoth - this time around, Asgar decides he doesn't want to murder Valnar and Alaine. This turns out to be a good decision, because it will lead to him not immediately dying.

Shadow Wraiths really do get imprisoned inside the banishment stone...
Let's wait and see.

Next we get to see the Shadow Wraiths get banished again. After that...

It is over...
We've actually done it once again.
Was there ever any doubt?
What now?
We take Jayna's Blood Spirit and activate the stone tablet!
Jayna's Blood Spirit?
The stone tablet?

Metal Gear?

Have you been asleep? Why do you think we're here?
We prevented the Elras from using this stone tablet!
Precisely. And why? Because we didn't want the Elras to get the power over the stone tablet! But now, it is ours!
We don't even know what the spell does!
Asgar's right. This is the one and only chance to undo everything.
How do you know it won't just destroy the world?
How do you know that it will?

Asgar: 1
Alaine: 0

Valnar, I trust you. You have led us this far. Now do what you think is right.
I will use the stone tablet. I want to have our old world back.
Smart boy.

Jayna's corpse starts flashing red.

It's starting...
Please forgive us! I know that you had no control over yourself! But we need your Blood Spirit in order to have all the required souls and energy to activate the stone tablet. Please forgive us...
She was a spoiled brat anyway. Next time, you should get yourselves a kind girl...

Valnar then absorbs Jayna's Blood Spirit.

Then I guess it's time...

Shall I cast the spell?
Don't you dare, Asgar! Valnar, you can do it!
One mistake, and that will be it!
I know. And now, shut up so I can concentrate!
Well, I don't want to be responsible for our death...
It's working!

We get the stone tablet flashing, then a flash of white, and to black.

♪ BGM: Back To The Old World - Zuruck.MID

We get the same blood text as the last time we used the stone tablet. And then...

He's going to wake up, I'm sure of it!
He's already been lying here for an hour! Give it up, Alaine. The spell has completely drained him...
Don't say that! He did it! My beloved Valnar really did it! It can't end like this!

No, I know that he's about to wake up!


Valnar, I knew you would make it!
Oh Valnar! You've finally woken up! I was so worried about you!
Everything's fine. My head is still roaring, but aside from that, I'm fine.
You are a brave vampire, Valnar. You did it! You actually did it!
Is the world back to the way we know it?
Take a look!

It is all like it used to be...
With that, my castle is now a bit smaller again... *sigh*
It really worked! We did it!
Let's fly to Klennar! I can barely wait to return to our house again!

Everything is back to normal! Even the bed is completely intact.
Everything is as it used to be once again...
Who would have thought that something like this would be possible...
No Elras, no war... forever living peacefully. That is our future!
I'm going to return to my new old castle for now. I'm sure you still have plans, hehehe...
Asgar, I...
It's all right, Alaine. I have realized that I can't force your love. If you are happy with Valnar, then you two should stay together...
Is that true?
Yes, it is. I hope you two will be forever happy. And in a sense, there are still other girls that I fancy. 10 or 20 lightly covered young vampire girls can probably replace you...
Hehehe, I'll be going now...

Nyria? Nyria, is that you!

I have also missed you very much! I'm finally back here!
Where were you all this time? Why didn't you send any messages!?
I don't know how all of this here is possible... the last thing I remember was that I had been tied up to a stone pillar. Then, all of a sudden I am back here in Thyrik!
Oh, Nyria! I'm sure you're going to remember everything eventually! The most important thing is that we can finally be together again! All four of us!
All four?
Yes, of course! You, me, Jayna, and your father!
Jayna? Father!?
It seems you got hit on the head pretty hard. You can call them for dinner; it is almost ready. Then we'll celebrate your return!

But if you find my cat Mira for me, then I'm sure I'll be able to help you...

Jayna laughs here, with the same evil laugh she had throughout the entire game. It's a bit off-putting.

So, did they find the cat?
No, they left afterwards, and then they never came back.
You shouldn't let your cat out so often...
But it's good for her. Isn't that right, my little Mira?
Mr. Sorads!?
What is going on here?
We're also glad to see you again! You've been gone forever...
Have I?
We haven't heard from you for two full years! Mother was so worried about you! But I'm so happy that you're finally back home!
Yes, I'm happy, too... but what is Mr. Sorads doing here?
Ah, you don't know about it yet! Your mother and I have gotten married!
You've gotten married?
Yes, about one and a half years ago! That means you now have a new stepfather and a new stepsister!
Have you already forgotten about Jona? Jona, my beloved daughter!
Jona is dead!
What!? No, on the contrary! She's more alive than ever before! After you had left the village, she's been the most beautiful girl in the village. The men were running after her like crazy. Just like they did with you back then...
Oh God, those were the times...
She wanted to come here for dinner today, so this is good timing! Then we can celebrate your homecoming together!
How is all this possible... is this real? Am I dreaming?
What are you talking about, my esteemed sister? How did you fare during the years with King Gerald's army? Did you like it?
Uh, I'll tell you about it at dinner...

Meanwhile, in a different place...

...oh hey. Remember how I said there was one more thing the "uncensored" cheat affects, and it's way out in the future? This was it.

ass? Yeees, please?
Oh, girls, do you really want to hear that story again? I have already told it about a dozen times already today!
Oh, please! You are such a strong man, and we're always getting so aroused when you're telling us about your heroic adventures!
All right then, it all started when I sent my unworthy slavae Valnar away to...

So basically, all Asgar needed to get off his global domination ego trip is to, well, get off. Who knew.

You are finally back! I am so glad...
Now, we can finally do something together again.
From now on, everything will be different. No war, no bloodshed. I have wasted so much time trying to become someone I never wanted to be... all I want is to be a great big sister!
You are...
Isn't this a wonderful evening? The view is so beautiful.
If only I knew what made all this possible...

♪ BGM: Bad Night Story - vamp9.mid

Yes, the spell had the power to grant the deepest wish of whoever casts it. And Valnar wished nothing more than to finally have peace and to live a happy life together with Alaine...
And did the spell affect Asgar, as well? After all, he more or less gave up on Alaine voluntarily?
I assume that even Asgar has learned a bit during the whole thing. But a possible influence of the spell is surely something you can't really count out. At least he did find a replacement with which he could satisfy his egotistical urges.
Hehe... and Nyria also had a pleasant life from then on? Despite everything that happened?
Yes. She may have never found out what happened, and why she regained consciousness near Thyrik, but it was all how it would have been if Valnar and Alaine hadn't turned Jayna into a vampire back then, and if Jona had never died because of that snake bite.
But Jayna was a vampire. [...]

Blah, blah, blah. Skipping through this and the side quest thing again. And after all of that...

But all those deeds, all those events were soon forgotten after the repeated world shifting. Only Valnar, Asgar and Alaine would forever remember all the things they did and witnessed...

♪ BGM: Back To The Old World - Zuruck.MID

Who would have thought that we can actually witness this day. No enemies, and no war...
Do you think a lot of people died during the second world shifting?
That's hard to say. But the time of the people back then was over a long time ago anyway. Let's instead be glad that we can stand here, in the moment of our greatest victory.
Let's just be happy from now on. We had to wait far too long for this moment.
The beginning of a new age. OUR age.
I love you, Valnar!
Absolutely nothing is going to ever separate us again. Our love will last forever...
Uh, the Master seems to be waiting for me. Why do I always have to be the one who has to clean up when the Master celebrates?

Man, what a happy ending. It's a good thing that absolutely nothing terrible is going to happen here.


...right. Actually right. After that, we fade to white and get the credits. Turns out the only actual happy ending amongst the "good" endings is the one you get when you play the game on the easy difficulty. Go figure. Anyway, next time, we're on to the evil endings, and you know they're going to be a great time.