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Part 81: Update LXIII - Ending IV: Evil / Easy

Update LXIII - Ending IV: Evil / Easy

♪ BGM: Step By Step

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

So, now it's time for the evil endings. Here, I've just set our humanity to 0, and as a result, Morlon wins out and keeps control of Valnar.

God damn it!
And now, my little vampires, you are going to walk the path that you were destined to walk. WE created you vampires. And WE are going to destroy you now! Just as it was planned...
Don't try to fight it. You are too weak to stop us.
Valnar, you can't attack Asgar!
Harhar... we created those restrictions to prevent situations where unwilling vampires revolt against us. Because we also wanted to turn ourselves into vampires, but that was no longer necessary.
Well, I AM a vampire, and pretty content with it...
That doesn't change the fact that we're going to shred you now!
Unfortunately for you guys, your friend is now being controlled by us, and is therefore no longer subject to those puny restrictions of a vampire. Just like me...
This is your end!

So now, it's time to figh- hang on a second.

♪ BGM: Endgame Battles - BossBattle.mid

...hey! Plot hole! How the fuck can the vampire mage attack Valnar? Well, I'm not going to complain about having an extra party member. Anyway, Ghadar and Gorgoth are the same as before, but we have a new enemy to deal with now!

Valnar / Morlon:

Recommended level: 99

HP: 15500
BP: 1000
Attack: 980
Defense: 980
Intelligence: 500
Agility: 450

Behavior List:

- Attack
- Ray of the Gods (targets one party member, 900 base light damage)
- Nothingness Shadow (targets one party member, 600 base shadow damage)
- Wrath of the Gods (targets all party members, 750 base light damage)
- Attack
- Attack
- Holy Sand (hits all party members, removes Regeneration, Mirror and Phantom with a base chance of 100%)
- Holy Sand (hits all party members, removes Regeneration, Mirror and Phantom with a base chance of 100%)

Morlon is a complete wimp. Why? Well, he inherits his host body's weaknesses, meaning he inherits the problems our player characters have. As a result, he resists no attributes (Gorgoth completely resists fire, light and poison, whereas Ghadar completely resists ice, shadow and water), and also resists no status effects except Rigor, Paralyzed and Petrified. In particular interest to us is Bleeding as a status effect he doesn't resist and will therefore eat shit from, since all our weapons and one of our mage's most powerful spells inflict that. So he's not going to be an issue.

Of course, the fight in general isn't an issue thanks to our healing items and the fact that all enemies lose 6000 HP due to the difficulty. We just spam our most powerful spells and heal up when necessary.

The vampire mage ate shit during the battle but I can't be arsed to revive him, since I know there will be no more fights coming after this.

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

He can rot here...

And then the mage just kinda bloops out of existence. So that's what happens when you lose a fourth party member the regular way. Took me a while to get there!

You are our creation. You can't destroy us!
We'll see about that, and if you can die by my sabre...
Our Shadow Wraiths are going to take over your paltry bodies. You are powerless...
Hardly. After all, Valnar doesn't have a banishment stone with him for nothing!
YOU are the ones who are powerless here!
Curse you all!
And I'm KILLING you!

That sounds odd, and I actually went and looked at the original German version. Here, the last two lines went more along the lines of "I curse you!" "And I DESTROY you!", which flows more naturally.


You can tell Asgar's been at this longer than Valnar has. Valnar just cuts people's heads off one at a time, Asgar scores sweet combos instead.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

Valnar, why...
It had to be...
Don't shed your tears for that weakling...
He wasn't a weakling!
He failed. That makes him a weakling. Just like that brat Jayna...
What are we going to do now?

The three corpses flash black.

There are the Shadow Wraiths...

Then we get to see the three Shadow Wraiths make the banishment stone their new home.

It's not over yet, Alaine... let's finish this. We will use the stone tablet!
Do you think that's a good idea?
It can undo the world shifting. So perhaps it can also bring Valnar and Jayna back from the dead.
No, I'm going to revive Valnar with the book!
The book!?
Jayna must have hidden it somewhere! She didn't throw it away!
And where are you going to get the blood needed for that?
You can't be serious?
For Valnar, I would do it...

Again with that whole point about how fucking a human is this horrendous sacrifice.

I'm going to use the stone tablet now!
No, you're not! Not until we have revived Valnar!
We won't bring him back! He has failed! He is a worm...
Oh, yes, we will!
Alaine, be reasonable! You can work together with me! Just like back then! Just you and me.
I don't love you! I'm never going to love you again, Asgar!
So that's how it is...
Yes, THAT'S how it is!
Then I'm going to activate the stone tablet without your consent!
Don't you dare!

Jayna's corpse starts flashing red.

The Blood Spirits...
Don't you dare touch them, Asgar...
Jayna was a spoiled brat anyway.

So then Jayna's and then Valnar's Blood Spirits both show up and then disappear.

Valnar, hang on, I'm going to bring you back!
What a waste of all the precious energy...
You are a bastard, Asgar!
No, I'm just the one of us who thinks rationally. Now we have to live in this damn world forever.
Only until I have revived Valnar.
By defiling your body...
Valnar did it for me. Out of love. And I will do it for him!
Well, fine, then go and do what you must.
So that you are free to use the stone tablet on your own, huh?
Isn't it a lovely dilemma we're in here?
I won't allow the stone tablet to be used before I haven't revived Valnar!
You don't even know where the book is...

Which is great, because in another reality, she knew exactly where it is. And here, she just never considers it.

Let me be the one to worry about that.

You would stab me in the back?
Anything you can do, I can do, as well!
Do you want to take your chances? A battle with me?

The room starts shaking, and then...

This spell will not get cast until Valnar has been revived!
Please, go and get the book, defile your own body, and revive Valnar!
I will take the stone fragments...
I don't think so. Then you'll use them without me!
All right, let's compromise. Everyone takes half of them, and when Valnar has been revived, we reassemble the stone tablet and use the spell!
Fine. But hurry up. I don't want to wait forever...

♪ BGM: Bad Night Story - vamp9.mid

the Shadow Wraith, he died, and now Alaine was doing everything she could to revive him. But Asgar wanted to use the stone tablet, whether with or without Alaine's agreement. And now, the two of them split the stone fragments for each other.
Yes, a tricky situation. Since Alaine didn't even know where the book was in which the spell for the vivification of a Blood Spirit was written.
Didn't Jayna have the book with her?
No, she had all the relevant spells inside her head.

Except for that other ending, where she did have the book with her.

In an ambivalent sense, since it was the Shadow Wraith inside her who had all the relevant spells in his head.
What I didn't quite understand is the thing about the Blood Spirits. [...]

Blah, blah, blah...

Why didn't Asgar kill Alaine?
It is difficult to kill someone you love, Simon...
And now Asgar had to wait until Alaine was able to find the book and the blood?
Yes, but the book was well hidden. Very well, in fact...

♪ BGM: Disaster - AftertheStorm.mid

I've been waiting for weeks now for Alaine to finally find that book. And why do I only have four of the nine stone fragments, anyway? It can't go on like this. Alaine has become an ignorant bitch. She loves that wretched Valnar, and she despises me deeply. That's too much, I'm going to do something...

♪ BGM: The Crimson Realm - Trident.mid

I didn't want things to come down to this. Why are we now suffering in this damn Crimson Realm? Why do we have to ensure this pain?
You betrayed us. Why did you go with Asgar?
I... just wanted to become a little bit stronger than everyone else. Just like my sister. She's never forgiven me for Jona's death...
Who's Jona?
The childhood friend of my sister. She died because of a mistake on my part... if only we had never played with that damn snake!
Your sister had to measure herself against others all the time, hadn't she?
She wanted to be strong. Without depending on a father that we never had.
I could have been your father, Jayna...
You never would have been able to properly replace my father...
You don't know that without even trying...
We did try. Or to be more precise, you had forced me into that situation. From one second to the next, my old life was over, and you became my new "parents"...
We truly loved you. As much as parents can love their child...
Why didn't you try to get a child by normal means?
Vampires are incapable of having children... inside a dead body, no new life can develop...
But were you even aware of what all that MEANT for me? Did you ever ask ME whether I wanted to? Well?
NO! Correct! If I'd had the choice back then, I would have preferred to die as a human rather than having to suffer in this hellish place!
I'm sorry...
Far too late, my dear Valnar. FAR too late...
Nobody had asked me, either, whether I wanted to have this life.
Wouldn't you have preferred having a choice, as well?
Yes, of course...
You really didn't learn anything...
What a fool I was.
Yes, you are absolutely right!

Two entire games worth of development, and Valnar is still a complete idiot. I appreciate that Jayna got a segment to just rip into his stupidity while Valnar can't really give a counter to it because, well, she's completely right! He went through the exact same situation - being forced into vampirism against his will - and then turned around and did the exact same thing.

But before you start to wallow in self-pity, tell me what we should do now instead...
Alaine will get us out of here. It's only a matter of time.
But for that, we first have to materialize in the real world!
Let me know when you have found the right place...

Jayna disappears.

Alaine, I hope you can find the book. And that you can get the blood...

♪ BGM: Disaster - AftertheStorm.mid

All right, my slaves, it's time! That damn Alaine didn't manage to find the book. And my patience has run out. We're going to get the stone fragments by force! Alaine has failed. With that, she's the perfect match for that wimp, Valnar! Nobody plays with my feelings! I will have the power to take anything I want! All right, then, we're going to attack Alaine's castles!

Meanwhile, Nyria is trekking through some icy wasteland, being mopey and shit.

Oh, Father, how could it come to this? How could I become so worthless? Even though I've always been doing my best. But all the people that I loved and valued have either betrayed me, left me, or they are dead. I wasn't even able to find out what that stupid white light was, and what even happened to the world. My search for Thyrik was in vain. I'm afraid it got destroyed just like many other cities did. Oh, Mother, may your soul find peace. And I hope mine will, as well...
Farewell, world... I am not worth it to exist any longer... I bring nothing but misfortune upon other people... it's for the best if I end it here and now. My failed attempt to make the world a better place...

And as the screen fades to black, we see Nyria close her eyes. And with the black screen, we hear a splash.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

But don't think that I wasn't prepared for this. You are so predictable! You have taken on the wrong enemy. Now you will be crushed. Your hunger for power had you always under control. But that will end now. Prepare yourself for your end, you wretched scoundrel! ...there he is! Prepare yourselves!

♪ BGM: Bad Night Story - vamp9.mid

Well, it might have been the last battle, but it was lasting almost forever. Both Asgar and Alaine had created an army of vampires, so that they didn't give the other one any advantage.
Did Alaine ever find the book?
No, the book remained lost forever.
So Valnar stayed a Blood Spirit forever?
At least he wasn't alone. Jayna, too, was trapped in the Crimson Realm. And as to whether she ever revealed where the book was hidden will always remain a secret.
And so Asgar and Alaine waged war against each other for all eternity. After everything that they accomplished together with Valnar...

And then we get the sidequest thing. Skipping!

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

A lot of things happened, a lot of things had forever changed. But what was the point of all those actions when there was still so much more that had to be changed...

Nobody destroys the Clan and gets away with it scot-free! Just you wait, you worms. Feel free to fight each other, because you know what they say: When two quarrel, the third one laughs! And that is me...

And fade to white, credits.

So, that's our first evil ending. What do I think? Well, it seems to be the one that is most suited for setting up a sequel - you have an ongoing conflict between Asgar and Alaine, Jayna out for revenge, Valnar trying to get back as well, Sir Aaron being a wildcard that could do anything... lots of intrigue going on. And with that, I'll show you what the VD website has to say about VD3 - I guess I just can't get away from translating stuff:

'About Vampires Dawn 3' section of posted:

Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson Realm is the third part of the successful PC RPG series Vampires Dawn.
The third part is being developed with retro-style graphics as well and gives fans of classic 16-bit RPGs the chance to have new, bloody adventures in a fantasy world where all of humanity is only considered to be walking blood bags for vampires.

The focus of the third part lies in creating a dark world where vampires control most of the world after the conflict between Alaine and Asgar went completely out of control. Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson Realm directly connects to one of the endings of Vampires Dawn 2 - Ancient Blood and continues the story in a plotline where a "happy end" is impossible. Players will need to make decisions that show no mercy towards the remaining humans. But humanity will not let itself be enslaved without resisting, so war has been a constant state for years now.

The main characters for the third part will also be Valnar, Alaine and Asgar, but new companions will also be driving the game's plot.

Important features:
Retro-style graphics
Open world (nearly entirely freely explorable world) including a world map like in the first two games
Group size: 5 characters
Summoning of skeletons, demons and other destructive creatures
Transforming NPCs into recruitable vampires
Countless secrets to discover
Round-based side-view battle system
Release dates: 2017 (demo), 2018 (full version)

So this makes it fairly clear that this ending is the one that VD3 will continue on from. Not to spoil something, but the next two endings will not end with a conflict between Asgar and Alaine, so this is the only one that fits that description. Seems like we're going away from the ATB system and going back to the old-school round-based one for the battles. Sadly, the game once again has an open world - I think I've made my opinion quite clear on the benefits of a linear story vs. an open world for RPG Maker games. And yes, the demo hasn't even come out yet. To be honest, I'm not surprised. Dates like that are never kept, that's just a fact of life.

Anyway, next time, it's normal and evil. Things are only going to get worse from here, probably!