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Part 82: Update LXIV - Ending V: Evil / Normal

Update LXIV - Ending V: Evil / Normal

♪ BGM: Step By Step

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

And once again, we're back with Valnar having succumbed to the Shadow Wraith. But this time, things go differently...

And once again, our wonderful plan worked flawlessly.
Don't worry about your friend. You should worry about YOURSELVES!
Oh, look how they tremble...
You are nothing more than obnoxious parasites that need to be eliminated!
We'll see if you can still open your mouth that wide when we're done with you...
Your last chance! Let Valnar go, or you're going to die painfully!
Oh, how splendid it is to be betrayed by a loved one, and then ultimately to get killed by them... Gorgoth, Ghadar, I'm going to take care of this on my own...
You are a real sadist, Morlon. But all right, we'll let you have your fun.
Before I forget...

And the vampire mage just gets blown to hell. So, well, can you already tell where this is going?

Yep! This time, we're controlling Valnar!

Well, we've stocked up on spells quite a bit. I figured that since we're going to be doing some solo Valnar combat, he could use some spells to help him along.

♪ BGM: Endgame Battles - BossBattle.mid

So, now we get to beat up both Asgar and Alaine. Asgar we've already fought before, but Alaine is new.


Recommended level: 99

HP: 7000
BP: 2000
Attack: 700
Defense: 500
Intelligence: 600
Agility: 250

Behavior List:

- Attack
- Apocalypse (targets all party members, 800 base fire damage)
- Attack
- Attack
- Attack

You know, both Asgar and Alaine have really low agility. Alaine has 250, Asgar has 300, Valnar, meanwhile, has 460. We act really quickly in this fight. Also, Christ almighty, Alaine is a total wuss. She's actually vulnerable to most spell types, and of course vulnerable to most status effects as well.

The fight doesn't take long. We use Blood Sucking to hit both of them with Bleeding, and eventually the damage over time just takes care of things alongside some spells - like, I dropped a Shadows of Nihil on Alaine and it did like 2000 damage. Asgar also took like 2300 damage from a Comet. Fun stuff.

♪ BGM: The Inner Sanctum - lastdecision.mid

You fool. We imposed these restrictions on the vampires so that any kind of revolt against us gets stopped before it even begins. Our plan was to rule over the world with the three most powerful vampire bodies. If a Shadow Wraith controls a vampire, they are obviously not bound to those restrictions.
You damned worms...
Time to die...

Not every question has an answer, bitch!
Alaine... NOOOOOO!

So ironic. If you had been just a little bit more powerful, then your body would have had the honor of acting as our host at this point. But it was too weak. And so I had to resort to this one here...
One day, someone is going to slaughter you mercilessly...
Evil... ALWAYS wins!

Finally, the era of the Elras has come...

Asgar's and Alaine's Blood Spirits then show up.

Oh, you beautiful, juicy Blood Spirits! Come and give me your energy!

Jayna absorbs the spirits.

Well then, Ghadar! Let us FINALLY use this spell.
The era of the Elras begins!

The three step up to the stone tablet.

Humanity will serve us...
Let's unite our powers...

And then, the stone tablet starts flashing rapidly, then we flash to black.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

We get some more blood text.


♪ BGM: O Fortuna - gothicintro.mid

We then cut to Mesdor, which, uh, seems to be undergoing some restructuring.

The Elras are marching all of the citizens out of town.

Shut your mouth, human woman! Come on, move!
Please, my child is still in there!
Didn't I tell you to shut your mouth?
But my child...
I warned you...

We fade to black, and then hear a scream.

Ghadar, Gorgoth and Morlon used the power of the stone tablet to create an army of Elras. The Elras gathered the last remaining humans in the world, and imprisoned them inside the cave of the Elras, where they were used for cruel experiments. Because of the stone tablet, the Elras now had everything they wanted. The rule over the world. Their experiments with the humans only served for their personal amusement...

The Cave of the Elras seems to have undergone some redecorating as well. There's constant screaming going on, and Jayna's laughter also constantly echoes through the cave.

What do you mean? What do you want from me?
Turn around, girl... TURN AROUND!
TURN AROUND! Damn it, it's not that hard...

You're doing nicely, girl. And now, jump!

Girl, are you hearing us laugh?
*whimper* No!?
Exactly. But that's going to change now!

Well, there you go! Do we still have some children with skin we can tear off?

You wretched Elras are the worst scum in the world!
HARHAR... but we are going to survive. You probably won't.
Curse you...
Sordid, these stale last words are disgusting me! Now then, we're going to silence you for all eternity...

This scene also changes to only have mercenaries if we never created any vampires.

And over a shot of Derbor's corpse, we get some more blood text.


♪ BGM: The Sewers - EvilChoir.mid

Why am I so helpless... I don't understand; what happened to those vampires? Did they fail? Is the world going to end? Oh, Jayna...

planned for you, Nyria...
Don't you even dare to utter my name again, you scum!
HARHARHAR... as weak as a human woman can ever be! I can smell your fear, girl...
That's the smell that's coming from you, you stinking worm!
Enough of this...

And Nyria gets blown into unconsciousness. If we had killed Nyria, this scene would just have Lord Mandrake instead.

♪ BGM: Bad Night Story - vamp9.mid

being controlled by the Shadow Wraith that he "caught" from Vincent. And now, the three of them also used the stone tablet, which allowed them to rule over the entire world.
The spell created an entire army of Elras mages that enslaved humanity, only to kill one human after another just for the fun of it. Until the entire human race got completely eradicated. After that, the animals of the world were next, until ultimately, only the Elras lived on the planet. Absolute power is a gruesome fate...
And so the whole world got plunged into darkness...
The Elras had gotten almighty. There was nothing that could oppose them.
What I didn't quite understand is the thing about the Blood Spirits. [...]

Yeah, yeah.

Aha, so that means Asgar and Alaine were still in the Crimson Realm?
Surely, the Elras did not let the opportunity pass to destroy those two remaining Blood Spirits with their device.
What a cruel ending. After everything the three of them accomplished... [...]

Skipping the side quest stuff again.

♪ BGM: Silence ♫

But all those deeds, all those events could not prevent the inevitable. The Elras had seized power, and they enslaved the entire human race...

♪ BGM: O Fortuna - gothicintro.mid

We cut to some strange citadel of sorts.

Our plan was truly perfect. And now, we'll taste the bloody fruits of our labor. No creature in this world was even able to oppose us...
How they suffer, how they scream. Mankind is SO pathetic. It is a miracle that it has existed this long.
Ah, there is our new warlord...

Humanity is not resisting in any way. Without the Clan, they have given up any hope for salvation, Master.
How pathetic humanity is. Well, then just keep eliminating them; we don't need them. It is the fate of humanity to vanish from this world once and for all!
With pleasure, my Master!

And fade to white and credits. To note, if we killed Nyria, this scene still goes the same way, just with a line from Jayna thrown in about how she loves how a resurrection spell also turns the subject into an Elras.

Anyway, that's our second evil ending - the Elras fucking win. Completely and utterly. I really like this ending - I think every game with multiple endings should have one where the antagonist just wins outright. And the Elras are of course just cartoonishly evil.

Now, stay tuned for the last ending - and it's going to be a doozy!