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Part 24: Ending I: The Good And Manly One

Alright, so we've finally done it. Weynard is dead, everybody that crossed us is dead, and we now have Weynard's blood ghost. Let's see what we can do with it.

What are those creatures?


Well then! I sure hope you healed up after fighting Weynard, because these gargoyles are NOT fun to deal with! Let's look at their stats:

HP: 1100
Attack: 400
Defense: 450
Intelligence: 180
Agility: 150

Attacks: Normal attack (40% chance to use), poison attack spell that can cause Sickness and hits the entire party (20% to use), fire attack spell that hits the entire party (20% to use), shadow attack spell that can cause Blind, Mute, Confused and Paralyzed and hits the entire party (20% chance to use).

Status effect resistances: Immune to all of them.

Attribute resistances: Takes normal damage from weapons and light spells, immune to everything else.

These motherfuckers can be tough if you're not prepared for them. If you get particularly unlucky and get hit by the status effect spell twice, things can get very rough, and even if you don't, if you don't have light spells or the demon summoned, you're going to be stuck using normal attacks that aren't that strong. We no longer have the demon, I forgot to resummon him. However, we do have strong light spells on Valnar.

After some White Power boosts, Valnar's best light attack spell can deal about 200 damage to both enemies, and Alaine can keep the status effects away with her cleansing spell, so things aren't too bad for our particular party.

They don't put that much of a fight up, in the end.

Stupid critters!

Well, that's that problem dealt with. Now, I think I see an interesting book up there. But before that...

Why hello there, obviously-placed-here-by-me-orb! Obviously, I'm not going to be playing the game four times to get the different endings, so I placed this thing here, which allows me to directly set the ending I want. While we do already have done the correct things to get the Good/Manly Man ending, I just set it again here just in case I messed something up. Now, that book.

What is this book here?

Oh man, the party actually separated from their one tile, this must be really important.

Hm... looks like a spell book! Oh, yes... it IS a spell book! And what a spell book it is!
What kind of spells are in it?

Evil laugh counter: 12

Now, I've not talked about the music at all in this game beyond a few token mentions, because I usually play with the sound off and my own music playing, since music in RPG Maker games usually just means "guess the game THIS is stolen from!", however, there is one particularly neat use of music here. "Laughter", from Phantasy Star IV, has been used way back when as a crisis theme - when Asgar showed up in Shannar and saw the execution, it kicked in right around when he realized just who was being executed, and it fit quite well for the slaughter that then followed. And you guessed it, it kicks in right here, a sort of ironic reprise, as now it is no longer Asgar who is having the realization, it's the player, and it's Asgar who's causing it.

What are you laughing for, Asgar?
Finally, the time has come! This is the most powerful spell book that I've ever seen!
So what's inside it?

Evil laugh counter: 13

I will rule! Over the entire world! I'll enslave humanity! Their only purpose shall be to nourish me!

Evil laugh counter: 14

Oh man, he's swinging for the fences here! He's been storing it up all this time, and now he's letting it loose!

Are you going megalomanic on us?

Welp, there's another notch on the "Valnar's too fucking clueless to live, really" bedpost. Somehow, throughout this entire episode, he has not picked up on the fact that Asgar always was a megalomaniac.

This red ghost is pure energy! Energy of death! And with this book, I can use it! It's the most powerful soul this earth has! And this book gives me the power to become the one true ruler of the entire world! I will change the world! To my tastes! Humans in dungeons! A massive army of undead! Yes, this world is ripe for a real change! And it's happening through ME!

Evil laugh counter: 15 16

Oh god, he did a double!

Think about it! Why did Vincent never cast these supposedly so powerful spells!
Oh, Valnar! There are three good reasons for that that I just came up with off the top of my head! One: He was never brave enough to speak such a powerful spell! Two: He never wanted an army of the undead. He wanted HUMANS around him! But the most probable reason is the third one: He couldn't! He used a very powerful spell to become the first vampire! But for the other spells that this book has, you would need a truly powerful soul. And he never had such a soul. He would have had to sacrifice himself to cast one of these spells, and that was obviously not in his self-interest. BUT I... I NOW HAVE SUCH A POWERFUL SOUL! I HAVE THE NECESSARY POWER TO CAST THESE SPELLS! I will rule over thousands of skeletons, zombies and vampires! I will be almighty!

Evil laugh counter: 17 18

Another double!

I will NEVER allow you to do that! And Alaine won't either!
...Valnar is right! Stop it, Asgar!

Alright, finally, it's time to clear up just what the fuck the four endings are. The first split is the good/evil one, that is quite clear. But the other split comes into play right here - either Alaine takes Valnar's side, or she takes Asgar's side, and of course, everything plays out differently from there on out. The way it works is that the game calculates a number - it takes the number of times you've fled from combat, and divides it by a "relationship with Alaine" value. There's only a few times you can actually raise that - if you remember that one time I went "OK, I can't let you be this stupidly 'WAAAAH AYSHA', Valnar, I'm picking the other option", I did that because it raised the "relationship with Alaine" value.

In the end, if your calculated number is greater than 70, Alaine sides with Asgar. If it's lower or equal, Alaine sides with Valnar. In our case, the value we ended up with was somewhere between 1 and 3 - five times running from combat in total, and I can't quite remember how high the Alaine value was, but it wasn't over five, but not lower than 2 either. Anyway, back to our drama in progress.

I can't believe what you're saying, Alaine! I thought you loved me!
It's over between us two, Asgar! Your egotism has driven us apart a long time ago! Valnar understands me a lot better than you!
I'm VERY disappointed in you, Alaine!
Then you know how I feel!
Alright, then if that's your choice, I'm sorry for you! Because now I'm just going to have to destroy the both of you! But since I loved you so much, I'll give you two lovebirds one last chance to stop me! Earn Alaine for yourself, Valnar!
I'll KILL you!

Evil laugh counter: 19

YEEEEES! Welcome to your nightmare!

Evil laugh counter: 20


And then...

Damnit, what is this place?
This is EVERYTHING, and NOTHING at the same time! This is an illusion I created! It mirrors my hatred towards humanity! I'll be waiting at the end if you can make it there! This is the only chance I'll be giving you! Show what vampire powers really are in you!

Evil laugh counter: 21

It's offscreen, but we can still hear it, so it counts.

Come and get me! But before that, I want to reveal your true colors! Really, you are far too honorable to be a vampire! You're a disgrace to the vampire race, Valnar!

Evil laugh counter: 22

Damnit, what's happening to me?

I knew it! A vampire that helps humans instead of exploiting them! It will be a joy fighting you! COME ON!
You're going to wish that you had never created me!

Damn. Losing the sunglasses really went a good bit towards making Valnar not look like a dork.

Asgar, I loved you! But you've gone completely insane! I'll kill you! And then I'll be together with Valnar...
Asgar, your insanity will be your ultimate downfall...
It's a shame, there was a lot of potential in you! But now it's time to make you pay for your mistakes! For you, I was nothing but a plaything... your property! The only thing you're interested in is yourself... you egotistical bastard!
You don't have the slightest clue just how much power you would have had with me! We could have ruled the world together! But instead, you take Valnar's side... the friend to humans...
Better a friend to humans than an insane egotist! But that egotism will now bring about your end...
Give it a shot... oh, before I forget it: I've taken the transformation spells from you. Obviously, you're going to go through your nightmare on foot...
That won't stop us either!
And of course, you're never going to come to my castle again either!

So, welcome to the final area of the game, Asgar's nightmare domain. There's a few things we should go over now. First off, the map.

It's complex, but has absolutely nothing in the way of puzzles, so all you need to do is map it out and you're home free. Asgar's hanging out in the "obviously the place you're supposed to go" area at the top of the map.

Next, I've given myself a bit of an edge, because I'm going to be going through this shit four times. So when I use the ending-setting orb, Valnar and Alaine get boosted to level 50 and are given a spell from the level 45 set of spells. Speaking of that, I might as well go over the level 45 spells.

A: "Holy Light" - "Base damage: 210; one enemy is hit; chance to Blind: 70%". Blood cost: 80
B: "Dark Power" - "Increases the power of the party; entire party is affected". Blood cost: 91

Oh lord. Remember the demon's stat raising spell and how it completely broke the game in half? Well, Dark Power is a stronger version of it. Hot diggity damn. However, due to ~*roleplaying*~, Holy Light it is.

Valnar's last spell: Holy Light

A: "Flash Freeze" - "Base damage: 210; one enemy is hit; chance to Paralyze: 80%". Blood cost: 90
B: "Dark Power" - "Increases the power of the party; entire party is affected". Blood cost: 91
C: "Vampire Healing" - "Entire group is fully healed". Blood cost: 120

This one's a tricky choice - both Dark Power and Vampire Healing seem like really good spells. However, the healing spell we have right now is good enough, so more stat boosts it would have been.

(What would have been) Asgar's last spell: Dark Power

A: "Apocalypse" - "Base damage: 240; one enemy is hit". Blood cost: 100
B: "Chaos" - "Casts negative status effects; chance: 90%; all enemies are hit". Blood cost: 70
C: "Vampire Healing" - "Entire group is fully healed". Blood cost: 120

Chaos sounds impressive. It has a chance to inflict every single negative status effect at a time. However, as it stands, there are too many enemies that are just immune to everything. Vampire Healing would be nice to have, but like an idiot, I decide that the attack spell is the right choice, even though there's a ton of enemies that are resistant to that shit as well.

Alaine's last spell: Apocalypse

Next, you'll notice that Valnar's sprite has been changed for some reason. I guess this is supposed to be our "Cecil becoming a paladin" moment. Now, let's get through this place.

The enemies here are tough. "Nightmare squids" and "ether creatures", and they can be quite annoying to deal with. However, since we're past the point of the number of times I fled from combat mattering, I just run away from every battle. Fuck it.

We make it to the area we need to get to without any other incidents, and we of course summon the demon again. Now, it's time to take out Asgar.

The game is over! We've found you, and now we're going to destroy you!
Well then! Try your luck!
You've really become an egotistic bastard!

You know, I'm not sure what it is with these people and just now discovering that Asgar is an egotist. Wasn't he that the entire time?

HARHAR! Come on, you two! I'll show you what real pain feels like!

Welcome to the real final boss of the game, Asgar.

HP: 3000
Attack: 450
Defense: 400
Intelligence: 200
Agility: 190

Attacks: Normal attack (50% chance to use), strong ice attack spell that hits the entire party and can cause Paralysis (25% to use), strong shadow attack spell that hits the entire party (25% to use).

Status effect resistances: Immune to all of them.

Attribute resistances: Takes normal damage from normal attacks, fire spells and light spells. Resistant to poison and death spells, immune to ice and shadow spells.

Surprisingly, he's not that impressive for a final boss, though we are very well prepared. We just start unloading on all cylinders - Alaine and Valnar cast their strongest attack spells, and the demon casts his stat boosting spell.

The spells are very effective - essentially, judging by that, we've won on turn five.

Asgar, meanwhile, doesn't do that much damage. Part of that is because we're level 50, but part of it is just because he's not that strong.

In the end, we didn't even have to heal. And that's it! As far as controlling characters goes, that's the end of the game. Everything from here on out is cutscenes. So now, it's time for the ending! Also, remember, this is the canon one.

Now, this is finally over!
Come... on... get it... over with! Destroy me!

God damn, look at that head go.

How could he disappoint me so?
It just was his character... his insanity drove him to it! ...and what now?

His blood ghost!


And we're back. we're the last two vampires on this planet! must be fate... it wishes it to be this way!
So what do we do now?
I don't know, Valnar! But I'm glad that we're still together!
I am too, Alaine!
Let's go back to the castle!
Alright... there we'll think about what we'll do...

And fade to black.

So that is it... the fate of those three... Asgar is dead, Alaine and Valnar are the last two vampires in the world... what incredible responsibility now rests on their shoulders... the last of this mighty "race" of vampires!
Grandpa, that was a really fascinating twist in your story... and now, Alaine and Valnar are an item... an undead couple...
Indeed... Alaine has fallen in love with Valnar throughout this story, and Valnar felt similarly... both had enough of the "monster myth" surrounding the vampires. They realized that it would be best for the world if they remained the last two vampires. Well, apart from one "small" exception...
Grandpa, you don't mean...
Oh yes, I mean exactly that...

So, my dear... now you look terrific again...
But dad, the boys are always wolf-whistling me... that's totally annoying!
Oh, dear! Just be happy that you're so appealing to the humans!
We've been living here for so long, and I pretty much feel like a human... if it weren't for those long fangs...
But it's not like anybody sees those. Your vampiric aura makes you look completely normal to humans... and that's a good thing, after all, we want to live amongst humans in peace...
And because of that you can never turn a human into a vampire! It's too dangerous for us. We've been living here for 12 years now. We don't want to risk our current situation. Our friends... our home...
[janya] Got it, mom... I wouldn't dare to transform somebody...
That's a good girl...
Aren't you two hungry too?
Now that you mention it... let's go flying out and find a lonely human somewhere.
Then let's get going!

So that's our ending. Valnar and Alaine are now a couple and live peacefully in Klennar. They also have a daughter named Jayna. Now, the three are out, looking for somebody to feed on, and we get the return of the blood text.







You know, Alaine... sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Asgar wasn't so megalomaniacal..
Strange... I think about the same thing from time to time... everything would probably be different. We wouldn't have a daughter, and we'd still be living in the castle...
I wonder what they did with Asgar's coffin after the castle was repopulated by humans...
It was probably burnt, like a lot of other things.
What happened to Ronak, anyway?
I think he's part of a freak show now...

Original term: "Kuriositätenzirkus", or "circus of curiosities". But we all know what's meant by that.

Do you think that he deserves that?
I guess not... but at least they didn't kill him... and I don't think he's much worse off than when he was still serving Asgar...
I hope so, for his sake. I do feel bad for him!
...I do too.
How about we rescue him?
And then? He can't live here...
Why not? I'll just transform him to look like a human or a pet... I have the power to do that, thanks to that book...
That's a good idea... I'll take a look and see if the book has such a spell...

Strange... didn't you put the book into the cupboard here?
I did... it isn't gone, is it?
Oh no! I think we've been robbed!

We cut to an old friend making his way up a familiar place.

Thief: Phew... what a climb... I'll be rewarded soon... infinite power... it will be amazing!

Thief: Lord, I have what you asked of me! The book...
Ahhhh... finally... well done!
Thief: Thank you, lord. I listened in on the two after her daughter left the house, and they seem to believe that your castle has been completely cleared out and your coffin has been destroyed.
HARHAR... those stupid fools! They'll pay soon.
Thief: And they also know that Ronak is part of some freak show.
Well, I'll have to rescue him when I get the opportunity.
Thief: Lord, many years have passed...
Years of pain... too MANY years... but I couldn't withstand the pain and get my senses under control faster. But now it's time. I came to you, gave you an order, and now you got me what I asked for... the book!
Thief: Yes, lord!
And soon, you'll get your reward!
Thief: Thank you, lord, that's too kind of you!
And now speak the spell! The spell that will give me back my flesh and blood!
Thief: Yes, lord... then let's get going...

This is the only spell book in the world that has a spell that turns blood ghosts back into vampires! The one in the back... "In Nox Deria - Reanimation of a blood ghost".
Thief: As you wish, lord... and then you'll really give me a part of your power?
Yes, yes, of course... now, cast the spell!

HARHARHAR! You stupid little human! FINALLY, I'M BACK!
Thief: But, didn't you say...

Evil laugh counter: 23 24 25

Oh my god, a triple. Fucker's on fire.

I didn't say ANYTHING!
Thief: Lord, what are you doing...

What a fool... and now, to study this book! And then, those two traitors will pay! Hang on, didn't this worm mention a daughter? HARHARHAR! Oh, I've thought of something quite cruel!

We cut to Jayna walking along a quite familiar path.

Bah, this is boring... humans are boring... why can't I have real friends? Vampire friends!

Huh? What just happened?

Hello there, young lady!

This all looks very familiar...

Who... are you?
You can call me Asgar...
Asgar? Strange, that name sounds familiar to me... are you one of dad's old friends? He never talks about his past.
Old friend? Oh, yes! We're very good "friends". I've known your father for ages.
Hey, then you can tell me something about my parents' past, right?
Of course... and I can do a lot more!
What do you mean?
I've been watching you... you seem quite lonely.
Sadly, you're right. I have human friends, but I'm not happy with them. After all, they really only are humans... I would like to have "real" friends. Vampire friends! Many of them! And then I'd finally have some real fun!

Evil laugh counter: 26

Trust me, I can sympathize. I feel quite "lonely" myself right now... but we can change that. Come with me! I'll show you the real joys of being a vampire! You'll have many vampire friends! And you'll only get enjoyment from your existence as a vampire!
Um, I can't! Dad told me not to go along with strangers...
As you wish... but think about it... without me, you'll never have real friends! I'm the only one that knows where the other vampires are and that would tell you...
Why would you do that? You don't know me.
Well, let's just say that I feel sympathy for you. I too have felt loneliness not too long ago! I know the pain! Truly!
You feel sympathy for me? Sorry, but I can't believe that...
Well, then I'll leave now. And you'll never have real friends!
...alright... show me where they are!
Gladly... we'll be with them soon!
I hope, for your sake! Or I'll tell dad about you!
Ooooh... I better not risk that!
Don't make fun of me...
Grab on to me, my magic will bring us to them!
I can turn into a bat myself, too!
Oh, sorry, your dad couldn't do that back then.
What did you say about dad?
Don't worry about it, let's get flying!

And they're off!

And so, Asgar was alive again... he went back to the castle with Jayna, and rested for a few days. During that time, he studied the spell book. He was unable to cast a lot of the spells, since he lacked the powerful soul... but he was going to get that soul... from Valnar!
And what did Jayna do in the meantime?
She watched Asgar and was astonished at the incredible power he radiated. Asgar showed her many spells and told her a lot about vampires. As Jayna asked about the other vampires, Asgar told her about the Holy Crusade. But he didn't tell her the truth. He said that other vampires still exist, but they only talk to vampires that have achieved a certain level of strength. In the days during which Asgar studied the spell book, Valnar and Alaine searched for Jayna. They feared a lot of bad things, but they couldn't have imagined that the thief revived Asgar... and while they were searching, Asgar continued to draw Jayna towards his fascination about cruelty. He taught her evil spells, and she liked it so much she forgot that she had been at Asgar's castle for several days. They both studied the book day and night. And Jayna became stronger with every new spell. And tragically, she got infected by Asgar's inhumanity... and so, her anger towards Valnar and Alaine grew, since they never told her the "truth" about vampires - or at least that's what Asgar called it. Of course, he only told her lies, but the naive, young Jayna lost the feeling for truth...

But now, you should go to sleep!
That was a really exciting story, grandpa! But you can't let the story just end like that! I want to hear it to the end!

Well, kid, you'll have to wait until the sequel for that.

Maybe I'll tell you the story again tomorrow... with a different ending...
But I wonder why Valnar could destroy Asgar, even though Asgar was his sire?
That is because of the place where Asgar was killed. That law doesn't apply to this "ether plain".
So Valnar couldn't have destroyed Asgar in the normal world?
Indeed. Asgar knew this, and decided to be fair, for the first and last time in his life, and created the "ether plain" for this very purpose. But now go to sleep, or your dad will get mad at me because I kept you from sleeping, and that you're going to be tired the entire day again!
Good night, grandpa!
Good night, Simon!

Simon Rage, you're a good kid!

How to end your story? With a community shoutout, of course!

And that brings us to the end credits. I'll just transcribe these.



Special thanks go to the following people:

Time to play "recognize the cameos"!

Phoenix Down
Simon Rage
Silas Coldfire

and of course


Extra special thanks go to the staff of

The site still exists, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't always just a blog with four small articles about four versions of RPG Maker.

A few words of thanks go to the following because I allowed myself to take some things from their games and edit them:

Phoenix Down
Simon Rage
The creators of Delusive Choices
as well as some other people I might have forgotten.

Also, thanks to Peter Handke for the heart beat effects.

It seems like Delusive Choices has disappeared from the internet, which is a shame.

And the following nice folks helped me with assorted minor things:

Cold Mephisto

And of course, thanks to my beta testers:

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And big greetings go out to:

Raziel (long live

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I hope you had fun with Vampires Dawn.

Your Marlex

And there we go! Well... not quite.

"ATTENTION: The game will now start over - however, you will retain your character levels and almost all spells and items! So basically, this is a 'new game+', but you also get an item called a 'save crystal'. You can save infinitely with it! Maybe you want to play through the entire game again and change your attitude... try being an evil vampire! By the way, there are four different endings, depending on your humanity, your relation with Alaine, and the number of times you run from combat... have fun!


And indeed, from then, the game starts over. So, that's Vampires Dawn! Well... not quite. After all, we still have three more endings to go through! So join me next time, as we see what happens when you're still a good vampire, but blew it with Alaine and turned out to be a coward.

EDIT: I have been informed by a cartoon duck that there was in fact something I missed about this ending! Turns out that if you never get the thief to Shannar, the scene involving Asgar getting revived changes! I just thought that if you didn't, it just didn't happen and all you got was an incomplete ending, but no, this is an ending all of its own - a fifth ending, if you will!

As an aside, yes, invoking "a cartoon duck"'s username in a regular sentence will never cease to amuse me.

Anyway, the changes start coming in when Alaine notices that the book is missing.

Strange... didn't you put the book into the cupboard here?
I did... it isn't gone, is it?
Oh no! I think Jayna actually isn't with her friends right now!

Indeed she isn't. We cut to a very familiar place...

So, which spell should I cast?
The one in the back... "In Nox Deria - Reanimation of a blood ghost".
And then you're going to tell me the truth about my parents? I finally want to know who this Aysha that dad keeps talking about in his sleep is. Whenever I ask him, he says that she was just an old friend of his... but I think there's a lot more behind that! And I finally want to know what happened to the other vampires, and how my parents became vampires. They always say that they just got bitten some day... but I don't believe that! And where did dad get this spell book? And why can't I create any new vampires? What kind of war is it going to bring if I did? I think that dad and mom just want to keep all that power to themselves... and I finally want to have REAL friends... VAMPIRES!


Oh yes... I'll tell you everything... and show you everything... you'll have a lot of new friends soon... there will be a lot of new vampires! But first you need to revive me! This is the only book that has such a spell in it... and it doesn't even need a strong soul...
What are you talking about?
Oh, nothing... cast the spell! Hurry up! I am in unspeakable pain right now!
Wait, I'll only release you from your pain if you promise to tell me everything I want to know!
Yes, yes... of course! Now cast that spell already!

Again, Asgar flashes red, and then...

HARHARHAR! You stupid little girl! FINALLY, I'M BACK!

You can imagine what happens next.

And so, Asgar was alive again... he returned to his castle, and rested for a few days. During that time, he studied the spell book. He was unable to cast a lot of the spells, since he lacked the powerful soul... but he was going to get that soul... from Valnar!
Asgar killed Jayna? How sad...
Yes, young Jayna didn't have a lick of a chance against Asgar. In the days during which Asgar studied the spell book, Valnar and Alaine searched for Jayna. They feared a lot of bad things, but they couldn't have imagined that Jayna revived Asgar... and so, the paths of the three vampires crossed again... but neither of the two sides could turn this fight in their favor, and they say that the three are still fighting to this day. If you're really quiet, you can hear their fight in the wind... but now you should go to sleep!
That was a really exciting story, grandpa! And quite a mean ending... wouldn't a tragic ending have been a lot better for such a dramatic story?
Maybe I'll tell you the story again tomorrow... with a different ending...

So that's the fifth ending! Jayna ends up reviving Asgar, gets killed for her efforts, and nothing is resolved! Hooray!