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Part 26: Ending III: The Evil And Manly One

It's only been four hours since the last update? Fuck it, let's just keep on truckin'. This time, it's Evil with Alaine (which sounds like a new hit romantic comedy - "What happens when a megalomaniacal vampire finds true love in an insane asylum? Find out this summer, on Evil with Alaine!").

Now, the lead-in to Asgar's nightmare world is the same as it was in Good with Alaine, as the good/evil split only happens once you get sent there. So let's jump there, and jump to the part where Asgar reveals Valnar's true colors.

Come and get me! But before that, I want to reveal your true colors! Because in reality, you're just as evil and bloodthirsty as I am! You're almost an exemplary vampire!

And we get a new makeover courtesy of Asgar.

Damnit, what's happening to me?

Just as I thought! You've got the potential to be head vampire! It will be a joy fighting you! COME ON!
You're going to wish that you had never created me!
Asgar, I loved you! But you've gone completely insane! I'll kill you! And then I'll be together with Valnar...
Asgar, your insanity will be your ultimate downfall...
It's a shame, I really did love you a long time ago! But now it's time to make you pay for your mistakes! For you, I was nothing but a plaything... your property! The only thing you're interested in is yourself... you egotistical bastard!
You don't have the slightest clue just how much power you would have had with me! We could have ruled the world together! But instead, you take Valnar's side!
He might be just as or even more bloodthirsty than you, but he has something that you've never had! Sanity!
You damn slut! I'll hang your impaled heads up in my crypt!
Oh, before I forget it: I've taken the transformation spells from you. Obviously, you're going to go through your nightmare on foot...
That won't stop us either!
And of course, you're never going to come to my castle again either!

Alright, so this is our new look. We've gone even paler and even grayer.

And this is the map we're going to be bopping around. God damn, that is some mazey shit at times. Soooooo many redundant paths and big-ass dead ends. Anyway, the enemies are the same stuff we fought in Good with Alaine.

So let's just jump to after the Asgar fight, when things are different again.

The only change here is that Asgar flashes yellow like he did in Good without Alaine, and Valnar says "his soul" instead of "his blood ghost". So no revival shenanigans in this ending. we're the last two vampires on this planet! must be fate... it wishes it to be this way!
So what do we do now?
I don't know, Valnar! But I'm glad that we're still together!
I am too, Alaine! Now we can change the world together!
What do you mean?
Change the world! The two of us! Asgar was right! The world has to change! Through us! We will create new vampires!
New vampires... yes, that's a very good idea! Let's make new vampires! Let's revive the race of vampires! It will rule the world! Not these disgusting weak humans!
Yes! And this book will help us do it!
From now on, a new age begins! The age of vampires!

So that is it... the fate of those three... Asgar is dead, Alaine and Valnar are the last two vampires in the world... what incredible responsibility now rests on their shoulders... the last of this mighty "race" of vampires!
And Valnar and Alaine are now a couple and want to revive the race of vampires...
Exactly. Both have an evil disposition towards humanity. It seems that they want to be together and determine the future of the world for the next few centuries. And so, they started creating the first new vampires!

So now we cut to a foggy forest, where a familiar face is en route to somewhere.

Oh man... what a terrible idea, going through the forest in the middle of the night to get to Uruya... but the girls there will be worth it... oh, I'm so looking forward to the Spanish room!

Why do I have such a strange feeling?

Got you!

Chomp. I'd like to make a GIF of some of the stuff here like Alaine and Valnar jumping out from behind that tree, but the fog layer means that it's impossible to get any good compression going.

So that's number seven...

They retreat again, and we fade to black.

Ouch... damn, something bit me!

And so they created vampire after vampire! And those new vampires also created new vampires... know, I couldn't GIF anything in that scene. But do you know what I CAN GIF?


Oooooh... yesssss... uhhhh...

Damn you're good! Yesssss...

Ohhhh... faster! FASTER! Yessss!


Hey, why did you stop! I've got other customers to get to today! Or did you come already?


Sigh... Melina always gets the best guys... judging by that scream, she probably just had a massive orgasm...

That entire segment made this ending totally worth it, no matter what else happens. We fade to black.

And so, more and more vampires ended up being created... the world changed in a heartbeat! Humans were being hunted down! Vampires ruled the world!

We then fly over a scene of vampiric destruction, accompanied by our old friend, big blood text.








We then cut to the church in Asran, where it seems like somebody is going to give a speech.

My fellow citizens! Humanity is locked in a struggle! The vampires are killing one human after the other! We need to intervene before the vampires spread to the rest of the world! For THEN it will be too late! I was given the rank of High Priest to lead the fight against the vampires. I have proven my capabilities as a warrior many times... and NOW I will prove my capabilities as a leader! I hereby declare Holy War between all humans and vampires! We can't lose this war! And history has proven that we can win this war! But unlike the disappointing Vincent Weynard, we will destroy ALL vampires!

Somehow, I question this guy's credibility in vampire murder.

And so, another Holy War broke out! But the humans couldn't win this war. Their new leader Feyran Ridas did not have the capabilities of a Vincent Weynard... it turned into a last resistance against vampires, and while hundreds of vampires were indeed killed, it wasn't enough... humanity died out... but as the vampires noticed quickly, humanity's downfall would turn out to be their own downfall as well.
So both sides of the war died?
Yes - the vampires could not survive without human blood... and driven insane from blood lust, Alaine and Valnar fought each other in the end! They say that you could still hear their fight in the wind to this day...

Calling bullshit. You don't get to claim a mythical status for your story when the world of your myth had humanity get literally wiped out. This worked for Good without Alaine because there were no vampires left at the end, but this clearly does not line up with the world you're in right now in any way, shape or form.

That was a really exciting story, grandpa! And quite a mean ending... but I might have preferred a different ending!
Maybe I'll tell you the story again tomorrow... with a different ending...

Well, I can tell you this much, kid, you're not going to like this next ending better, because next time, it's Evil without Alaine! And given that Evil Valnar was the instigator of the human genocide in that ending we just saw, this upcoming one probably won't be much different!