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Part 27: Ending IV: The Evil And Cowardly One

And so, finally, we've come to the last ending, in what should probably be the shortest update of this LP. I probably could have merged the last three into just one, but splitting it up per ending is probably easier. Plus, that allows me to say that I pushed out three updates in like six hours, and that sounds cool.

So once again, we jump to our makeover bit, where the first different bit happens.

Come and get me! But before that, I want to reveal your true colors! Because in reality, you're just as evil, deceitful and powerhungry as I am!

And again, we get changed into our super-goth mode.

I knew it! You turned into a bloodthirsty, wretched, backstabbing vampire! It will be a joy fighting you! COME ON!
You're going to wish that you had never created me!

And then everything goes just as it did with Good with Alaine. So, one quick look at the map...

...jup, that sure is a map alright...

...and the next change comes before fighting the two.

The game is over! I've found you, and now I'm going to destroy you!
Well then! Try your luck!
You really are just a small, unimportant vampire...
HARHAR! Come on, you EVIL vampire!

We come on, and they are soundly thrashed once again. The only change here is what Alaine says before Valnar kills her:

Do it, Valnar! You can't show weakness, especially now...
Alaine... how could you take the side of that weakling?


And we're back in the real world again!

Now I am the last one... but I won't be alone for long! I will change the world! Asgar was right. It's high time that the world changes... but it won't be Asgar that will rule over it, it will be ME! Asgar was a weakling. He'd never be able to rule the world. And Alaine picked the wrong vampire! So that's her punishment for that mistake... tomorrow, the world will fall into chaos! Now, I alone have the power to lead the vampire race... I will control thousands of skeletons, zombies and vampires! Finally, I will harvest the bounty of my transformation!

So that is it... the fate of those three... Asgar and Alaine are dead, and Valnar is now the last vampire in the world... what incredible responsibility now rests on his shoulders... the last of this mighty "race" of vampires!
Grandpa, that is a terrifying end... Asgar went insane, Alaine sided with him, and finally Valnar had no choice but to kill both of them.
But Valnar turned into an evil vampire. He became just like Asgar... powerhungry. And in the end, he became possessed by megalomania! With the souls of Asgar and Alaine and Vincent's spell book, he now had nearly unlimited power. He knew that, and he made use of it too... first, he flew back to Asgar's castle, and redecorated it to suit his tastes. And then he started making evil plans, working out how he could take over the world the quickest. He created hundreds of skeletons and zombies to attack all the cities of the world. He wanted to imprison all the humans for them to serve as his nourishment.

Looks like he's got quite the army, though they haven't quite worked out how to form ranks yet.

It's time! Now, we will conquer the world! First, we'll burn down Klennar, that accursed city! I never want to be reminded of it again! Then, we'll systematically wipe out the church... a token of my appreciation for making Vincent Weynard the High Priest back then! Then all the other cities will fall, with Asran being the last one. We'll completely burn it down. And of course, we wouldn't want to forget about the Children of the Apocalypse. We'll destroy their hideout and shove the remaining cult members to the other prisoners! If the other humans won't kill them, I'll do it myself! After every city of this world has been plundered, I'll create more vampires. The world will tremble under my rule! The sky will turn blood red... I WILL RULE WITHOUT MERCY! FOR I AM MORE POWERFUL THAN GOD!

It happened. The student has become the master.

And so, Valnar's bloody acts of destruction began!

We then cut to Klennar, with skeletons roaming around and fire effects periodically filling the screen.





YOU HIDEOUS HUMANS! I'll squash you like bugs!

So that's his work in Klennar done. Next stop, Asdion.



Nobody may question my power! And I'll never work with these cult people... so KILL them!

Tear down the walls! Nothing can be left standing!

And in an incredibly short time, Valnar managed to subjugate the entire world...

What is it?
Master! We've plundered all the cities, just like you ordered! The humans are stored in special human centers, where you can help yourself whenever you want to.
Any problems?
No, master! All cities are destroyed, and your vampires are roaming the land. Blood flows in the streets, not a single bird is singing anymore... the world has fallen into chaos...
So I've achieved my goal! I followed my fate... I am the most powerful creature that has ever existed! Now, the only question is what I could destroy next...






That's a pretty amazing ending.

And so, humanity really did slowly die out... penned up in special storages, they couldn't survive for long... but without humans, the vampires died as well... Valnar died of a lack of blood as well and became a blood ghost... so in the end, Valnar's insanity meant the end of the world... a true apocalypse...
His disgusting behavior meant his own death in the end. Too much power is harmful...
Exactly... no one creature is capable of ruling the entire world... and wiping out entire races will end up leading to your own death... there are no winners in war!
But didn't the humans try to fight back?
Of course... but Valnar's army was too large and came too quickly... he had too much power. And the humans lacked a leader like Vincent Weynard...
That was a really exciting story, grandpa! Even though the ending was quite bloody...
Maybe I'll tell you the story again tomorrow... with a different ending...

Nope. That was the last ending, so we're officially done with Vampires Dawn 1!

Well, I guess I should give some closing thoughts. Now, this game wasn't as good as I had remembered it. All in all, the gameplay is quite rough, the difficulty curve is wacked the fuck out, the encounter rate is through the god damn roof, and a lot of things become entirely useless once you advance further through the game, with you having no idea what's going to stay useful and what's going to become useless.

The story is also kind of crazy as far as quality of writing goes, switching between "actually pretty good" and "what the fuck was that" at the drop of a hat. It also requires you to fuck around and search for where to continue the story without any hint as to where that continuation might be at times. The characters also jump between "actually pretty good" and "annoying as shit" a lot, which is a bit of an issue. Valnar in particular has a whole fucking lot of angst problems, which does not make for an entertaining protagonist.

Really, overall, between the bonkers difficulty curve, insane encounter rate, kind of dumb story and characters, wack-ass spells that can become useless at any moment, the occasional lack of direction given to the player, the fucking batshit later dungeons, and all the assorted minor little niggles, it would be hard to call this a good game.

But at the end of the day, I still have a massive soft spot for this game in my heart. Said it before, will say it again - nostalgia is one hell of a drug. And as it stands, there is nothing that exemplifies the German RPG Maker renaissance more than Vampires Dawn, though we still need to get to the sequel for the full effect. That will come later, though. Taking advice from a cartoon duck has served me well so far, and not going straight into Vampires Dawn 2 is probably another good choice.

So for those of you here for the vampires, this will probably be a farewell for a while. Thanks to everybody for once again indulging me and my aimless rambling about video games, numbers and vampires, thanks to everybody that posted in the thread, thanks to everybody that pointed something out to me that I could fix or show off, thanks to everybody that voted in our super exciting vote times, and thanks to the lurkers as well, and thanks to everybody that will be reading this on the archive! At the end of the day, all you folks are what I do this for.