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Part 15: Chapter #8: Ganlon's Betrayal, Part 2

The White Dragon posted:

Don't you get a Flaros for taking the Dionne path?

You do get a spare Flaros if you end up fighting Dionne in the arena, I was going to save that for the next post, but well, sure. The thing is, the arena fight is a very sub-optimal choice if you're going down the Kingdom path  I mean, yeah, the Flaros is better than Barlow's Ratatosk, but I'd rather have the Bahamut. If you are going to the Ruin brancy, it's not better than the Alba or Serata, so you won't be using it for more than a couple of missions anyway.  So, in summary, you may end up with the Flaros, but you'll probably wish you hadn't.

Chapter #8: Ganlon's Betrayal, The Textacular Conclusion!

: I appreciate you coming this far just to mock me, Sadira!
: You don't take teasing very well, do you, Bastion? Besides, I am here for a very important reason!
Well, it's not important this playthrough, but someday...someday...
: You're here 'cause you heard 'bout the Ultragunner.
Yeah, Zeira....I reckon she did. I don't know why he suddenly started talking like a Southerner, but I won't have it!
: That's right. I'm here to find out what Bastion intends to do with it. And if his answer is the wrong one, I will do whatever I must to prevent him from awakening it?
: What?! You, of all people, should understand exactly why His Highness requires the Ultragunner!
Ummm....yeah, I don't know that 'I want to destroy your country and forcibly depose your family' is going to be particularly persuasive.
: His Highness can end the war which has devastated both of our nations, and unite the Continent!
: Calm down and take a few breaths, Galvas. Why don't we ask Bastion what he wishes to do?
: (Gasp!) I apologize, Your Highness. I become excited rather easily.
: It's alright, Galvas...
: Answer the question, Bastion! What are your intentions?
Yes, Bastion, tell us, what is best in life?
: I don't want the Ultragunner because of the power and privilege with which it will grant me. I just want to end the war and stop the senseless deaths. The Ultragunner will allow me to do that. When peace has been restored, I will gladly give you the Ultragunner and control of the Kingdom.
So...Bastion's plan is to fight off the Empire, force a peace, and then surrender the Kingdom to the Empire. Brilliant!
: Is that so? ... ... ...
: (He is either an extraordinary liar or an extraordinary young man...)
: Your Highness! You cannot give away your rightful place on the throne to a Princess of the Empire!
Oh, Galvas, always playing the Queen Margaret to Bastion's Henry VI, eh? What? Oh, that's too obscure for you? Deal with it.
: Alright, Bastion. I thank you for your answer.
: Does that mean you're not going to interfere with us?
: Just because you claim your intentions are pure doesn't mean you'll keep your word, Bastion!
: Your lineage does not give you the right to be rude, Princess Sadira!
: I realize that I must prove my intent with my actions as well as my word, Sadira. And I will.
: (There is such sincerity in his voice, and in his eyes.)
: This seems to have been a mutually beneficial conversion, eh, Franco?
: Indeed it has, Duke Zeira.
: It was very good to see you both. Bastion, we best get moving. It's dangerous to stay in one place.
: Take care, Franco, and take care, Sadira. I'm sure we'll meet again soon.

: What do you think, Franco?
: What do YOU think, Princess?
: I asked you first.
Oh, God, it's some sort of moebius conversation! All is lost!
: I believe our thoughts are the same.
: ... ... ... He was telling the truth. You could hear it, and you could see it. He only wants peace in this world.
: Yes.
: What should I do? I trust Bastion, but I cannot abandon the interests of my own country, or myself. I feel such conflict and confusion at this moment, Franco. It is making my head spin...
: Princess.
: Yes, Franco?
: Your eyes are as honest as Bastion's, as are your intentions.
: Oh...Ha, ha, ha! I understand what you're saying, Franco! I have to focus on my own goals, as he does on his!
: That is why we are here, Princess.
: Thank you for your wisdom, Franco.
: I am glad to share it. Let us depart.

Meanwhile, back in Muspel, Radcot broods...

: (If were any angrier, I would have to smash every fragile item in this accursed palace! I must find another way to capture Bastion and Gratia. Their unlimited power must be mine to control!)

A messenger arrives...

: Excuse me, Duke Radcot!
: What is it?
: Prince Bastion has decimated your army and returned to Araba Castle!
: Of course he has.
: What shall you do, Duke Radcot?
: I will assemble a new army, stronger than before, and wait for the perfect moment to strike again!
: Actually, Duke Radcot...this IS the perfect moment to strike.

: What...have you...done?!
: Why, I have brought an end to your pathetic life, Duke Radcot. And I was paid very well to do it. General Faulkner has a considerable budget set aside for assassins.
: Faulkner...ordered this? But...why?
: Sacrifices must be made in every war, Duke Radcot...and Faulkner has chosen your blood to flow.
I suppose that loudly yelling that you would make Faulkner kneel before you was not the wisest course of action for Radcot to take.
: Damn...him...

Well, Radcot, we had joy, we had fun, and now you're dead, you are fucking dead!

: (Faulkner...)
I guess Faulkner's trademark is killing people in front of their family members.

I'll see you in hell, Dionne-Lehve!

: Welcome back, Duke Zeira! Did you learn anything from Dionne?
We learned that you're shit at keeping watch over potential traitors.
: We learned that Bastion is the only one who can pilot the Ultragunner...
Yeah, we've known that for a while now.
: And we learned that Ganlon was employed by Duke Radcot!
Once again, re-used dialogue confuses the situation. In this path, it's pretty clear that Ganlon was working for the Empire, not Duke Radcot.
: So your suspicions about the reason for Ganlon's strange behavior were confirmed. I'm sorry. I know there was a time when you considered him a friend. To learn that he betrayed us to the Empire must not have been pleasant.
But Zeira just told you that Ganlon was working for Radcot! I mean, I know that it's tricky because there are a few different variations of that scene depending on what path you took to get there, but still...
: At least we now understand how Araba Castle fell so easily to the Imperial Army.
: I take responsibility for not noticing Ganlon's behavior, Your Highness. I should have paid more attention. I take solace in the fact that he met a pathetic and dishonorable fate.
: There is nothing comforting about death, Galvas. Whether it befalls an enemy or a friend, it is a tragedy.
: Have you learned anything new regarding the hiding place of the Ultragunner?
: Nothing at all, Zeira, although our spies continue to scour the Continent for clues.
: Our options are quickly falling away, Bastion. Do you have any new ideas?
: Actually, I do. Have any of you seen a temple with an emblem of the sun decorating its entrance?
: Afraid I haven't seen anything of that nature, but why do you ask? Is that where you believe the Ultragunner is hiding from us?
: I saw that temple in the vision I had when I first grasped Gratia, and I'd almost forgotten about it...But our talk of where Ultragunner could be stored away seems to have refreshed my memory.
: I do not know of any temples adorned with the emblem of which you speak, Your Highness. I apologize.
: I've never heard of a religion on the Continent that worships the sun, but it wouldn't surprise me.
We need Plot Resolution Contrivance Power, now!!!
: I know exactly what you're talking about, Bastion, because I've seen that temple with my own eyes!
: Have you, now? Do tell, Reyna!
: It's not any religion you've heard of, just a small cult with a sun god. All of its followers have wonderful tans. I saw their temple a few years ago, when I took time off from the Avalon Corps and toured the Continent.
: You've had quite the adventurous life, haven't you, Reyna? I'm jealous.
Great. Not exactly the most appropriate response to learning of the potential salvation of your country, but fine.
: You voluntarily left the armed forces to be a tourist?! I am baffled by your decision, miss.
: In any case, I remember that temple very well, because I was too afraid to go inside.
: Well, it's the only lead we have, so we must pursue it. Where's this place, Reyna?
: Unfortunately, it's in an area that's currently controlled by the Empire, but not far across the border.
: We don't have any choice, Reyna. To the temple we go.
: Are you sure, Bastion? What if we provoke the Empire?
You mean the Empire that we're at war with? What are they going to do? Declare double-war?
: If we find Ultragunner, we'll be able to handle anything they throw at us. Now let's go!

The Junaris Empire is big...

: (Father...I made it.)
: At last, Your Highness. At last, you can restore the Kingdom to glory and destroy the Empire forever.
: And I can honor the life of Alugard.
: Listen up, people! The Imperial Army just arrived, and they don't look very happy! Downright pissed, in fact!
Double-war has come to the Kingdom...
: They found us already?! They must have spies all along the border!
: As always, the Empire's sense of timing is exquisitely awful!
: Get in that temple, Bastion! We'll keep you covered while you find the Ultragunner and get it working!
: But what if Ultragunner isn't inside? And what if you are outnumbered by the Imperials?
: Hurry up and go, Bastion! This is not the time to be expressing feelings of doubt! This is the time for action! Besides, I wasn't planning on dying in your defense today!
: Devlin...
: While it might be hard to believe, Your Highness, I agree with Devlin! Act swiftly and decisively!
But to act swiftly and decisively is not the way of Vanguard Bandits...
: Come on, Bastion! I've always wanted to see what Ultragunner looks like! This is the moment Alugard prepared you for, Bastion! Don't let him down!
: Alright! I'll hurry inside! Take care and fight with honor! I'll join you as soon as I can!

Next Time: Pontifex Maximus Roboticus!