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Part 30: Chapter #16: Logan's Siege

Chapter #16: Logan's Siege


: My scanners are blank! What's going on? Why can't we see them?!
We'll never know, because the game never tells us why this happens.


Morale looks good.
: I was hoping to try some Nordilain pale ale, but I doubt I'll be tasting it anytime soon...
Meh, no big loss, pale ales suck.
: I fight with vengeance in my heart and anger in my soul!
I think I have an idea for my next challenge...but more on that later.
: Bastion, how much longer do we have to keep fighting?! I thought Faulkner would give up by now!
: Bastion, if I can get my dexterity and agility high enough, I just know I can do something really special...
You mean the Sonic Blade? We've had that for a while.
: Just between you and me, Bastion, I never had this much fun fighting for Marquis Dionne...
: Bastion, you've been talking to Milea a lot more than me lately! That's not very nice, is it, Kyu-Kyu?
Kyu-Kyu used tail whip....Bastion's defense fell!
: Did you notice how easy it was for me to provoke Claire? Inexperience can always be exploited, Bastion.
: You've gotten too skinny, Bastion! I have to start cooking your meals again before you waste away!


: Here they come! On the other side of the bridge!
: Unbelievable! Nordilain is attacking once more!
: And it seems they are being led by Duke Logan himself!
: I know he's trying to stop us and all, but I can't help but admiring his ATAC. It's so damn MANLY.

Meet Duke Logan, he brings pain.
: That red ATAC is huge! Is it one of the original excavated models?
: Yes. It is called the Crimson, and Duke Logan's been piloting it since he was a boy. I was hoping we would never have to see it in person...
: Amazing! Duke Zeira, Lord Alden, and Prince Bastion's Ultragunner all on a single battlefield! Ha, ha, ha! I could not ask for a more satisfying melee than the one that's sure to unfold! Well, perhaps if I was fighting all three of them by myself. Attack!
: The Crimson is slow, but it's also strong, Bastion--as strong as Dionne's Roaring Lion! Be careful!

That...that is a problem. 32 POW? And you can't even see the worst part. He has an attack called Raging Heat that can come close to wiping out any of your units in one or two hits, and, since it's CPU-only, it's super-cheap. As in 40 AP, 5 FP, meaning he can use it every turn. This....could get messy.

Oh, and there are some Nordilains and Claire, but, well, given the circumstances, they don't really matter. A simple rule of thumb for this mission. Nobody weaker than Zeira should even get within 3 squares of Logan.

And that much damage is just for Fireball. His most powerful attack has a slightly better chance of hitting and does twice as much damage. If Logan had used it against Zeira, he'd be down to single-digit HP right now.

: Duke Zeira! How are you enjoying your job as the Prince's babysitter?
: More than you're enjoying the post of Imperial punching bag, no doubt.
: Saying such things will make me hit you much harder, Zeira!!

We need Turbulence power, now!

Bastion legendary Splitting Smash go!

: The legendary Ultragunner! Let us see how strong it truly is!
: Indeed!
And the Splitting Smash takes Logan below half-health...
: Ha, ha, ha! This battle is impossible to win! And I would expect no less from such an extraordinary group of ATACs! We will continue this fight, and conclude it at our next encounter. I'd prefer you not be defeated until then. I'd like to be the one to claim your lives!

And then he leaves. You'd think our party would try and stop him, seeing as he just swore that he return to destroy us all, but no, they just let him go.

With Logan gone, there's really not much left to this fight.

The only way to defeat Nordilain for sure is to deprive the country of an entire generation of men. Shown here, the party continues to make progress on this lofty goal.

: Logan said we would meet again. What could he possibly know that we do not?
Yes, Duke Logan's threat is a veritable sword of Damocles. Who knows when the Duke of Nordilain shall strike again in his Red Machine of Death? We have no choice to wait for the inevitable re-

: I expect you to fight with all your effort, and die with honor! Attack!
: I don't want to hurt you, Logan! Let us pass and we can avoid any more bloodshed!

Next time:
: Come on, guys! Best three-out-of-five! You know I'm good for it!