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Part 41: Interlude #1: Status Update

Status Check!

We're back at Chapter 4, so that means that the shop is open again...except it's still the first shop of the game, so there aren't many good things for sale. In fact, Franco and Halak already have level two wind stones, so you only need to buy new weapons for everybody and two stones.

Back in the ol' Alba, eh? Oh, well, it's a nice enough ATAC, I suppose. And look at that agility! Yeah, this could work.

Our team's powerhouse by default. She starts at a low level, which is actually helpful, because it allows me to get her special attack sooner rather than in I will have her most powerful attack in two missions.

A solid unit who will be all the more solid when I get him Turbulence in the very near-future.

Franco sans the man's rakish charm.

Well at the mo-Wait...Zoom in and enhance!

What happened to her eyes? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER EYES?!!

: Soon, all will know peace....endless peace...

Next Time: It becomes even more apparent that, in fact, there's something a with our ninja-maid.