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Part 66: Chapter #20: Battle for Tomorrow, Sadira's Ending

Feinne posted:

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the AI for Cecilia isn't properly designed and breaks the whole mission as a result by having her basically do nothing.

If that's all it was...

Chapter #20: Battle for Tomorrow
Alternate Title: Technical Knock-out!



: When this battle is won, Bastion, perhaps you'll be ready to engage in less violent activities...
: You and the Princess have grown very close during your adventures. Be careful with her heart...
: Take care of the Princess, you must. Love you, she does.
: I know she's, like, cranky and stuff, but Sadira really cares about you. Be good to her, okay?


: But where is Faulkner?!

: Hello, Bastion.
: Cecilia! Are you alright?
: No, Bastion. Zulwarn is approaching.
: Where?!

: Right here, you impertinent boy.

Duyere and Zakov, eh? Is that all you've got?

And two more Sharkings, eh? I am...unimpressed.
: Duyere! Listen to me, Duyere! Faulkner is--
: You waste your breath, Sadira. Have you already forgotten what happened to Zeira and the other fools?
: No. Not my brother!
: Cecilia, come here! Hurry!!

I'm not sure I like that she set herself up directly in back of Bastion...
: Prince Bastion, you have impressed me to no end with your combat skills and your infinite determination. Wouldn't you consider serving me instead of forcing me to end your life at such a promising young age?
Ooh, ooh! Can I, game? Can I please join up with Faulkner? I've been so good at LPing you...
: I would rather die a dozen deaths than spend a single moment under your control, Faulkner!
: It never hurts to ask, dear boy. Well, it never hurts ME. Kill him.
: What--

And then Cecilia literally stabs Bastion in the back. Ouch. And, in case you're wondering, this does actual in-game damage in a game where you likely have no way of healing Bastion. Why, if I weren't about to snap this game's neck like a twig, that would be quite vexing.

: Aaugh!
: Cecilia!!
: No WAY!
: Cecilia, why did you DO that?!
: ... ... ...
: I'll give you a clue, Bastion. I'm not controlling her mind.
: So the person for whom you've been working all this time is...
: ... ... ...
: Attack!

Well, time to send Cecilia to God.

I want to end this with one blow....

: Why did you betray me, Cecilia? Why did you betray US?!
: I was only doing my job, Bastion. This is not betrayal. It is fulfilling my duty to my employer.
: No, Cecilia! You learned to care about us, and I guarantee that wasn't part of your duty to Faulkner!
: Bastion...It's too late for me now.
: Cecilia!

My attack missed, so I go with plan B, beating her to death with everyone else.

: (I have lost. But I already lost when I betrayed Bastion and Sadira. I lost my heart, and my soul. I deserve this fate.)

Hmmm. Sad. Oh, well, back to the butchering.

Two Sharkings? In the first fight against Sharkings on this branch, we had to fight five.

Oh, and it's time for another conversation where Sadira can't believe that Duyere is brainwashed.

: Duyere! Snap out of it!
: ... ... ...
: I've heard of sibling rivalry, but this is ridiculous.

And, a bit o' chat with Zakov!

: I see you vere able to defeat Alden and dhe other Hibernians, eh? Good vork, Princess!
: What?! You weren't under the control of the Zulwarn ATAC?
: Of course not, silly vench! I villingly chose to ally myself vith Fokkner!
: Then you have willingly chosen to die with him, Zakov!

Battle over. Oh, right, Faulkner, I had almost forgotten...

: But the only life to be claimed today will be your own!
: Is that so?
: Indeed, Faulkner! And I shall be the one to claim it!
: I have grown tired of your empty threats, Sadira, which means it is time for you to DIE!
Oh, Faulkner...I like you, I don't want to do this...but, here we are....

Assume victory formation! All units to maintain a distance of exactly five squares from Faulkner! Those with Turbulence, take your positions in the front!

Move forward exactly one square into Turbulence range!

Fire Turbulence!

Return to starting position! Several dozen identical maneuvers later...

There are a lot of things in this game that are...not good, but this may be the only moment that is unforgivable. Faulkner will never, ever, ever move unless there is an ATAC within four squares of him (his maximum attack range) when he takes his turn. Which, in and of itself, is lazy, but maybe not the end of the world. But, in Vanguard Bandits, you can move both before and after your attack as long as you have the AP to do so. Turbulence only costs 10 AP, so not only do I have more than enough AP to move and out of position, I also have enough leftover AP to erase virtually all of the FP Turbulence builds up. Faulkner never even gets to launch a single attack. He just sits there as I slowly, slowly whittle down his HP to zero. Stellar AI.

: No! NOOOO!!!

: It's over. At last...Father has been avenged. The evil has been stopped. And the war is over.

: I'm fine, Sadira. It's only my ego that is wounded. The glorious Junaris Empire is now a pile of smoking rubble, and it's all because of my stupidity. I never had the faintest clue of what Faulker [sic] was planning. He used me so blatantly, and so easily. The more I think back upon it, the angrier with myself I become. I let him turn me against my own flesh and blood. I am so very sorry for what I allowed to happen.
: Duyere...
: There's only one way to atone for my foolishness. I've decided to relinquish the throne to you, Sadira.
: What?! Duyere!
: It is apparent that I don't have the ability to lead this nation, Sadira. It is equally apparent that you do. You will make a fine Empress, sister. The citizens will rally behind you.
You know, if the choices are between Duyere and Sadira, I think the citizens would wish that Faulkner had just gone ahead and killed the rest of them.
: What?! Duyere!
: You aren't giving up the throne, Duyere. You're just running away from your responsibilities.
: Bastion!
: I'm not denying that you made many mistakes, Duyere, but you also have a chance to make amends for them.
: By allowing myself to be publicly executed, perhaps? would raise morale in the Empire...
: No, Duyere, although that idea does have some merit. Make amends by helping to rebuild this country!
: You're right, Bastion. I can't change what has happened, but I can change the future. I'll work as hard as I can to undo the damage that Faulkner wreaked.
: I'm here to help you, Duyere. This isn't something you have to do by yourself.
: I know, Sadira...but it's something I WANT to do on my own. I am sure we will meet again soon, Prince Bastion.
: Indeed, Prince Duyere.
: Contact me when you have decided what you plan to do next. Perhaps we can ally our nations.
: That is a wonderful idea, Duyere.

: Thank you, Bastion. Thank you for giving Duyere a measure of confidence.
: I'm not so sure of that, Sadira. Duyere still has a long path ahead before he regains self-respect.
And, you know, all those war crime charges....
: Why don't we return to Nordilain and report our victory to Logan?
: Like, I agree! Daddy will be SO happy when he finds out that we won!
: And I'll be thrilled when we get to leave you behind...

Oh, no! Not the balcony! Anything but the balcony! Please, not again, not again!
: Hello, Bastion.
: It's over...
: ...and it's begun.
That is not a promising opening...
: The dawn of a new age.
: Bastion, what will you do now? (I know what I want you to do...)
: I think my next task is to make an appearance in the Kingdom. I am the Prince, after all, whether I like it or not.
: Indeed, there are times when I am not entirely fond of being a Princess.
: The Kingdom is as devastated from the effects of the war as the Empire. Perhaps my appearance will inspire the Kingdom's citizens as I help them to restore what was lost.
: That's a noble thing to do, Bastion.
: After what I said to your brother, Sadira, how can I run away from my OWN responsibilities?
I don't know, do jetpacks exist in Vanguard Bandits? Because, if they do, you could probably run away with a jetpack.
: You can't, Bastion. Not someone as honorable as you are. You're going to be very busy with your duties, aren't you?
: Undoubtedly.
: I was afraid of that.
: Sadira, I have a very unreasonable request to make of you.
: What's that, Bastion?
How about 'stop being Sadira?'
: I know that the Empire is in just as much disarray as the Kingdom, and they could use you here...
: But?
: I want you to come to the Kingdom with me.
: Bastion!
: With you at my side, everyone will see that the Empire and the Kingdom are no longer at war.
: Oh.
: And...I also...
: What?
: I want to be with you, Sadira, and not just as friends.
: Bastion.
: I love you, Sadira.
: Well...uh...Of course I'll go with you, Bastion. I...I love you, too.
: May I kiss you, Sadira?
: You may, Bastion.
Oh, no, can no one save the animators from having to do actual work in this game? Anyone?

Uh...anyone else?
: Like, it's about time!

Oh come, on, can't I be done with the lot of you?

And apparently Halak has suffered a stroke that has changed her vocal pattern from 'Yoda' to 'faux-Shakespearean.'
: All of you were spying on us?!
: Of course! We totally want to make sure you guys hook up! You two are SO meant for each other!
: Then why have you been flirting with Bastion since the moment you met him?!
: I was just trying to make you jealous so that you'd want him more! And it totally worked!
: WHAT?! You're just jealous that he loves me and not you, Claire! So why don't you all leave and give Bastion and me some privacy!

: All of you! Please! Go AWAY!

The End!

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