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by Stratafyre

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Original Thread: More fun with Morphine - Let's Play Velvet Assassin



Developer: Replay Studios
Publisher: SouthPeak Games
Platforms: Xbox 360, PC
US Release Date:April 28, 2009
EU Release Date:May 8, 2009

What is this game?

Velvet Assassin is a third person stealth game. It follows the completely fictionalized story of the real life Violette Szabo, as she viciously stabs her way through all of the Nazis ever. Through a variety of missions, Violette creeps her way behind enemy lines and disables their infrastructure, assassinates high ranking officers and generally makes a mess of the place.

Why should I play it?

Well, it came out while the "World War II" phase of gaming was still in full swing, but tried to buck the trend by being a stealth game. It is, at best, mediocre gameplay-wise.

It is quite pretty though.

Are you going for a 100%/Speed/All Silent Kill run?

I'm going for an entertaining run. I don't really need extra strength or morphine, and most of the environmental kills don't count as silent. I've played this game through dozens of times to write my walkthrough, so I'm going to do my best to be fun to watch.

Edit: I guess I am going for a 100% Speed Run, accidentally.

Where can I get it?

Velvet Assassin is available on Steam for $5 bux $2 1/2 bux.

Facts we've learned about Nazis:

1) They hate ghosts.
2) They have poor peripheral vision.
3) They are very territorial.

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