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Part 42: Ascension

Chapter 31: Ascension

As soon as they got the message that war had officially been declared, our ships moved into position. Our ships were split into two navies: one mostly of transports, and one consisting of gunships. The transport group went at full speed into Chesapeake bay, and the other held the entrance to the bay. The United States was not expecting a war, and they had no ships of their own in the bay. Our men immediately began unloading to the northern tip of the bay, where they could then proceed on to Baltimore and Washington.

(don't put all your ships into one group when conducting naval invasions, if attacked the unloading will be interrupted; instead put gunships in their own group so that they will engage enemy ships while transports can continue to unload)

While Austin and the Golden Ten conduct the invasion of Maryland, our 26-division army in Monterey begins the assault of Northern California. A single, overwhelming Texan invasion could push the Americans into leaving the rest of their border lightly defended.

The first battles of the war are Texan victories. The Americans underestimated our capabilities and attempted a direct assault on our capital, where we already had a double-trench system set up and 12 divisions dug-in. The attackers were destroyed

The American General Hopkinson's men are well dug-in at San Fransisco, but we are hoping to win with our overwhelming numbers.

Salisbury has been captured, and Austin makes his way to the American capital. There are only two divisions in DC currently, but there are 2-4 more on their way from New York.

The Battle of Washington lasts a while, but comes to a close after the annihilation of six American divisions. We lost fifty thousand men in DC, but only because the Americans refused to retreat and fought to the very last man to defend their capital.

The Battle of San Fransisco is won too, but only after we lose half of our troops that went into the battle. We grieve for the many lost, but the battle is accomplishing what we want it to; the Americans are building up a large number of troops and beginning to leave the eastern end of our border lightly defended.

Washington and San Fransisco are taken. We are not going to move any further in California; the Americans have fortified themselves in old forts that remain there from the first Mexican-American War. Plans are being made for the invasion of Louisiana and Arkansas.

The Northeast is, as far as we can tell, devoid of any American troops. We split a single division of from the Golden Ten and order it to retake Salisbury. The rest will dig into DC, knowing that trains full of American soldiers could arrive any day.

And it happens soon. Our division in Salisbury is attacked by a cavalry division before they can completely occupy the province, but we should win that battle before infantry arrive to reinforce them.

But there is no need, for what happens next stops the whole world in its tracks.

The United States government asks for peace, offering 13 provinces, and we accept. Before the eyes of the whole world, the Republic of Texas has defeated the United States of America. It is the happiest day of President Villa's life.

The new border (contrasted with the old one in black), and a better look at the Arkansas-Louisiana area, to show that the Americans still hold on to New Orleans.

Our capitalists in San Luis Potosi celebrate by funding the construction of a new explosives factory.

The war ends just in time for the beginning of a new election season.

The party polls reflect some dire news for the Nationalist Party: following the end of his 2nd term as President of the Republic, Fransisco Villa is retiring from Texan politics. "My work here is done.", he said at the Nationalist Electoral Convention in San Fransisco. This dealt a huge blow to the Nationalist Party despite the victory against the US. Without Pancho they face a lack of leadership. The Nationalist candidate will be James Ferguson again; the only other prominent nationalist is the daughter of Jim Hogg, Ima Hogg, and she had no plan for seeking the nomination.

Californian capitalists, forget everything bad we've ever said about y'all. Texas is soon to be the home of the world's first aeroplane factory.

Texan industry is surging all over, with the announcement of new factories in Panama and Cauca (western Colombian coast). A shipping container full of local goods mysteriously explodes in Cauca though, taking out the useless glass factory and peppering the landscape with fruit pulp, wool and glass.

Revolt risk is very high in the cities taken from the US; Yankees do not take kindly to being conquered.

President Villa asks one more favor of Austin and his Golden Ten. They oblige, and board transports in the Gulf of Mexico. Their destination: the Sea of Marmara.

President Villa has accomplished each of his goals and has had few setbacks. Under his guidance the Republic experiences a meteoric rise in power, bringing South America under our domain and handing the United States a quick defeat. But there was one last thing he wanted to do. He wants to leave his own personal mark on the world. He wants to conquer Constantinople.

While Villa is on board ships heading to the Ottoman capital, Farmer Jim wins the Presidential elections. What President Ferguson gives only vague goals for the Republic in his inaugural speech. Following the last term of one of the greatest Presidents Texas has ever had will be tough for Farmer Jim.

He may not be President any more, but Congress is happy to accept Pancho's request and grant him permission to invade the shriveled Ottoman Empire. The Golden Ten, led by General Austin and accompanied by Villa, invades Thrace..

Edirne is captured and we begin the assault of the old city, called Constantiniyye or Istanbul by the Ottomans.

The City is captured quickly. The lone Ottoman division that was garrisoned there fled at the sight of 120 thousand Texans.

We force the Ottoman Sultan to accept a peace deal. They are to pay us war indemnities for a few years, and then we deliver a great humiliation to the Sultan and his nation:

Before we leave the city, the Golden Army come up with an idea to honor their retiring President. We hold a military parade, with General Austin and President Villa in front, and streamers and alcohol all around, all the way to Dolmabahçe Palace, where the Sultan resides. We arrive and head inside. Inside, a great feast is prepared and the men of the Golden Ten drunkenly salute their leaders..

The invaders throw the greatest party of the twentieth century for Villa. Then, with his great friend and pupil at his side, Fransisco stands before the throne at the center and the accompanying army chaplain drunkenly crowns him "Fransisco Villa, fideus in Deo Christo Basileus Imperator Texanorum" before passing out. Rifle in one hand, bottle in the other, and a crown with a single star on his head, Pancho Villa laughs. He is done.

Our forces leave Constantiniyye the next morning, hungover and in a hurry. The Russians were not taking kindly to our actions in Thrace, and President Ferguson had come up with a plan in the area.


The End of the Republic draws near.