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Virtual Boy Wario Land

by FutureFriend

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Original Thread: Taste of Money - Let's Play the Wario franchise



Virtual Boy Wario Land was released in North America on November 27, 1995 and would be released on December the 1st, 1995 in Japan. Not even a month later, the Virtual Boy was announced to be discontinued in Japan (Europe never even received the Virtual Boy). Virtual Boy Wario Land is the swan song of a console that was doomed from the start. It's widely recognized as the best Virtual Boy game and the only reason to even get a Virtual Boy nowadays.

The game itself is actually rather straight-forward. It plays very much like an advanced version of Wario Land 1, with less floaty psychics, reworked power-ups and a somewhat faster speed. Its soundtrack is quirky and tries to get the best out of the Virtual Boy's rather lackluster soundchip. It's a game that tries its best to be memorable and fun.

However, I personally have a lot of complaints with the game which we'll dive into with the videos themselves:

2D version here
2D version here
2D version here
2D version here

These videos are made with 3D in mind and are best viewed in 1080p. If there are issues with Youtube's 3D videos however, I have uploaded 2D version as an alternative.
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