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Original Thread: Do You Just Run Singing into Everyone's Home? - Lets Play: Wandersong



What is Wandersong?

Wandersong is a game that was released on September 27, 2018 for PC and Nintendo Switch. It did get a kickstarter in February of 2016 that was able to raise about $22,000. Since then, it's been in development by three people: Greg Lobanov, the main developer and creator, Em Halberstadt, the sound designer, and Gordon McGladdery (A Shell in the Pit) who was the main composer along with Lobanov. Together, they made a game who's soundtrack consists of over 140 songs, and soundfiles that make up nearly 5 gigs when uncompressed.

The game itself, is about a Bard who goes on an adventure to save the world through music. It functions mostly as a side scroller with mild puzzles and platforming. The gameplay is never intense, and is more a vehicle to explore the rest of the game. The game can play similiar to Night in the Woods, but also definitely has some Earthbound and Undertale inspiration.

Where can I get this game?

As it just came out, this game should be easy to find. But specifically, you can get it on Steam, The Switch, The Humble Store, or GOG.

Cool! So what about this LP? What's the format going to be?

I really agonized over what the best way to present this game is. There's a lot of neat little animations, audio cues, and music that can be difficult to show off through screenshots. However, this is also a text heavy game that really wouldn't go well with video. On top of which, I didn't feel like my commentary through video (audio or subtitle) would provide much to the game compared to screenshot.

Screenshots, however, will NOT get across how great some sections of this game are. There are some things that just need to be seen in motion, rather than through images. As such, it's going to be about as hybrid an LP as I can make it. Screenshots will be for most of the game, but some sections will be placed in video. If I feel a video section translates decently to images, I'll try and provide both.

Why this game?

Because it's a very positive game! As I mentioned before, it can play similar to Night in the Woods, in that you're running around talking to people for most of the game. But where that game can be incredibly real and depressing, this game prefers to try and stay positive and uplifting about as much as it can! That doesn't mean it doesn't know proper pacing or how to tell a story, but just that I feel the game has a positive message. And I want to help spread that. Also the music is utterly fantastic and well worth it on that alone.

Spoiler policy?

Not a single spoiler in this thread. No black bars for spoilers, no tee hee can't wait till x happens. Nothing! This indie game came out about three weeks ago as of this post, and I'd like for people to either check it out themselves, or follow along and see what makes it good!

Update Schedule?

My last LP, I said I was going to try and do a sensible schedule and ended up updating every day. I'd like to not do that again, so I'll try for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and see if that works out. Shit can change at my whim and at any circumstance though.

With that all said, let's begin...

Update 1 - The Test
Update 2 - The Ghosts
Update 3 - The Dream World
Update 4 - The Good People of Langtree

Update 5 - The Town of Delphi
Update 6 - The Show at the Crazy Raven
Update 7 - The Revitalization of Delphi by the Singer-Bard
Update 8 - The Land of Wind

Update 9 - The Lady Arabica
Update 10 - The Hero's Journey
Update 11 - The Mermaids
Update 12 - The Way It's Supposed to Be

Update 13 - The Interruption

Update 14 - The City of Chismest
Bonus Update
Update 15 - The Astronomers
Update 16 - The Baron
Update 17 - The Order in the Chaos

Update 18 - The Land With Two Kingdoms
Update 19 - The City of Xiatian
Update 20 - The Potion of Power
Update 21 - The Spell Squad
Update 22 - The Journey to Mohabumi
Update 23 - The Grand City of Mohabumi
Update 24 - The Crater
Update 25 - The Last Request
Update 26 - The Solarscape
Update 27 - The Collapse

Update 28 - The Beast On The Mountain
Update 29 - The Bugs
Update 29.5 - The Seals
Update 30 - The Hero
Update 31 - The King of Hearts

Update 32 - The Farewells
Update 33 - The Reunion
Update 34 - The End
Update 35 - The Wandersong
Update 36 - The Friends We Made Along the Way
Update 37 - The Light in the Darkness
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