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Part 1038: Operational Report: 09/10/44

The bombers in Burma continue their work.

We see a bit if air combat, but its not conclusive.

Fresh troops arrive at Moulmein, giving me the advantage in AV, I shall try an attack here tomorrow to see what the real situation is like.

The daylight bombers score no hits again today. Should I go back to night bombing I wonder, and take the losses?

We hit Osaka, and still lose planes, and many more are damaged.

The carriers strike another tanker group.

Then we hit another one hard, and get two kills.

Come afternoon, they hit a large tanker, there is no confirmed kill here, but where the ships are, there is no chance of either reaching a friendly port.

We have another good day at Manado. I'll hit them again tomorrow, then I may rest my men if they don't seem to be making progress.

A more interesting day, but those tankers were apparently worthless.

A shame, but its a reduction in fuel for the Japanese.