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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1041: Operational Report: 12/10/44

The night bombing is a lot more effective it seems.

Our carriers strike a useless island.

We grind down some more of the enemy at Manado.

The Japanese try around Rangoon once more, but we kill them seven to one.

The Japanese attack at Tientsin, but we drive them off with no losses.

Our forces take Cam Ranh Bay with minimal losses, on our side. On to Dalat next, as I want to approach Saigon from the north, to avoid the river.

We take a base and set fire to some more of Japan. The loading of troops has begun, so the next bloody invasion cannot be to far off.
Of course, the number of ships sunk has jumped by four, and the points by 400 – this means only one thing, the base points drop and I lose net points – of course!

Also, we got the Kaga. Take that Imperial Navy.

This late report was brought to you from the new PAC-COM bunker. Boxes, Boxes everywhere, and no time to game.