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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1055: Operational Report: 26/10/44

The night bombers score a few more hits.

The daylight crew get a good number of fires going.

Sweeping ahead of our invasion force, we our carriers fall upon some tankers.

This quickly turns bloody, the sub chaser is obliterated by the first bomb to hit, and none of the tankers are destined to return to port.

Come the afternoon, and one of those task forces has disappeared, and we secure another kill.

You all know the only reason I keep showing these raids is because I get a kick out of massed raids. If only I could support this many bombers in Shanghai.....

Well, we wreaked a good number of Japanese tankers there, and their oil and fuel supplies have got to be hurting by now.

Annoyingly, we're going to have to wait for those tankers to turn up on the kill list.