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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1108: Operational Report: 18/12/44

Look at this, a working sub patrol near Cylon.

Or is that two? This one is more effective, and claims a kill.

The northern Avengers get another kill.

The Libs get a few hits, but they only take a little damage, so its all good.

The Gunnel pops up in the morning and puts a fish into the side of a Japanese ship.

We sink another light cargo ship.

There is another unescorted bomber raid on one of our groups, but once more, it never even gets to see our ships.

We're struggling to sink these cruisers it seems.

After months of bombardment, I try another attack on Kiukiang, but it seems that then Japanese, though low on supplies, are still a force to be reckoned with.

As a consolation, we overrun Phnom Penh and destroy a huge number of planes and squadrons. This is a large part of the Japanese CAP in the area.

Heavy losses in China, but I knew that would happen – the Japanese losses in planes is starting to mount. I'm not to bothered about the planes, but the squadrons that have been destroyed today are irreplaceable to the enemy. We also wiped out all of their skilled pilots – and these guys are some of the best they have, having spent a year raiding Rangoon. Note the 167 Operational losses today, that's a whole load of planes and pilots we just took out.
We now need 36,000 points to win.