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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1131: Operational Report: 10/01/45

We continue to bomb enemy units in Thailand.

The last troops on the road to Rahaeng are forced back with heavy losses.

The strikes on Davao continue, they better be having some effect.

On the ground, we continue our methodical advance.

Meabashi takes another pounding from our bombers, but we lose four planes doing it.

The B-29's take a crack at the target as well, setting a few fires of their own.

In fact, its another bad day for the city.

We get men into Kiangtu, and the Japanese immediately attack them to try and force them back – our men take them down heavily.

We're really hitting Maebashi hard now, the bombers should be reducing it to ruins slowly but surely. I'm leaving Tokyo for the nukes now. Alt-history demands it. I really need to get some fighters into range though.
I switch the B-29 targets to try and spread the pain.

Seriously? And attack on Eniwetok? Those bastards and their dark magic are waiting for you.