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Part 1181: Operational Report: 01/03/45

The Japanese hit our Legaspi shipping again, but lose a number of planes doing so.

The bombing runs start up again. I'm determined to do better this month!

So! Planning for Operation Reef is up to 60 odd percent, so we're getting closer to doing something interesting.

So this month I scored 2,600 points more than the Japanese, but all in all its not been a great month. This means that the points to win has only gone down by 1,300 – which is terrible.

We took thirty bases this month – more than one a day! But base points have actually decreased by six hundred points. You can start to see the problem I've been having.

In the air I lost 883 planes this month, the Japanese lost a massive 2157.

On the ground, we lost 261 points to the Japanese 1047 – a 750 point increase!

When we come to the sea, We lost 50 ships this month, and we have confirmed the Japanese have lost 49 – a net loss of two to us.

In points we lost 654 points to the Japanese 1303 – a net gain of 649 points.

So, we killed more planes, took more bases, killed more soldiers and sank more points worth of ships. But because of base points, we only made a small gain on the enemy.
The strategic bombing campaign has been on hold this month due to lack of planes and supplies, but if I can get this fixed this month, then I can start raking in the points there as well.

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