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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1221: Operational Report: 10/04/45

The Japanese are once more landing troops at Kaingtu.

Murkden flares up again, I'm not sure why the mods are on there, I only attacked with the troops with low disruption and fatigue.

Our subs continue to remain active.

We also continue to do damage to the enemy planes that drift south.

The forts at Lucena are failing, and we are going to rest up before hitting the poorly experienced and ill-prepared Japanese forces.

Those destroyers are still hanging around our ports.

I'm trying an experiment in bombarding Sapporo – damaging the city with fires gets me points I won't be able to get once I capture it, and maybe it will damage the troops stationed there.

We are also hitting Maebashi again.

We're certainly in another waiting for troops to move phase. Well, move and rest. The bombing campaign has started again however, and we see some points from that. Only 40, but its better than nothing.