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by Grey Hunter

Part 1231: Operational Report: 20/04/45

The Japanese destroyers are back, but this time we can hit them! We take a few hits, but nothing to bad.

Up at Bihiro, things don't go as well. We lose a lot of ships to damage after this as well. I also miss screenshotting the raid that sinks one of these attackers.

We get a good number of planes into the air, with support and hit Hokodate once more.

The hits continue to mount across the day.

We destroy an enemy unit near Asahikawa.

To the south the bulk of our forces move up and the Japanese are unable to stop our advance.

The Japanese raid south, and we take a good number of them out.

Things continue to go our way at Lucena.

Dammit, looks like I will have to rest my troops here.

Owch, that was a nasty day for the shipping.

Ah well, at least I can order the troops to advance.