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Part 1270: Operational Report: 29/05/45

The bombers scour northern Japan, but fail once more to get any hits.

Although their heading back for fuel (Rabaul is empty is seems), the carriers still make trouble.

That's two more tankers and a destroyer that won't be bothering me.

Defences over Manila seem to have dropped dramatically again.

I take another crack at the force in the south.

The Japanese don't attack in Manila, which means they have badly damaged themselves with futile attacks. Reports have them dropping from 100k men to 88k men. I shall bombard tomorrow to get a good idea of their numbers.

bunnyofdoom posted:

Grey, what happened on the 25th? Have you been able to retrieve that update yet?

Nah, still away (have moved from my wifes folks place to my own parents place, so we're getting there!