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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 30: Operational Report: 05/01/42

Another Jap sub has taken to prowling off Sidney, today hitting one of our ships and sinking her.

The bombardment of Kuantan continues today. The massed enemy raids smash the unused runway there and cause some casualties among the defending troops.

Planes from Ambon continue to raid the Japanese ships across the water from them, but still have little success in hitting anything.

The enemy occupy Guadalcanal today with no resistance.

The CAP over Manilla is still trying its best to stop the never ending waves of enemy planes. Today they have some success and bag themselves another kill.

Clark Field sees more heavy combat as the enemy push our boys out of the first line of their defences, paying the cost for those holes in the ground with the lives of their soldiers.

In Manilla, I noticed that the enemy had only one unit in the area, and ordered the defenders to counter attack and drive the enemy back, this gamble pays off, at a cost.

We lose a thousand men, but inflict nearly three times those losses on the enemy, and destroy around a quarter of their tanks.

The defenders of Wuchang are overwhelmed today when the enemy launch an overwhelming attack with 77,000 troops.

We lose ten thousand men in one day, mainly surrendering troops, and this blows a hole in our lines in central China.
We also suffer a reversal north of Canton and Hong Kong.

Then air war is slowing down a bit at the moment, as the ground war heats up. They have some massive troop concentrations out there, and we have nothing like that to stop them.

It seems the Japs are ready to bring the war to Burma, our sources having found evidence that they are going to attack Moulmien.

The 3,000 defenders here are told to ready themselves for an attack.

Task Forces Y and Z are told to ignore the escaping carrier and move north to engage some enemy forces detected there.

In Singapore I set one of the Buffalo squadrons to provide a long range CAP to Kauntan. Maybe this will surprise the enemy units bombing the city.