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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 348: Operational Report: 19/11/42

The Herring makes a successful attack on a Japanese freighter near the Marshall Islands.

The Imperial Air Force returns to Tarawa, and we get two planes into the air – this bags us a Zero but is not enough to stopped the massed bombers from wrecking the airfield once more.

Their next wave has no escort, and the one fighter we have in the air gets itself a kill.

Near French Frigate Shoal, our escort carriers find the Kongo once more, and two more 500lb bombs are placed into her superstructure.

The Japanese attack our forces at Nanking once more, but it does not go well for them.

South of Hangchow we attack the Japanese forces, and although the casualties are fairly low, we destroy a good number of squads.

The attack at Kaingtu also destroys a large number of enemy squads.


The Sinyang assault is brutal, but I'm willing to take these casualties for a few more days at least.

There are only a few Japanese left in our half of Shortlands.

The Japanese seem to have made a pretty clean escape, but something else has been spotted in the Pearl Harbor area.

I've sent everything after this new threat, if this is a carrier, then we can't miss this opportunity to strike at the enemy.