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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 394: Operational Report: 04/01/43

The Silversides bounces another dud torpedo off the side of a freighter.

The second group of escort carriers send some planes to attack a cruiser they find in the area, we get a hit, but its from a dud torpedo.

The fleet carrier make an attack, and manage to land a single hit on the Jintsu.

As the afternoon comes around, the planes from the escort carrier make another attack, but once more are unable to make any hits on the enemy ships.

Akyab gets another day of hammering, the Japanese sure do like to reduce their targets to rubble.

I mean, seriously, how many tonnes of supplies are being burned in these attacks.

The Japanese are defiantly beginning to concentrate their attacks on us, as more level bombers make an attack on Finschhafen.

The enemy carriers strike Milne Bay, damaging the runway there and the fighters we have stationed in the area.

The daily report from Guadalcanal is good, another couple of weeks and we should have the last of them cleared out of the island.

Nanning sees another day of fighting, but our boys are putting up a stiff rearguard action.

The attack on Sinyang is, once more, bloody. Our men are disrupted now, and will need to rest before I make any more attacks.

No more carriers have been damaged, it seems that now the fleet carriers are in the area, the Japanese bombers are to scared to come out and play. The carriers will continue to make their rounds around the area until the troops land.

Lots of troops moving around, many moving towards Singapore.