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War in the Pacific

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Part 409: Operational Report: 19/01/43

The Japanese throw away another couple of hundred troops at the shores of Enitwetok before realizing this is a bad idea, and fleeing the scene.

Our own troops are still taking fire from the Kwajalein naval battery.

While there is still sporadic, if accurate, fire at Mili.

The forces on Jaluit take heavy losses once more, and need to rest up and wait for more supplies to be brought ashore before attacking once more.

I'm hoping the unit destroyed at Maloelap is the naval fortress, but were making progress at least.

The same thing happens at Kwajalein, although the fighting here is much more sporadic.

Mili's defenders are hopeless on paper, but still are able to hold us back.

The Shanghai Express makes another visit to Nagasaki.

Its afternoon before the Japanese can make an attack on Finschhafen, their Zero lead sweep goes well, and we lose several planes.

They even attack Port Moresby, where we see a great display of cowardice, as all 7 Warhawks defending the port flee before the ageing Japanese fighters and bombers.

Our Beaufort's have been reinforced, and make an attack on a Japanese troop transport. They are amazingly accurate, and a ship and over a thousand soldiers are no longer a threat.

The bombers come in unescorted to Anzac once more, and we see them off.

Somehow the enemy once more convince their men at Kiangtu to launch another attack on our forces there.

We counter attack, and further shatter their forces.

South of Chuhsien sees another pointless attack, and more Japanese forces are cut down by our boys.

After spending a couple of weeks and thousands of lives and unknown amounts of fuel, the Japanese finally force our men out of Chefoo.

The Japanese attack our forces outside Akyab once more, but our men hold them off, despite being outnumbered ten to one!

Once the rest of the forces arrive, they will soon be sent packing.

I hope to god that we got some of those naval fortresses, as they are causing a huge amount of damage to our ships. But at least the battles we are currently engaged in are going our way.

I mean, look at my poor overloaded shipyards at Pearl.