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War in the Pacific

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Part 41: Operational Report: 16/01/42

The Cuttlefish puts a dud torpedo into the side of a destroyer, and then has to spend a few hours hiding from its target.

The enemy try a new tactic today over Kuantan. Instead of sending any bombers, they send in two squadrons of Zeros. The lone defending Buffalo is quickly shot down, but the pilot bails out and is rescued.

After removing the CAP, the enemy then send in the daily bomber runs.

For some reason some other Buffalo's were sent out to raid the advancing enemy, but we lose another plane to their older fighters.

Ambon continues to hold out today, causing 80 reported enemy casualties with none reported on our side.
Continuing their advance in Celebes, the Japanese take Watampone today.

Bataan gets a plastering today, as they enemy target the runway there.

At least we're making the enemy pay for every inch up at Clark Field, as they try desperately to break or men and suffer heavy casualties.

Not much to comment on today, only 8 planes reported lost on both sides, no ships and one undefended base. Very much a lull day after the large sea battles of the last few days.

The enemy are planning an attack on North Borneo, which is unsurprising, as I've not had a ship in the are in weeks. I'm surprised its taken them this long to get troops there.

With the carriers moving off, I've brought the surface combat units back to Soerabaja for repairs. And there's a whole load of them to be done.

And these are just the ships that I've had to take offline to repair, there are another ten or so that will need about 10-15 days to repair their damage, but don't need any specialist help.
Damaging those carriers has cost us, but I still think that its worth it.

In other news, everyone's favourite cripple has made it to Cape Town.

At 148 days, its going to be a while before we see the Prince of Wales again. And the Repulse has not even started its journey out here yet.